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Scoop Top 30 weekend Ratings - May 28-29 2005


The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: State Of It: Fear And Loathing… In Orewa NZ

During the 1981 Springbok tour it was observed that New Zealand had a scab, and once picked it lifted, releasing the pus of racism to flow. The metaphor was again put to test at New Zealand First’s immigration policy launch at Orewa on Friday. The scene there was best described by another more famous cliché: fear and loathing… in Orewa.

2: Condoleezza Rice Interview with Bloomberg News

MR. HUNT: I just returned from China, Madame Secretary, and we would like to know, what is the single most important achievement this year for the U.S. and China, in your opinion? What will it be?

3: NEWSFLASH: Schapelle Corby Found Guilty

Australian beauty therapist Schapelle Corby has been found guilty of drug trafficking by a court in Bali Indonesia of trafficking 4 kilograms of marijuana to Indonesia.

4: Schappelle Corby Must Not Die

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is calling on the New Zealand Government to condemn any death sentence that may be pronounced on Schappelle Corby by the Indonesian Government for cannabis charges. We expect our Government to put pressure on the ...

5: Scoop Link: SIS Agents Investigates Zaoui Friends

Scoop Link: New Zealand Security Intelligence Officers (SIS) have conducted an operation gathering information on Ahmed Zaoui from acquaintances and friends in the greater Auckland region - the Sunday Star Times has reported.

6: Labour approved brother-sister sex paper

Labour approved a discussion paper that proposed legalising brother-sister sex for over-20-year-olds, according to official documents released today by National’s Law and Order spokesman, Tony Ryall.

7: A Week of It Art And Gossip Special

Due to a quietish recess week this week’s column is an Art special. Last evening A Week of It visited Master Stonemason Carl Gifford and his amazing stone creations. Mr Gifford’s creations put the happy in this slightly dank but beautiful part of ...

8: Public Address 27/05/05 – Sick Day, Pay Day

Was it wise to continue the meningococcal B immunisation programme through the cold and flu season? Anecdotal evidence suggests that adverse responses to the vaccine have been both more significant and more widespread than the Ministry of Health has ...

9: Film Rev.: Rachel Corrie - An American Conscience

The late Rachel Corrie (1979 – 2003) was articulate, straightforward and resolute. Her castigation of Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian people and the Israeli Government’s disregard for the safety of Israelis and Palestinians rang with ...

10: Not PC: Shania, Michael Cullen and Bad Law

This week, Howling about Shania, and examining what Michael Cullen has to do with bad law.

11: One Hour Of News And Current Affairs From 5:30pm

From 6th June the Holmes current affairs programme will be live on Prime Television at 6pm one hour earlier than the current time slot.

12: Molesworth & Featherston (Lobby Edition) – 26/5/05

This week we look back at the Budget (and send out a hunting party for the Government’s vaunted spin machine), outline a battle over when 5 per cent is more, or less, than 5 per cent, find the Auckland bus drivers dispute getting back into gear, and finish ...

13: Crucial Senate Vote On Bolton UN Nomination Fails

The US Senate vote for cloture on the John Bolton nomination to the United Nations Ambassadorship has failed to pass. 56 Senators voted for cloture and 42 against the motion. As a result the full vote on John Bolton's nomination will not be held.

14: Don't Let Beijing Duck Human Rights At Dinner

Green Party Co-Leader Rod Donald has sent a copy of Amnesty International's just-released Annual Human Rights Report to Helen Clark so she can raise the latest abuses in China at her dinner with Wu Bangguo tonight.

15: Nz First's Tough New Immigration Policy

A long term population strategy, a major fraud investigation unit and compulsory DNA testing are part of New Zealand First's new five-point immigration plan.

16: It's Israel's Racist Apartheid Wall, Stupid

I wonder if Abbas had Joshua's trumpet tucked inside the maps he carried to Washington, the maps of Israel's ever expanding "facts on the ground." The maps demonstrate Israel's continued expansion of Jewish military outposts and settlements in the West ...

17: Gerry In The House: The Greens Walk The Plank

The Green Party this week announced their core plank for the election campaign - energy. Because the election campaign begins in earnest over the next few months, and because the Greens pitch themselves as Labour's coalition partner, the consequences ...

18: Deborah Coddington's Liberty Belle

Four of the most plaintive words in the modern New Zealand lexicon must surely be “would we be allowed”? I was reminded of this recently by my new friend, Bill Hohepa (Billy Ho), who has the biggest heart in the world and goes around rest homes offering ...

19: Reject Peters' anti-migrant Gestapo - Greens

Winston Peters' immigration policy looks like it was drawn up in Nazi times, Green Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

20: Images: Peters Launches Immigration Policy

Photo-Essay: New Zealand First leader Winston Peters launched the party's predictably hard hitting immigration policy at a conservative Grey Power gathering at Orewa - the bastion of old-styled Torydom.

21: The Underbelly of Radical Maori Intimidation

This Week Newman Online looks at the intimidation tactics of radical Maori, how it makes New Zealanders fearful and silent and allows Maori to get their own way.

22: Rabbit Disease (Calicivirus) to be released

A consortium of ten regional councils, including the Auckland Regional Council, has gained approval from the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) to import batches of the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) virus strain from the New South ...

23: Goff Urges UN To Create Peacebuilding Commission

The United Nations urgently needs a new mechanism to assist countries emerging from violent conflict Foreign Minister Phil Goff told the United Nations Security Council today. Mr Goff addressed an open meeting of the Council chaired by Danish Foreign ...

24: Iron Maiden Tragedy See Police Alter Policy

The sinking of the Iron Maiden has already been subjected to two separate inquiries, a coronial inquiry is under way and in the wake of this and other operating debriefs the Search and Rescue Council has refined the way maritime searches will be coordinated ...

25: Illegal Hocking County Board Of Elections Member?

The battle between Deputy Director Sherole Eaton, a recently fired federal whistleblower, and the Hocking County Board of Elections (BOE) she worked for, is becoming a bare-knuckled political brawl.

26: Securing Our Borders and Protecting Our Identity

An address by Rt Hon Winston Peters to members of Orewa GreyPower on Friday, 27 May 2005, 2.00pm at the St Johns Catholic Church Hall, Center Way Road, Orewa

27: MoH response to Meningococcal Gold Rush Quickguide

SCOOP EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a point by point response to the "Gold Rush Quickguide" by Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Ron Law. The Quickguide was a short form version of the "The Meningococcal Gold Rush" , an article published by Scoop on February ...

28: Waiariki CEO to lead Abu Dhabi University

Waiariki Institute of Technology (Waiariki) CEO is the first ever polytechnic CEO to be appointed in the role of vice-chancellor at an international university. Waiariki’s Dr Reynold Macpherson has been appointed as Chancellor and CEO of Abu Dhabi University ...

29: Peters wants to drag New Zealand backwards

Immigration Minister Paul Swain says Winston Peters has once again gone off the deep end with his latest rantings about immigration.

30: PM Helen Clark Presents Pilots with their Wings

Prime Minister Helen Clark has today presented graduating pilots with their ‘Wings’ during a graduation parade at RNZAF Base Ohakea.


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