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Scoop Feedback: Meningococcal Vaccine Controversy

Scoop Feedback: Meningococcal Vaccine Controversy Continues

On Monday August 23, Auckland-based journalist Jon Eisen issued Scoop with an article examining the safety of New Zealand's Meningococcal vaccine. Scoop approached the Ministry of Health (MoH) to comment on the findings. It has done so and refutes Eisen's claims. Scoop has published both sides of this most important issue and calls for the medical fraternity including researchers and medical students to analyse the findings and claims. See... Jon Eisen's Commentary Is Inaccurate And Dangerous (includes Eisen's claims).

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    There appears to be a conspiracy of silence by the medical profession re the adverse reactions to vaccination. As a result the drug companies'claims of safety are regarded with cynicism by many. The alarming rise in autism is a case in point.

    Catherine - USA


    I tend to agree with Dr O'Hallahan that amateur interpretation of complex scientific data is dangerous.

    So if she wants to insult our intelligence with claims the Meningococcal vaccine is safe and rigorously tested, yet has no meaningful follow up on adverse reactions, and more specifically adverse reactions in immune compromised people,

    -then we can be certain that we will never hear about how many kids there are, who have been properly dosed with the vaccine, yet end up actually getting full blown Meningococcal disease.

    On a more positive note, emerging technologies and nutrients mean that near necrotic and gangrenous tissue can be saved if treated before vital signs have declined.

    Some associates are eagerly looking forward to a response from a submission to the Auckland District Health Board regarding an offer to provide free treatments to wounds and damaged tissue that threaten patients with amputation.

    I know damn well I'd be wanting to hear about such an offer if my limbs were at risk, and I could end up feeling quite irate if I heard about such an offer after my leg and the surgeon had eloped together.

    Especially if the offer could be substantiated with numerous case studies-many from within the hospital itself.

    If the media can find crow bars in hay stacks with relative ease, (clear demonstrably superior results from alternative remedies) why is it the hospitals are the last to notice them? And so indifferent to them?

    Do they really amputate 1,100 lower limbs in this country each year?

    And is the main reason they do that because they are solution resistant when it comes to wound healing.

    I am only playing 'go between' here but I have enough feedback on paper and tape to warrant a meeting of all concerned parties.

    Patients have a right to alternative health care but more importantly, safe, effective health care.

    With a 7.5 billion health budget and still blowing, why wouldn't you embrace an offer of free treatment if all you have to do is just give patients relevant information about a choice that they choose on?

    Isn't the idea to get them out of the hospital as fast as possible?

    Tom Reardon West Auckland


    Vaccinations are they good or bad?

    Dear Reader ,This was emailed to me ,it is worth consideration -There will be many who claim it is flawed for this reason or that .The facts ,if true should be capable of being proven or disproven - if Proper independent studies were ever done .


    Wherever an honest survey is made after a vaccination campaign it is noticed that there is always a marked increase in disease.

    Thomas Morgan, in his book "Medical Delusions"

    reports a survey that was made of the city of Youngstown, Ohio,

    after a general vaccination order of school children.

    "It was found that nearly all the cases of scarlet fever, measles and diphtheria had been recently vaccinated.

    What is true of this city is true everywhere, and any close observer can satisfy himself in this direction."

    After reading this I decided to "satisfy myself in this direction" as suggested; so I obtained a LOS ANGELES COUNTY HEALTH INDEX, which gives the weekly record of diseases for the entire year (this was 1954).

    I was amazed to find that the common diseases mentioned by Morgan, more than doubled after the annual June vaccination campaign. The figures are given below and will speak for themselves.


    DISEASES APRIL 3, 1954 JULY 10, 1954 (Annually to date) Before vaccinations After vaccination campaign Chickenpox 6,684 13,515 Measles (also German) 4,056 13,912 Mumps 2,182 5,196 Scarlet fever 1,256 2,295 Syphilis 828 1,631 Total of the 48 diseases recorded 19,997 47,070


    In numerous reports we find incontestable proof from government records and hospital data, etc., that smallpox increased in the countries having compulsory vaccination. It is only natural that it should do so because the admitted purpose of vaccination is to engraft a mild form of smallpox into the patient. Because there is no test and no control that can assure a mild case, we find that the induced disease is often more severe than natural smallpox, and frequently terminates in death.

    In disregard to the known facts and the statements of the world’s greatest medical authorities on the subject, the Los Angeles (city and county) health departments claim that their annual vaccination campaigns have absolutely wiped out smallpox in the county. In this large population of 4,000,000 people (Los Angeles county) with its thousands of people infected with disease in each vaccination drive, and the increase of all other diseases after each of these blood 5 poisoning sprees, the record department omits from the records all the smallpox cases and issues the report that "there has not been one case of smallpox in the county for the past ten years." In the complete record of 48 diseases reported, jsmallpox was the only one on the list that showed no report of cases.

    When a "cover-up" job is over-done it makes people suspicious so I went to the County Hospital to check more closely. They willingly gave me the information I asked for on all other diseases except smallpox. The record department flatly refused to let me see those records or even know if these were any cases at that time in the hospital.

    Disgusted, but not discouraged, I walked across the grounds toward the contagion ward and met a nurse coming from there. I walked with her and chatted a bit then asked her if there were any cases of smallpox in her department. She said, "Yes". I asked how many there were and she said, "I haven’t any idea." I said, "I take it from that, that there are more than a half a dozen?" She said, "Oh, yes — I haven’t been assigned the job of counting them so I really don’t know." I said, "Are you sure they are smallpox and not just chickenpox" She said, "They’re smallpox. We keep them separate from the chickenpox."

    I rushed back to the record department and told them what I had learned and demanded to see the records that should be public property in a tax supported public institution. The girl looked worried and went into the inner office and called someone on the phone. When she came back she said that the smallpox report was not available as it was being worked on. So there we have the answer.

    Whenever we see a statement about smallpox being wiped out by vaccination, we can be quite sure that the cases have been concealed in the "closed" contagion ward and the records have been worked on. Other investigations have shown that in this official scrambling of figures, the mild cases of smallpox are placed on the list of such diseases as chickenpox and measles, while the serious cases are recorded as syphilis, scrofula or something else

    George Bernard Shaw said, "During the last considerable epidemic at the turn of the century, I was a member of the Health Committee of London Borough Council, and I learned how the credit of vaccination is kept up statistically by diagnosing all the re-vaccinated cases (of smallpox) as pustular eczema, varioloid or what not — except smallpox."


    In the American Sector of Occupied Germany, when the American medico-drug combine moved in for a sweeping vaccination campaign, the Germans begged to be spared, on the ground that they no longer had the hospitals, help, medicines or equipment that would be required to take care of the outbreak of disease that would and had always followed vaccination campaigns.

    Germany had been under compulsory vaccination in previous years and her doctors had made lush profits from the crop of diseases induced by each vaccination drive.

    When it was seen that the profits were to be made by the foreign invaders (America), they admitted the uselessness of the practice, as well as the physical and financial disadvantages to their people.

    Philip Best - Australia.


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