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Scoop Feedback: Scoop & ANNCOL & The ISM

In This Edition: The News Agency Scoop (including response from editor) - Freedom Summer Palestine 2004 Planning

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The News Agency Scoop


Manuel Marulanda, Raul Reyes, Mono Jojoy, Alfonso Cano, Simón Trinidad, Joaquín Gómez and all the other members of the terrorist elite, considered as the worst criminals of contemporary history, together with Ben Laden and Saddam Hussein, are partying in their 40th anniversary of killing the Colombian people, now Scoop makes echo of their total lack of respect for life and the money stained with the blood of thousands of Colombians. The news agency Scoop ( of New Zealand, publishes, with a total lack of respect for journalism, a misleading article issued by the FARC agency (ANNCOL) on the massive captures of terrorists and their support networks.

It is unacceptable that a communication means accredited by the Press department of the New Zealand Parliament, completely hides the truth on the captures of delinquents in the country. An attack against the thousand victims of the FARC, a terrorist groups which plants antipersonnel landmines in the fields, it kidnaps, assassinates, extorts, destroys the environment; it puts an end to the energy and economy infrastructure of the country, it generates unemployment and misery, it completes disappearances, attacks to medical missions, it assassinates hundreds of indigenous people, it mutilates children and it uses ANNCOL to trick the naïve, useless idiots as Scoop.

The FARC are 40 years old, may God forgive them for such savagery, violations and abuses completed against the Colombian people and may God forgive those who serve as an advertising company, disguised as news, to terrorism.

Erwin Vargas, president of ONG Colombia Free.

---- And In Spanish ----


Manuel Marulanda, Raul Reyes, el Mono Jojoy, Alfonso Cano, Simón Trinidad, Joaquín Gómez y demás miembros de la élite terrorista, considerados como los peores criminales de la historia contemporánea, junto a Ben Laden y Saddam Hussein, están de plácemes, en su 40 aniversario de muerte al pueblo de Colombia, Scoop les hace eco a su total desprecio por la vida y a su dinero manchado con la sangre de miles de colombianos. La agencia de noticias Scoop ( de Nueva Zelanda publica, con total irresponsabilidad periodística, un plagio de la desinformación emitida por la agencia de las farc (anncol) sobre las capturas masivas de terroristas y sus redes de apoyo.

Inaceptable que un medio de comunicación, acreditado por el departamento de prensa del Parlamento Neozelandés, desdibuje por completo la verdad sobre las capturas de delincuentes en el país. Una afrenta contra las miles de víctimas de las farc, grupo terrorista que siembra minas “quiebrapatas” en los campos, secuestra, asesina, extorsiona, destruye el medio ambiente; acaba con la infraestructura económica y energética de la Nación, genera desempleo y miseria, realiza desapariciones, ataques a misiones médicas, asesina cientos de indígenas, mutila niños y utiliza a anncol para engañar a incautos, idiotas útiles, como Scoop.

40 años cumplen las farc, que Dios los perdone por tanto salvajismo, violaciones y vejámenes cometidos contra el pueblo colombiano y que Dios perdone también a quienes se prestan para servirle de plataforma publicitaria , disfrazada de noticia, al terrorismo.

Erwin Vargas, president of ONG Colombia Free.


RESPONSE FROM SCOOP EDITOR: Scoop runs press release material from ANNCOL just as we do from many other sources of raw news, some of which parties on either side of a given political divide will find offensive. We place no judgement on the veracity of the reports, and readers are free to come to their own opinions about such reports. It is through being informed about the opinions of others that we come to understand the various perspecives in conflict. In the case of Colombia it is extremely clear that there is an horrendous level of violence being committed both by FARC, Colombian Government Forces, US troops and mercenaries and by right wing paramilitaries. Scoop further notes that much of the "mainstream news" coming out of Colombia (and in fact Latin America in general) is also telling the story from a particular perspective. Scoop has not taken the side of FARC in this conflict, as the writer above suggests, and is not serving as its advertising company either. Scoop is merely doing what it has always done, carrying a raw news message from its source to you the reader so that you can become more informed.


Freedom Summer Palestine 2004 Planning

Dear Sir,

I refer to the article entitled: "Freedom Summer Palestine 2004 Planning " in the Scoop issue of Monday 14 June 2004. I wish to address the following points:

- ..."support the Palestinian people in their mobilization for justice, rights and freedom. Like the Civil Rights Movement in the United States..."

How can the ISM possibly compare the Palestinian cause with that of the civil Rights Movement in the United States? The so-called Palestinian cause is taken up by numerous terrorist groups - Hamas, Jihad, Arafat's own Fatah Brigade, to name but a few - whose aim is the total destruction of the State of Israel . Of course they do not proclaim this in their English statements to the world, but they do so loud and clear in their statements in Arabic to their own people. The CRM in the States did not send suicide bombers against the white population nor seek to destroy America. Suicide bombing is NOT an acceptable method of protest. It is a method undertaken, however, only by Islamic groups worldwide. Israel has every right to defend itself against this and other acts of violence against its citizens. The shining light of the American CRM, of course, was Martin Luther King, whereas the leader of the 'Palestinian Revolution' (my title) is Yasser Arafat - a rabid terrorist with the blood of many Israelis - but not only Israelis - on his hands. And he still preaches bloodshed - to schoolchildren and pre-schoolers too.

- "Jenin • Taking down parts of the Wall" -(Quote from the Israel Defence Force's -IDF -website): "The Security Fence is an operational concept conceived by the Israeli Defense Establishment in order to reduce the number of terrorist attacks whether in the form of explosive- rigged vehicles or in the form of suicide bombers who enter into Israel with the intention of murdering innocent babies, children, women and men. Sadly, this abhorrent phenomenon has become common practice since September 2000". The building of the fence has been allowed by Israel's Supreme court and (Quote from the IDF website) "... has already dealt with a number of appeals regarding the Security Fence and determined that Israel’s security authorities were reasonable in the approach they took and the balance of interests they applied." Sections of the fence have already been moved, at the behest of Palestinian appellants to the Supreme Court. Contrary to popular conception, it should be noted that only very small parts of the fence are solid wall, in order to accommodate acoustic and other considerations of the local Palestinian population.

I say to these ISM people - how dare they come to our country with intent to destroy (parts of the Fence) a legitimately erected construction? My sincere hope is that these meddling troublemakers, who have not taken the time or trouble to try to understand the complexity of the situation here, but accept the Palestinians' claims at face value, will be turned back at the border.


Madeleine Lewis


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