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Scoop Feedback: Iraq War Photos & Bruce Hubbard

In This Edition: What a News Organization! - Thank You!! - Photo-Essay 1: Death and Casualty From Iraq - Exciting New Developments In Bruce Hubbard Case! / Bruce Hubbard on our victory and my victimization. - Johnny Got His Gun Thanks To Bush

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What a News Organization!

This is a THANK YOU, I get so Very Much Out of "SCOOP", You are a Joy to those who Wish to Know the TRUTH!!!!!!!!

I have Shared your News, with many!

Please Do Not Give into the today's Powers and the Truth Will Win Out! We are half a wold apart, But Our Minds are on the Same Time!

Keep giving FREEDOM, a Life!


Stephen F. Kislock III



Thank You!!

I just looked through your "War Images" page, and wish to thank you for getting out the pictures that the powers here make so hard to see. Since the coup, we are under the veneer of an occupied county.

It creates a terrible cognitive dissonance to be living in the Land of Freedom under these conditions.

The administration has all but suspended the constitution as far as they're concerned, but people, from whole groups of librarians, to cities, to many of the courts, are still observing the Bill of Rights and thumb their nose at the president--at some risk.

Over 250 municipalities have publicly refused to honor the Patriot Acts because of their unconstitutionality. So huge parts of the system are still working, even as the administration works hard to undermine and circumvent it.

Help us, help us, help us! -- by publishing Truth, any way you can. Many Americans are blinded by the hype of Manifest Destiny, but most citizens here are not the Enemy. If all free countries will lean on this one to conform to world standards (yes I know it's not that simple, but...), those of us here working for change would be much encouraged.

Thank You,

Joan C.


Photo-Essay 1: Death and Casualty From Iraq

I very much would like more information about these pictures. I know people are being killed in Iraq, but to stop it it would be useful to know by whom, under what circumstances (that is, as many of the classic who, what, where, when, how (leave why for us to figure out) as you can give me.

The pictures are awful, but I can't make sense of them (if there is sense to be made) without more information.

Chris Jones



Exciting New Developments In Bruce Hubbard Case!

Bruce Hubbard on our victory and my victimization.

The case against me was thrown out of court, as most readers no doubt know.

This is a significant victory for those of us in the Peace and Social Justice movement, in Aotearoa in particular. The reason I make this statement is due to the two facts that:

1. If I had lost the case it would have been the first time that the Telecommunication Act 2001 (which widened the application of the act to 'telecommunication device' from 'telephone device') would have been applied against political protest via email in NZ successfully. It would then be used as a legal 'benchmark' against activists.

2. The victory achieved, although at significant personal and financial cost, was also a reflection on the people who have helped me with their solidarity and support. I thank you with deep gratitude and respect, Dr Rodney Harrison Q.C. in particular for the help he is giving me and Ahmed Zaoui.

Where this is politically significant is WE had a small victory over the belligerent power of the U.S. Embassy, the face of U.S. hegemony in NZ. We showed they can fail in their attempts to intimidate activists and we can win against the new ‘Fourth Reich’ or neo ‘Roman Empire’ that this power represents.

We were not defeated; we triumphed and therefore showed that we can resist U.S. Embassy intimidation successfully.

My email "" is no longer under my control, nor has been for some time, I have a telecom bill and letter from Xtra and Domainz that proves it was removed from my control by someone impersonating me and in dialogue with, and living with, police. My server and my domain name ( were also hijacked; moved from my phone account and moved to a new phone account, all passwords have then been changed so I am 'locked out' of my email, server and domain name by the same person. Domainz is seeking to prosecute which will be good for, and in the interests of, the peace and justice movement. I have a protection order in place against this person.

Due to this I have been forced to get a new email account. For those who wish to communicate with me my new email is:

In Solidarity,

Bruce Hubbard


Johnny Got His Gun Thanks To Bush

Johnny got his gun and killed a whole lot of innocent people and then got mutilated himself.

Your pictures are sorrowful and speak what is truly going on in this war and all wars. War is ugly and this war in Iraq is illegal and the President and vice president should be tried for crimes of war by the world court.

Please keep in touch and let us stick together and stop this horrible autrocity.

Marguerite Pastirchak

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