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Mary Pitt: A Dream For America

A Dream For America

By Mary Pitt

My dream was that Senator John Kerry would ask for a nation-wide media hook-up, (which would be delivered, of course, since all the talking heads are complaining about his ''unavailabilty''), and deliver a speech that goes something like this:

My fellow Americans, I have asked to speak to you now because I am told that Americans want to hear some "straight talk", some plans and programs to solve all the ills which face us today. I can do "straight talk" and I will do it now. I will not talk down to you. I will not attempt to speak in the common idiom, dropping my G's and using the slang which you are used to hearing from the present President. That is not the way I was taught to speak and, quite honestly, it is not the way George W. Bush was taught to speak. I am quite sure that you are sufficiently intelligent that you will be able to understand me completely.

Frankly, after nearly four years of governance by the present administration, the unconstrained spending on wars of mass deception, and the threatened total demolition of all the social programs that have been responsible for the increased living standards of the middle class as well as the very survival of the poor, this country is in a formidable mess! Restoring true democracy in our government, the regaining of a sound financial footing to our country, and repairing our national reputation with the rest of the world is truly a task beyond the ability of any one man to accomplish.

I will need the help and assistance of the greatest economic, financial, and diplomatic minds in the world, as well as a supportive Congress and the support and cooperation of every American citizen in dealing with these long-term problems. It would be foolish to try to outline solutions at this time when I am still not fully aware of what they are and how deeply the reform must go in order to deal with them.

First, I will go to the United Nations, to NATO, and to any other international organizations to ask for assistance in disengaging with honor from the war in Iraq. I will ask my Secretary of State to re-establish communications with nations that have chosen to turn their backs to us in disapproval of our methods of attempting to make war on the tactic of terrorism. I will assess the security systems of the country and do whatever is necessary to assure that the truth about world affairs will reach me as soon as it becomes available and I will act appropriately upon receipt of it. I will buttress the agencies that are responsible for keeping us safe at home; the police forces, fire departments, and other emergency response systems as well as the border patrol and the Coast Guard so that they may secure our borders.

Our financial problems are even more daunting. In the face of extravagant expeditures for war, including no-bid contracts that have been let to multi-national corporations, we find ourselves once more in indescribable deficits. I have promised to cancel the continuing tax cuts for the upper class while allowing the reduction for the middle class and I plan to continue with this plan, so long as we make progress toward greater stability. I have stated that I will re-establish suitable funds for the progress of the educational system and will work toward assuring that every American will have adequate and affordable heath care and that the Social Security system will be safe and funded well into the future.

I can not, at this time, be more specific about exactly what actions will be necessary in order to accomplish these objectives. I will continue to consult with experts in all the necessary fields for advice and make judgements based on their recommendations. I will listen to the opinions of the people, all the people, not just those who are financial supporters of the Democratic Party, but also to the legendary man-on-the-street in order to understand exactly how these policies are impacting upon the people who pay the bills.

I am determined that the service people who are now enaged in battle have the necessary equipment to maximize their personal safety as well as the funding to their dependents to minimize their concern over their families at home. And, when their term of service is done, I will see that their medical needs are met and the necessary support available to help them to return to a healthy and productive civilian life. This is a debt of honor. We owe this to them and I will assure them that this is one debt that will be paid promptly.

I would like to be able to tell you that I have the future of our nation and its people all figured out and a road map drawn which I could show you. But it would be a lie and you would not believe me. You have had enough of lies and enough of promises which are ignored before you leave the polling place. I can only tell you that the situation is serious and I will do my best to put it right. I will once again open the White House, the "people's house", to the American people and deliver the government back into the hands of those to whom the power was given by our much-abused Constitution.

I will acept the office of the presidency as a trust with the people of America and then I will do my best to justify that trust in every respect. With that trust in mind and with that obligation in my heart, I will use every resource at my command, consider every option, and, with the help of Almighty God, I will restore this nation to the glory to which it has long been entitled.

Thank you for your kind attention.

The doorbell rang and I woke up as my grandson came in and turned on the television and I was again forced to turn my attentiion to the GOP Convention extravaganza and listen to people who do not represent the Republican Party trying to convince us that the election of George W. Bush is necessary for our national well-being.


Mary Pitt is a septuagenarian Kansan who is self-employed and active in the political arena. Her concerns are her four-generation family and the continuance of the United States as a democracy with a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Comments and criticism may be addressed to .

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