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Kamala Sarup: Creating Peace Through Literature

We Can Create Peace Through Literature

By Kamala Sarup

The Peace Media ( Board Advisor Poet and writer Gopal Parajuli argued:

"The world's picture has changed after first and second world war. After 9/11 incident the world witnessed yet another holocaust of terror. This has a definite impact in man's mind. Time has not been moving with certain direction. The aimless movement of time has made man's future more uncertain. The question of peace and security is a big question mark before us. With Nietzsche's diclaration of the death of god, the world is left alone without any saviour. In such a crucial time of mental crisis I have searched God within man and declared a new god. In my book of 'Naya Ishwarko Ghoshana' the god is personified to man. My assumption is that the man with the power of divinity can lead the world and can play the role as god, and at the same time can protect the universe with His greatness and strength. I have projected this new thing in my book. This very fact perhaps might have provided this opportunity. I think I have not been deviated from the lesson that I learnt from GEETA".

Some of Literate Gopal Parajuli's achievements are: First prize winner-All Nepalese Literature's' Competition on 2031 (B.S); winner of All Nepal Poetry Anniversary of 2038 B.S.; winner of "Deepa Janamat Puraskar" ; the winner of Common Prize ( Sajha Puraskar ) in the field of Nepali literature. He further said

"The world goes on creating newer things. Literature is a creation, not theory. The law of nature is to create new things. To neglect creation is to go against nature. In literature a writer goes with an experiment in thought, subject, language, style and so on. Every creator should create new things in a way understandable to the readers whose nature of perceiving things and level of cognition changes in accordance with several social facets. Every creative change brings happiness to man. My writer is committed to renovate old values and construct new values in accordance with the changing time. In my view I am satisfied with my work to come up with new conception and vision. In my every creation, I always prefer to experiment in terms of using new thought, subject, language, style and other associated aspects".

Some of his popular publications as well are: Golardha Ka due chew (Drama) ; Prithivimathi Aalekh (series of Poetries) ; Sadak pachi Sadak (Drama) ;Dishahin Aakash (series of poetry); Himalmathi Aalekh (series of poetry- under publication). "Samayako Prasthan" poem collection by renowned Nepali poet Gopal Parajuli was published in 2001).

Gopal Parajuli said "I reject theoretical concept in literature. As an experimental writer I want to explore new things in my literary work. I like to present new things as time dictates and demands. To achieve my goal I have developed my philosophy in writing through which I go with my writer. To observe life and the world through literature and to explore peace, happiness and pleasure for mankind and to explore oneself from there is my philosophy. The main aim of my life is to seek peace, pleasure and happiness for mankind.

Many words have lost their meanings and the meaning of truth has been changed. This has compelled man to seek meaning in each step of their lives. For me the only quest is about the truth. Even in western writings that I have gone through, I found the same thing. Hence, it is due to the truth I am maintaining my linkage with western writing.

"After the Nietzsche's declaration of the death of god, the world is left alone without a humane leader. The world after the declaration, is going ahead randomly, almost lawlessly and in disorderly way.To set the world in order, and to restore peace harmony and happiness a dynamic leader's arrival is necessary in the world. At such a time, I have challenged Nietzsche, and declared a new god within man. Thus, challenging Nietzsche, I am going a step forward establishing avant-garde trend in my writing.

This is the age of globalization. As a pioneering magazine of language and literary and cultural studies in Nepal, Garima, has been crossing the boarder of nation with Nepali writers who have assimilated themselves in the flow of international writing. Some of the Nepali writers have touched upon the arena of postmodernism and have brought postmodern trend in their writing crossing the boarder of modernism". He said.

Literature is an endeavour of searching the space of sentiment and feeling. The feeling and sentiment connects one person with another. Science and technology can never and in no age can ignore the feeling and sensibility of the creator. The heartless science and technology can never challenge this truth of a creation. In this age of science too, Milton is known as England, Homer is known as Greece, Vergil is known as Rome, Frost is known as America, Bhanubhakta is known as Nepal. A writer writes simply because he can create emotion, sentiment and feeling in his creation.

Editor of the Garima Gopal Parajuli further said "The feeling, emotion and sentiment of man never dies. These are the elements of spirit. Man lives in feeling, emotion and sentiment before and after death. The feeling of spirit after death makes a man positive towards life. I am positive towards life, so towards spirit.

Some people may argue that literary creation as an outcome of continual endeavour. Creation is essentially an outcome of inherent ingenuity. The living creation cannot be created by an endeavour. Inherent ingenuity is the must. A writer is born not made.

The conflicting powers should be made weaker in order to make their ideas much stronger. The opinions and ideas of others should be regarded. Then only peace can be restored in the country and the nation can be rescued. In this process sacrificing vested interest of the interest group is the uttermost.

Flow of information is at their finger tips and the future is in their hands. So emerging generations should be responsible to the time, nation and the world. They should feel that they are the responsible citizen of the world".

Poet Gopal Parajuli further added. "I am pleased to mention that Madan Puraskar, the most prestigious award has been conferred on my literary work 'Naya Ishwarko Ghoshana' (The Declaration of New God). I feel this award came my way in recognition of my approach on new and experimental writing in Nepali literature. I hope this will create my distinct and more pronounced identity in my field of literature.


(Kamala Sarup is editor to

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