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Sue Israel for Pain, Suffering, and Wrongful Death

Sue Israel for Pain, Suffering, and Wrongful Death

Be Genevieve Cora Fraser

Peering through a tank
Shelled portal
The young Semite
Boy searched
For the remains
Of his life
Amid the ruins
Of a Rafah
A ragged archway
Blew unsettled
In the wind
Framed the bright
Blue sky too
Intense to bear
If not for the puffy
Clouds draping
Across the heavenly
Expanse of infinity
Softening the blow
Of their sorrow
Unbearable grief
In the exposed
Shelter-less despair
Of the latest chapter
In the 56 year
Of the Ones
Chosen to bear
The unmitigated gall
Of the non-Semitic
Chosen Ones

Sons and daughters
Of Abraham's seed
Scattered about
The Hallowed landscape
Ground down
By Israel's
Siege forced
To endure
The black draped
Freshly widowed
Madonna stumbled
Among the shattered
Cement blocks
That had once built
What remained of her security
She picked her way slowly
Along the sniper's snare
Followed by her red
Shirted waif of a fatherless son
Close behind not seeing
The anguished tears
As she surveyed
The twisted metal
Frame work her home
Tortured into monster shapes
Ruined by the rapist
Tanks moonscape
Debris bulldozed
Memories came
Crashing down
Upon her family
Screamed running
For their lives under
The weight
Of a racist
State a terrorist
Spree the whole
World can see

Made holy
By their suffering
The martyred children
Of Abraham's seed
Were removed
From the floral
Freezer safe
In the warmth
Of woven cloth
Re-born held
High by thousands
Of mourners
Bourne by love
Beyond the grasp
Of Israeli
The righteous
From the Land

The framework
Of Israel's
Generous offer
Lifelong incarceration
A tedious existence
Relieved by the screech
Of fighter jets
Releasing missiles
Helicopter gunships
Bulldozers intoning
Dust to dust
Tanks blasting shells
Into crowds
Daring to bear witness
To their rights

(A piece of advice
From a crass American
Don't get angry
Get even SUE Israel
For all it's worth!)

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