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Scoop Top 30 Ratings - 1 June 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Time Runs Out On South Pacific HIV/AIDS Crisis

Scoop Investigation: HIV is threatening the Pacific's isolated communities with an infection rate that destroys cultural, economic, and community stability. For example: HIV/AIDS, not global warming, is the number one problem threatening Tuvalu's survival. ...

2: Diebold Optical Scan Voting System Hacked (3 Ways)

Tallahassee, FL: "Are we having fun yet?" This is the message that appeared in the window of a county optical scan machine, startling Leon County Information Systems Officer Thomas James. Visibly shaken, he immediately turned the machine off.

3: Osama bin Laden & 9.11 Souvenirs In S.E. Asia

BANGKOK, Thailand -- The Osama bin Laden cigarette lighter is adorned with his raised, chrome portrait, an embossed "9.11", sketches of the World Trade Center, an approaching airplane, and a big red splotch.

4: Watergate Proves That Even Presidents Break Laws

Tuesday's revelation that W. Mark Felt, the former number two man at the FBI, was the anonymous source known as Deep Throat, who helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein unravel the Watergate scandal in the pages of the Washington Post 30 years ago should ...

5: Questions for Oral Answer Wednesday June 1

1. ROD DONALD to the Prime Minister: Was freedom of speech one of the human rights issues she discussed with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during her meeting with him this week?

6: Holy Messiah Speaks To His Congressional Fan Club

Author's note: I cannot attest to the absolute accuracy of the following transcripts, as the print was smudged with perspiration by the time I received them. It seems my confidential source, a congressional page, had to smuggle them out of the House ...

7: The Meningococcal Gold Rush - Second Edition

Scoop Editors' Note: Following publication on of Barbara Sumner Burstyn and Ron Law’s report, Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush [1] - a report into the flawed science and bad policy of the MeNZB™ vaccine - the Ministry of Health ...

8: Cullen Backdown Unleashes Storm of Retractions

The recent experience of Dr Michael Cullen seems to have given his colleagues ideas. For years they have struggled with the burden of it being inadvisable - and in some cases expensive - to declare obvious and demonstrable falsehoods. Or at any rate, ...

9: New Zealand Salary Survey released

The 2005 Hays Salary Survey, detailing typical salaries for a range of sectors and locations, including Auckland and Wellington, will be released tommorrow.

10: Public Address 01/06/05 - D'oh!

Michael Cullen apparently surprised a few gallery reporters yesterday morning by laying into TV3, claiming that one of its reporters had posed as a former Bayfield High student on the Internet in search of historical scuttlebutt on David Benson ...

11: National Beaches Billboard To Be Unveiled Tomorrow

A National Party billboard that is working a number of New Zealand internet political diarists into a lather is not quite kosher according to National Party Election 2005 campaign manager, Steven Joyce.

12: Samoan flag to fly on Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland Harbour Bridge will fly the flag of Samoa tomorrow in recognition of the Samoan National Day. The flag will fly from dawn until dusk on Wednesday 1 June.

13: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 31 May 2005

1. Iraqi Immigrants—Saddam Hussein Regime 2. Genetically Modified Organisms—Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety 3. Budget 2005—Taxation Thresholds 4. Budget 2005—Fiscal Proposals, Alternative 5. Budget 2005—Taxation Changes 6. Crimes Act—Repeal of Section 59

14: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 1 June 2005

1. China—Human Rights 2. Iraqi Immigrants—Investigation 3. Sexual Health Campaign—Minister's Statement 4. Education System—Performance 5. First Home Ownership—Government Assistance 6. Taxation—Consumer Price Index 7. Genetically Modified Corn—Unapproved Presence ...

15: NEWSFLASH: Schapelle Corby Found Guilty

Australian beauty therapist Schapelle Corby has been found guilty of drug trafficking by a court in Bali Indonesia of trafficking 4 kilograms of marijuana to Indonesia.

16: America's Religious Right (IV): Pie in the Sky

Rev. Tim LaHaye thinks deep thoughts. Co-author of the best-selling Left Behind and Babylon Rising novels, the 78-year-old evangelical probes the mind of God as revealed in Holy Scriptures.

17: Prime Rejects Dr Cullen's Claims

Prime and the Paul Holmes programme rejects entirely the suggestion made by Dr Michael Cullen in a press statement earlier today that Prime Television used false pretences to elicit information from Bayfield High pupils against David Benson-Pope.

18: Are you fed up with the quality of TV ?

Come and hear what your MPs are going to do about TV standards in NZ.

19: Dr Cullen - Clarification regarding TV3

“Comments I made in relation to TV3 using false pretences to elicit information from former Bayfield High pupils against David Benson-Pope were incorrect,” Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.

20: It’s expensive being a woman

The first national Women’s Convention in nearly thirty years is being held in Wellington over Queens Birthday weekend. And if the registration fee is anything to go by, you have to have the salary of a Theresa Gattung to count as a woman in New Zealand these ...

21: Family, Household Growth to Exceed Populatn Growth

The numbers of families and households in New Zealand are projected to increase by 24 percent and 28 percent, respectively, between 2001 and 2021, according to updated 2001-base national family and household projections released by Statistics New Zealand ...

22: Stop 'dicking around' over Transmission Gully

National's Transport spokesman, Maurice Williamson, says it is time the "dicking around" over Transmission Gully stopped and Labour cleared the way for the private sector to begin work on it immediately.

23: Scoop Link: Guardian(UK) - When The Wells Run Dry

When The Wells Run Dry We use more oil than we find, and if producers are fixing their figures the end could be closer than thought Adam Porter Wednesday May 25, 2005 The Guardian

24: Warships Showcase New Zealand To The World

Sailors from New Zealand warships TE MANA and ENDEAVOUR will showcase New Zealand culture, food and wine to a large and influential audience during a week long defence diplomacy visit coinciding with New Zealand Day at the Aichi World Expo, Japan.

25: NZ Stance on GM Liability Provokes Laughter

New Zealand negotiators at a conference on liability for GMOs have effectively proposed that the four year programme to develop an international liability regime should aim at agreeing no liability rules at all.

26: State Of It: Fear And Loathing… In Orewa NZ

During the 1981 Springbok tour it was observed that New Zealand had a scab, and once picked it lifted, releasing the pus of racism to flow. The metaphor was again put to test at New Zealand First’s immigration policy launch at Orewa on Friday. The scene there was best described by another more famous cliché: fear and loathing… in Orewa.

27: Narconews: More Marches In Bolivia, Protests Widen

This morning they did it again: the steep kilometers that separate La Paz from EL Alto were completely covered by the biggest march the Bolivian capital has seen since October 2003. Workers, street merchants, and other groups from El Alto led the human ...

28: Labour, Greens turn their back on victims

The Greens have sold out the victims of crime in favour of financial gain for offenders in a “cynical act of political desperation in backing the disgraceful Prisoners and Victims Claims Bill”, United Future’s law and order spokesman Marc Alexander said ...

29: SAS commitment to US Afghan war will tarnish NZ

New Zealand human rights record will be further tarnished by the new SAS commitment to Afghanistan to fight alongside US forces, says Green MP Keith Locke.

30: Jean-Pierre Desmoulins: They Just Said, "NO!!"

French citizens have just said "NO" to the new constitution that was submitted to their vote. I have heard so many things, in both the French and international media, so many analyses of the "NO" campaign in which I don't see my opinion included, that ...

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