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Deceptive Press Release by CCHR and Scientology

Deceptive Press Release by CCHR and Scientology

This letter concerns the deceitful press release, Psychiatry: a Human Rights Abuse tour issued by the so-called Citizen's Commision on Human Rights (CCHR) a Scientology recruiting group whose mission is to destroy, by any means possible (including the murder of psychiatrists) all mental health professionals so they can take over the field of mental health. Shilling for this cult amounts to recruiting innocent prey into an abusive cult who does not investigate but covers up it's own abuses, deaths, and murders.

CCHR is part of extremely violent and dececptive Scientology front groups that prey on the mentally ill and prisoners by attempting to destroy the careers of professionals by any means possible, including inciting murder, so that the programs and people can be replaced by Scientologists or those they hope to recruit. Their front group, CCHR (Citizen's Committee on Human Rights) advocates the murder of mental health professionals if they don't use their technique and denounce professionals. They particularly incite the murder of psychiatrists.

Citizens do not appreciate this group, what they do to us, their lies, their frauds, or their attempts to gain access to our children through scam programs such as NARCONON in public schools and Criminon in prisons. Now they are pretending they are police officers greatly needed by society. CCHR is not a human rights group. It is a human abuse group.

CCHR (Citizen's Commission on Human Rights) with full backing of Scientology order the destruction by any means possible, including murder, of all there enemies and their enemies are many. They also deceive people by wearing uniforms meant to look llike the police. Do you want to explain to our public why it's okay if Scienotlogists incite for the murder to get their programs in, and then turn around and pretending they are practicing human rights? All this is so they can take over programs without professional degrees (medical doctors are another group of their enemies). Zero qualifications would allow Scientologists to take over all programs without accountibility or threat of lawsuits. This is the same group that illegally posed as mental health workers at ground zero until FOX news found out.

CCHR is not about human rights. Scientology's Criminon is NOT a charity. Scientology's Narconon is NOT a charity. Scientology's Volunteer Ministers is NOT a charity. Scientology is not a chairity. They are HATE groups designed to help recruit for their totalitarian system of abuse.

Scientology is a massive organization of front groups designed to indoctrinate, infiltrate, and recruit for their programs. They lie about their membership to instill fear. They fair-game people they consider enemies. All government agencies in all countries must work with cities and counties to go after this cult.

Scientology goes after their competitors through deception. One of their missions is to destroy, by any means possible, their competitors; law enforcement, educators, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and all other mental health workers so their programs and ONLY their programs will infiltrate all aspects of life.

They are brutal, often using the mentally ill, children, the and drug addicted as their prey. This is done by their cleverly named front, "Citizen's Commission on Human Rights." This so-called human rights group that didn't raise a brow when Lisa McPherson died a tortuous death at the hands of quack Scientologists who pretend they are mental health professionals. They recently settled quietly, conning their way out of negative exposure. All professions need to be concerned about this group.

The Scientology so-called religious philosophy is to slander, demean, and destroy their enemies (using their fair-game and dead-agent policies). This group wishes to denounce medication/science so their groups can market their programs without any professionals or oversight. Vitamins you can get at the store are marketed in these groups for outrageous prices and puffed as cures.

Scientology Front-groups are operating as police, mental health workers, drug-addiction experts, therapists, psychologists, teachers, and psychiatrists WITHOUT any qualifications or accountibility. Real Churches do not charge to take personality tests and cross bridges.

They claim cures for cancer and just about everything else.

The medical profession has condemned Scientology and their front groups as cults as have many judges that have not been purchased by this group. There have been many deaths at scientology sites ie. Fort Harrison, and their prison, RPF.

The television industry and printed press must start investigating the so-called charities they are promoting. You are now creating prey for Scientology.

Daniel Smyth: Protecting the Rights of the Mentally Ill from the abuses of CCHR and Scientology

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