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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 4 May 2005


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Pac. Ecologist: Global Energy – How much Remains?

PETER NORTH calculates how long the world’s energy supplies can continue to support the existing pattern of 2% pa increase in energy consumption. The figures suggest increasing energy consumption is unlikely to be sustainable for much longer.

2: Turia on Peak Oil

The Maori Party today announced that it is considering a range of options to best respond to Peak Oil in their policy and operational thinking.

3: No Right Turn: The Winston Veto

As much as I love to see the Department of Immigration squirm in the glare the public spotlight, I can't help but be more than a little uncomfortable at Winston Peters' latest scandalmongering over visitors from Iraq. Firstly, there's the racism angle; ...

4: Rep. John Conyers: Creating Reasons to Go to War

Unfortunately, the mainstream media in the United States was too busy with wall-to-wall coverage of a "runaway bride" to cover a bombshell report out of the British newspapers. The London Times reports that the British government and the United States government ...

5: Chossudovsky: Planned US-Israeli Attack on Iran

At the outset of Bush's second term, Vice President Dick Cheney dropped a bombshell. He hinted, in no uncertain terms, that Iran was "right at the top of the list" of the rogue enemies of America, and that Israel would, so to speak, "be doing the bombing ...

6: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 3 May 2005

1. Pharmac—Policies and Procedures 2. Police—Former Commissioner 3. Cataract Operations—Announcements 4. Immigration—Iraqi Former Official 5. Public Service—Staff Numbers 6. Police—Former Commissioner 7. Public Works Act—Land Acquisition 8. Police—Former Commissioner

7: Haiti: Reasons for Optimism but Many for Despair

• When it comes to Haiti, there are few heroes to point to, least of all interim Prime Minister Gerard Latortue and his justice minister Bernard Gousse.

8: NZ Post Plane Crash 5 Kms East of Stratford

Police have located the wreckage of a crashed metroliner aircraft carrying mailfreight from Auckland to Woodbourne. The plane crashed at 2215hrs May 3 5km east of Stratford with debris falling on farmland bordering East and Standish Roads.

9: Questions for Oral Answer - Wednesday, 4 May 2005

Dr DON BRASH to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by her statement yesterday in relation to the information she provided to the Sunday Star-Times regarding then Police Commissioner Peter Doone, "I do not believe that incorrect information was ...

10: Public Address 04/05/05 - Bad Guys

How lucky is Winston Peters? Courtesy of what is obviously a cracking source in Immigration, he cultivates headlines with the claim that a former Iraqi cabinet minister is here on a visitor's permit. Paul Swain orders a search which turns up the former Iraqi ...

11: Googling Amer Mahdi Saleh Khashaly

Some cursory research into the Saddam Hussein Cabinet Minister who allegedly arrived in NZ on a UN Passport a month ago reveals skant, albeit interesting, information.

12: NZ Immigration To Blitz Arabs From 10pm Tonight

New Zealand Immigration officials will spark a nationwide investigation tonight targeting Arabs from Iraq and Jordan. The operation will target those who hold visitor’s permits, asylum seekers who have lodged refugee applications, even those who have been granted ...

13: Former Iraqi Ag. Minister May Have Visited in 1984

Further research into the former Iraqi Cabinet Minister named in Parliament today by Winston Peters as having arrived in New Zealand a month ago on a UN passport has revealed that he may have visited New Zealand in 1984 as a guest of the Government.

14: Saint Kitts and Nevis Ratifies Nuke Ban Treaty

Vienna, 3 May 2005: Saint Kitts and Nevis has deposited its instrument of ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) with the United Nations Secretary-General on 27 April 2005, bringing the total number of ratifications to 121. The number of ...

15: Plane crash kills two in Taranaki

The wreckage is believed to be from an Airworks Metroliner aircraft, operating on behalf of NZ Post, on a scheduled flight between Auckland and Blenheim.

16: Police leave predators to have child prostitutes

After tabling a 203,000-signature petition in Parliament today, United Future's Larry Baldock slammed the Government for failing to honour its pledge to police child prostitution which has blown-out under the Prostitution Reform Act, with one in five Auckland ...

17: NZ software could have prevented US embarrassment

The US Military’s embarrassment at the “hacked” release of classified information, relating to the US killing in Iraq of an Italian intelligence agent, could have been avoided through using NZ-designed software.

18: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 4 May 2005

1. Police—Former Commissioner 2. Taxation—Business 3. Police—Former Commissioner 4. Carbon Tax—Impact on Electricity and Petrol Prices 5. Immigration—Visa Approvals 6. 111 System—Ghost Units 7. Prostitution Reform Act—Policing Question No 8 to Minister ...

19: UQ Wire: The Gatekeepers of the So-Called Left

Last February United for Peace and Justice, the largest representative coalition within the American "anti-war movement", emerged from their second annual Assembly with a 2005 "action plan" that effectively caged the "anti-war" debate exclusively ...

20: Bill will define marriage for man and woman

United Future's Larry Baldock said today that he was delighted to see his Member's Bill defining marriage as between a man and a woman, drawn from the parliamentary ballot.

21: Hodgson: Carbon Tax announcement

Speech to announce carbon tax detail, The Beehive, Parliament, 10:30 am, Wednesday, 4 May 2005

22: Two Former Saddam Hussein Officials In NZ?

In Parliament's Question Time this afternoon New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has alleged that a former Iraqi Agriculture and Agrarian Reform Minister, and representative to the FAO has been living in New Zealand for a month.

23: Full Coverage: Govt. Announces Carbon Tax

The Polluter Pays - Today the Government announces further implementation details of the carbon tax; a policy first announced in 2002. Climate change is a direct threat to the New Zealand environment, way of life and economy. This government takes that ...

24: Lawyers Respond To Peters' Parl Allegations

We have the following comments to make in response to the various comments made by Mr Winston Peters in the House today:

25: Bus Strike: Unions Refuse Recommended Settlement

Despite Stagecoach making the Combined Auckland Stagecoach Unions an offer consistent with the recommendations of the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) – an independent, Government-appointed facilitator – the Unions are still proceeding with industrial ...

26: Cohn: Team Bush Goes Unpunished for Torture

Team Bush Goes Unpunished for Torture By Marjorie Cohn t r u t h o u t | Perspective Monday 02 May 2005 From:

27: Tizard challenges colleagues in NZ music quiz

Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Judith Tizard today issued her annual music quiz to all Members of Parliament in recognition of the fifth celebration of New Zealand Music Month.

28: Weiner: Open Letter to U.S. Troops Serving in Iraq

This letter comes to you from someone -- like most of the elected officials in Washington giving you military orders -- who has never served in the armed forces. So you may be tempted to dismiss what I say as not relevant to your very real and scary daily ...

29: Government adds detail to 2002 carbon tax policy

The government today gave further detail on its carbon tax policy, first announced in 2002, and released a consultation paper on technical implementation design.

30: Carbon Tax - Questions And Answers

Why a carbon tax ? New Zealanders want economic prosperity that also protects the environment and our quality of life. Globally, we cannot continue our present course of ever-increasing emissions without serious environmental, societal and economic ...


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