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Stateside with Rosalea: Saints Be!

Stateside with Rosalea

Saints Be!

Coo-eee, you up there on the bandwagon. Have you got room for one more? Good-oh. Hold onto your hats then, cos here I come. Oops! Sorry Mr President, but you can't say I didn't warn you. Never mind, I'm sure stetsons are a dime a dozen where you come from.

Oh, this is your brother, Jeb? Nice to meet Your Butterflyness, I'm sure. That Senate majority leader Bill Frist is a wascally wabbit isn't he? Forcing you into this predicament so that you miss out on the right-to-lifer votes come the Republican primaries to select a presidential candidate for 2008. Never mind, I'm sure all you guys can get a heap of mileage out of the phrase "activist judges" for a good few more years.

So, how did you two Bush boys reply to the open letter that the brothers Peroutka--one of them the leader of the Constitution Party aka God*Family*Republic--sent you, demanding that you send federal and/or state troops to the hospital? I'm betting you're not making too many little old mother-in-law jokes these days.

Oh, goodness! Isn't that a bona fide TV mom with mother-in-law problems over there? The very one who said she'd fast for one day at Easter if the nazis get their way and let a disabled woman who can't speak for herself die. Well, I guess you'd know all about disabled rights, Patricia dear, there's so many disabled people working in your industry.

I'm surprised you're not out there protesting about a sighted person getting to put on the optometrical equivalent of blackface to play a blind detective, when talented blind people get bit parts so that scriptwriters can write in edgy jokes about disability.

Mel! My God, you're here too? Despite my being puzzled that a practising Catholic is recommending divorce, good on you for at least seeing the irony of the sanctity-of-marriage crowd getting on this bandwagon. What value the rights of the marriage bond between a man and a woman if the in-laws get to call in the feds every time they don't get their way? Nonetheless, it's none of your damned business, Mr G., same as it's none of mine.

Which brings me to you, dear network TV newsrooms, for trying to make it our business just because it's a hot topic on radio talkshows and cable. It's not many Sunday mornings that I'd rather watch paid programming touting vacuum cleaners rather than the talking heads shows, but today is one of those days.

I'm sorry, but I really do have to wonder what matters of world import aren't getting reported on because every news bulletin has to be full of four-year-old file footage that isn't even acknowledged as such.

The least you guys and guyesses could do is make Terri Schiavo the patron saint of US TV journalism. The parallels are only too obvious.


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