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Kamala Sarup: Flim Industry Could Play For Peace

Flim Industry Could Play For Peace

By Kamala Sarup

Rajesh Hamal is the best actor in Nepali Cinema. A very strong, versatile actor. A man of many talents who has worked with many actors in Kollywood. There is no doubt that he is one of the Nepali screen icons said ''peace is the key to the peace in the society. Part of that is protection and safety in the community of humans. Obviously a long drawn out process of reconciliation is necessary for a permanent peace''.

Rajesh Hamal is a great actor, his dominant personality is amazing. Rajesh Hamal is a powerful actor. His voice and expression is incomparable with any other actors I've ever seen. A versatile actor, great voice and very expressive eyes. A very talented actor with towering personality and impressive voice. He is one of the best actor who fitted in every role.

I met Rajesh Hamal for the first time in Washington DC. He was instantly engaging and extremely polite despite being tired from his long journey from Nepal. Rajesh Hamal, who has stolen the hearts of many of Nepali movie lovers not just by acting alone but rather by his intellect as well further said "The country needs peace. The main issue today is how to maintain and restore peace. If we can make plans and programmes for education, unemployment, health and other human needs and necessities and implement them fully peace will come gradually".

Nepali Cine Super Star Rajesh Hamal currently visiting Washington DC stated that "It is now time for the nation to immediately create permanent peace".

Mr.Rajesh Hamal has played in more than 170 Nepali films in the last 15 years. Rajesh Hamals acting is at heart breaking. Rajesh Hamal can touch you in an unusual way and his movie are introduction to his work.

Rajesh Hamal is one of most influential actor. He is certainly in my opinion, a finer actor. His imagery, his use of form, his command over the language is rarely matched, and his movie contains all his work.

Rajesh Hamal remembers that is the spirit that makes him a actor. The attitude, the desire and desire to rise above it all. He knows that his acting focused and attentive the path he has chosen. He is sure he has his own ideas, along with his own goals and achievements of how he perceives life as a whole. He knows tomorrow will be another day, so he believes the meaning of acting and life is to exist and to exist as own person.

To enjoy acting and to accept it for what it is. To experience acting, to feel all of our emotion: love, hate, fear, joy, happiness grief, sadness, anger. All of them. Emotions are what make actors exciting and worth living. He loves his movie act that way, or perform in some way that meets his expectations.

He said "We should support such efforts which will help people of Nepal to deal with conflict in a non-violent manner. We must share our values that give freedom, dignity, democracy and tolerance the highest priority. We are serious about peace. I hope that the political family of Nepal will now work together to build a peaceful future. If they do so, the world will applaud their courage and the entire region will benefit. We should deal with our society in a nonviolent, non-aggressive way," said Hamal.

A towering personality in the Nepali cinema, Rajesh Hamal is true legend in Nepali cinema. His acting cannot be compartmentalised. Rajesh Hamal is a wonderful actor who could convince you with his performance. A brilliant actor who outperformed many professional actors. Intelligently moulded himself to any role and delivered dialogues convincingly. Anyone who has seen any of his movies will appreciate how good a actor he is.

A truly brilliant actor. The actor's hold over popular imagination in Nepal is immense. "Films are a part of my life" He said.

I'm a fan of Rajesh Hamal, his work is brilliant & unique. Rajesh Hamal is not just an excellent actor, he is an amazing man as well. Actors with calibre and talent like him have redefined Nepali cinema. It is true that film stars are demigods in Nepal. That puts a enormous responsibility on them to conduct themselves responsibly, both socially and morally because they are the role models of their generation. I love – 'Jindagani', 'Darpan Chhayan', and 'Aphno Manche'.

Rajesh Hamal said "Because the natural resources, geographical diversity and others have provided us with great potential for tourism industry. This industry has also made a great support to the country's tourism industry. The future of tourism industry in Nepal is very bright if we can attract more tourists to Nepal.

Actor Rajesh Hamal's acting giving me a chance to use my talent here at review. His movies reveals an equally truth about life. He has patience about his acting.He noticed when he acts the sky had become cloudier. Hoping the rain showers forecasted for the afternoon. He knew that whenever he looked at his flowers he felt as if the world tittled a fraction. Walking up behind his, he would ever lived in. He loved, loved the way he talked and laughed, loved the way he could play, he would love year in and year now. He wanted to look at his movies, look into his soft eyes forever and ever and tell himself what he really felt, but the words were forbidden.

Rajesh Hamal says never to give up hope and your dreams, you will reach it if you try hard enough and you know that you can succeed, if you just work. To accept what life is and to live it well with plenty of good stuff in between. Life is like a ocean, you have to take it to the shore without being afraid of all the tides and waves. The day you reach the shore of your life your goals of life are achieved and you have a peace of mind and soul. Acting are about experience. Good and bad so all experience is good. Life is also an experience.

He believes the meaning of acting is to realise your own potential and through doing this. Acting is too complex too but disagreement aside, acting is a wonderful thing to be conscious and experience the world. He knows you may fall away from your happiness but as long as you can get back to it then you have found your meaning.

Rajesh Hamal chose an acting as an appropriate vehicle or medium for the expression of his thoughts, feelings and personal observations on human situations, norms of human behavior. He is a great promoter of Nepalese Film industry.

His acting compels us to believe in the world of his imagination, which becomes more vivid, more real to us than the more familiar. To watch Rajesh Hamal into a more beautiful, more real world, than that of our everyday life. His striking imagery achieves this effect in many other movies: Over the decades, he indicates the need of spiritual values for human happiness in his acting.

On the whole, Hamal's address to the viewers gives a crystal clear message that human lives must be filled with love and peace. It is this knowledge which brings about a transformation in human's life.

He said " As we all are aware, the deteriorating law and order situation in the country has posed serious questions on the future of economic prosperity in general and industrialization in particular. In this backdrop, the film industries community at large has been in favor of the early and peaceful resolution of the insurgency.

I do believe that our country can make progress only through such a broad consensus and long-term vision rather than perpetuating short-term interests of smaller groups".

He further said "Support a voice for peace which is recognized worldwide - stand up against a system which considers the massacre of humans. This is our country. Peace making is a long-term process and even in remote places Nepalese people were keen to gather information about the peace process. We want to see our country progressing. We don't want to see Nepalese- fighting against Nepalese. All of us are standing collectively together here. Peace must be based on the principle of equal security for all. I have a strong belief that we will have peace. The Maoist insurgency needs to be solved by means of dialogue. Economic and social development and stability can only follow a stable political climate," he said.

"The principle of social equity must underline economic prosperity. Nepalese people know Nepal needs constructive support to focus on a constructive future and escape the horrors of further violence.The peace should prevail at any cost".

Rajesh Hamal, Nepal's highest paid actor, believes there's more to the matter everyone wants peace. As far as travel between the two countries is concerned, tourism is a big industry globally and we both have to work a lot in this direction. We must catch and exploit our strengths and the gifts of nature.

"In fact the Nepali film should release in every part of the world. Whenever I get a chance I'd love to go Hollywood. I've performed in many corners of Nepal. As an actor you do films. Everyone worked really hard on the film. The bottom line of cinema is that it should entertain. And that's what I do.

My responsibility is to entertain the audience. I take my job very seriously. I enjoy every film I do, and given the parameters we work in, I try to act each film as different as possible. I normally leave behind a film and start looking at the next one as soon as my shooting is over.

He further said "As far as the technical aspect of the Nepali film industry is concerned. In the last 3-4 years, cinema has changed completely".


( Kamala Sarup is editor to )

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