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James Redknapp: Good and Evil Made Crystal Clear

Good and Evil

James Redknapp
6 October 2004

John W Howard, George W Bush and Tony Blair are the arbiters of ''Good'' and ''Evil'' in the new world created by them, with their powerful weaponry. They eagerly showed the world their pre-emptive strike doctrine, once regarded as having been mouthed only by the Mussolinis, Hitlers and Bin Ladens of this world.

In the new era, that the trio proudly project with their High-Tech Military Might, the definitions of “Good” and “Evil” have gradually been made clear to the “ordinary people” of the world.

Here are some areas, where crystal clear clarity has now been established.

Invading someone’s home in any western country – Evil
Invading someone’s home in Iraq/Afghanistan - Good
Invading someone else’s country – Good

Iraqi WMD – Evil (even when they do not exist)
American / British WMD - Good
American bombs dropped by Australian planes – Good
Russian WMD pre 1991 – Evil
Russian WMD post 1991 – Good
Israeli WMD - Good

Revenge killings/Car Bombs by Mossad – Good
Revenge killings/Car Bombs by Hamas – Evil

Cutting off a head with a sword – Evil
Blowing off a head with a suicide bomb – Evil
Blowing off a head with a precision guided bomb - Good

Parading prisoners before a TV camera – Evil
Abusing prisoners before a digital camera – Good

Torture at Abu Ghraib Prison before March 2003 – Evil
Torture at Abu Ghraib Prison after March 2003 - Good

Destroying Baghdad buildings by aerial bombardment – Good
Damaging Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad – Evil

Scud Missile – Evil
Cruise Missile - Good

Bombing Iraqi homes – Good
Bombing Afghan homes – Good

Iraqi Chemical weapons pre 1991 – Good
Iraqi Chemical weapons post 1991 – Evil

Soviet Russia before 1991 - Evil
Russia after 1991 - Good

Death of Russian Children (after 1991) – Evil
Death of Afghan/Iraqi children – No comment
Death of Chechen/Palestinian children – No comment

Using Navy & Airforce to save a lost solo western sailor – Good
Using Navy & Airforce to look for a boatload of 400 ‘odd’ people – Evil

Lies by Iraqi War Minister – Evil
Lies by “Coalition of the Willing” leaders - Good

Blasting the Bamiyan Buddhas – Evil
Blasting everything (and everybody) else in Afghanistan – Good

Friendship with Saddam Hussein (before 1991) – Good
Saddam Hussein after 1991 - Evil

Philipino/Chilean dictatorial regimes – Good
Iraqi dictatorial regime (pre 1991) – Good
Iraqi dictatorial regime (post 1991) – Evil

Planes loaded with fuel crashing into buildings – Evil
Planes loaded with bombs destroying cities, homes, lives – Good

Petain puppet government – Evil
Kharzai /Allawi puppet governments - Good

Iraqi resistance to invasion of homeland – Evil
French resistance to invasion of homeland - Good

“End justifies the means” Communist doctrine - Evil
“End justifies the means” Coalition doctrine - Good

Torture by Syrian/Egyptian agencies – Evil
US/Australian contracted out torture by Syrian/Egyptian agencies – Good

Destruction. Murder, annihilation, laying waste… by Mongol hordes – Evil
Destruction. Murder, annihilation, laying waste… by the Coalition – Good

Using Nuclear weapons in 1945 – Good
Using Nuclear weapons after 1945 – Evil
Using Depleted Uranium weapons anytime on ‘others’ – Good

Using Toxic chemicals in Vietnam – Good
Supplying Toxic chemical weapon know-how to ‘rogue’ states – Good

Drowning death of 146 children off Australia – No comment
Death of children in Beslan, Russia – Evil

People smugglers activities – Evil
Federal Police / ASIO engaging with People smugglers’ – Good
Federal agents’ “Upstream disruption activities” in Indonesia – Good

Numbered human beings including infants, in Bergen-Belsen, Germany –Evil
Numbered human beings including infants, in Baxter, South Australia – Good

Taliban – Evil
Attempting Pipeline deals with Taliban leaders – Good

Homeland Protection for self – Good
Destroying others’ homelands – Good

Counting occupying forces’ dead – Good
Counting Iraqi/Afghan civilian dead – Evil
Truthful intelligence analyst – Evil
Dodgy intelligence reports – Good

Lying to all the world at UN – Good
Denigrating the UN – Good
Condemning UN officials – Good
Asking UN to help sort out mess created by Coalition – Good
Providing protection to UN personnel – Evil

Releasing the Dogs of War - Good
Releasing selected Private Companies into occupied Iraq – Good

Vilifying, dehumanising and abusing innocent refugees – Good
Creating refugees by invasion and devastation of sovereign nations– Good
Asylum seekers/Refugees who ask for humanitarian treatment – Evil

Toppling Saddam Hussein / Taliban regimes – Good
Indefinite imprisonment of those who fled above regimes – Good

Torturing innocent people for intelligence – Good
Geneva Convention – Evil

Imprisonment without charge - Good
Camp Xray – Good
Military Tribunals –Good
Arbitrary arrest & detention – Good

The simple folk around the world are now awakened to the absolute truths expounded by the triumvirate, and are grateful for edification. No doubt, more truths will come out of the subjugation of peoples, dispossession of their natural wealth, and taking over of countries by multi-national companies.

Hail to the new Caesars, the new Pharaohs – you blend military might so easily with “religion”! You distribute death to all people, as only Gods can!

You play into the hands of terrorists by feeding them an unending supply of followers, who are blinded by hate for everything you stand for – Deceit and Hypocrisy!

James Redknapp 6 October 2004

© Scoop Media

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