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Scoop Top 30 Ratings - June 8 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 7 June 2005

1. Finance, Minister—Confidence 2. Interest Rates—Reports 3. Treaty of Waitangi—Education Programme 4. Research, Science and Technology—Support for Innovation 5. Land Transport—Auckland 6. Transpower New Zealand Ltd—Minister of Finance's Statement 7. Modern Apprenticeships—Targets

2: Enron's White Seeks Govt. Energy Project Funding

Beware. This could be your tax dollars at work. The federal government may guarantee hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to help a former energy executive who publicly admitted he had no idea that the division he once ran cooked its books and who is ...

3: Antony Wright: The New Great Game

With corporate media still tying itself in knots to justify US foriegn policy, more evidence emerges to support the obvious conclusion that 'its all about oil'.

4: Questions for Oral Answer - Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Hon PETER DUNNE to the Minister of Health: Does she believe the New Zealand public has confidence in the ability of the healthcare sector to continue to provide quality services, in light of the survey published by The New Zealand Herald recently showing ...

5: Does This Mean Everyone Gets To Fake Up A Nat. Ad?

What with the poorly-mocked up pre-publicity from Bhatnagar via Farrar , and jamming suggestions coming thick and/or fast , looks like it's open season on annoying, simplistic, disingenuous billboards.

6: GOP Chairman At A Loss Over Downing Street Minutes

On June 5, 2005, Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the Republican Party, was asked about the Downing Street Minutes on "NBC News' Meet the Press." To my knowledge, this was the first serious treatment of the matter on any U.S. network news show. It still ...

7: No Right Turn: Asylum for Chen Yonglin

Eleven days ago, Chinese diplomat Chen Yonglin walked out of the Chinese consulate in Sydney and requested political asylum. He is currently in hiding somewhere in Australia, but in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald [Reg Req], he said ...

8: Ernest Partridge: The Fall of the House of Bush

It is inevitable: sooner or later the Bush Regime will fall. Perhaps next month; perhaps after the end of the Jeb Bush Administration in 2016. The essential question is whether it will take down the rest of us with it.

9: Narconews: Today's Combat in La Paz, Bolivia

Guest what... as authentic journalist Claudia Espinoza said at midday, when we ran into each other in the middle of today's marches: "Once again, we have to write about thousands of marchers who shut down La Paz and clash with the police as they try ...

10: Greenpeace Illustrates Bottom Trawling With Image

Monday 6 June 2005, Auckland: As the UN meeting to discuss ocean issues begins in New York, Greenpeace releases this image today to illustrate the destruction by bottom trawling. (It was obtained under the Official Information Act in New Zealand.)

11: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 8 June 2005

( Uncorrected transcript—subject to correction and further editing. For corrected transcripts, please visit: )

12: Hide - Helen Clark is no longer the Teflon PM

Rodney Hide Address to the Hutt Rotary Club; Lower Hutt Memorial RSA, 3 Cornwall Street, Lower Hutt; Wednesday, 8 June 2005; 1pm.

13: Public Address 08/06/05 - Banana Battle

'Whither the New Zealand Chinese community?' people were asking. 'How oh how shall we navigate the perilous and two-faced seas of political identity?' But the most important question was ultimately this: 'Where are all the hot Chinese guys at?'...

14: Rice IV With Juan Carlos Lopez of CNN Espanol

QUESTION: Madame Secretary, thank you for speaking with us. First question is what do you expect to accomplish from this General Assembly?

15: Republicanism: How About A Real Public Debate?

Amid the flurry of political activity in Kathmandu and New Delhi in recent weeks, the myth surrounding the restoration of multiparty democracy in 1990 is being dispelled. From the outset, it was clear that the tripartite agreement among the royal palace, ...

16: Maori TV: Live Coverage of NZ Maori vs Fiji

Maori Television – the home of Maori sport – is supporting the upcoming Maori rugby season with exciting coverage of the NZ Maori vs Fiji and NZ Maori vs British and Irish Lions games on the channel.

17: Rumsfeld Seeks To Sell Advanced F-16s To Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand -- U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld reportedly tried to sell F-16 warplanes, capable of firing Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAMs), to Thailand two days after he lashed out at China for upgrading its own ...

18: Preparedness against the "Universal Adversary"

A recent Report of the Homeland Security Council entitled Planning Scenarios describes in minute detail, the Bush administration's preparations in the case of a terrorist attack by an outside enemy called the Universal Adversary (UA).

19: Dennis Hans: St. Petersburg Times Slanders Amnesty

The editorial page of the St. Petersburg Times, under the direction of Philip Gailey,.hit Amnesty International (AI) and its secretary-general, Irene Khan, with several low blows in the May 27 editorial “American ‘gulag’?”

20: robson-on-politics 7 June 2005

robson-on-politics, a newsletter from Matt Robson MP Deputy Leader of the Progressive Party

21: The Fundy Post - Youth against Fascism

Since the last Fundy Post was published, the phones have not stopped ringing. The Watchdog story has appeared in Russell Brown's Hard News, the New Zealand Herald, the Dominion Post, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age, as well as being ...

22: David Swanson: Downing Street Memo In FoxSpeak

HUME: When we come back with our panel, the memo that the left says the U.S. media won't talk about it. Well, we'll talk about it, next.

23: Bill Moyers Address: “Take Back America”


24: Big News: The Right to Abortion Challenged

I think the lawsuit taken by the anti-abortion group Right To Life against the Abortion Supervisory Committee and the Attorney General will be very interesting. Right To Life says the Abortion Supervisory Committee has misinterpreted the law and allowed ...

25: Fitzsimons - Speech to the Dairy Farmers AGM

I don't class myself as a dairy farmer, though some years ago I did stand in for a friend and milked cows for a couple of weeks. However I do own six cows one of which I milk for the house, and we foster calves on them so I have some experience ...

26: Judith Tizard – Labour’s Marie Antoinette

Consumer Affairs Minister Judith Tizard’s response to the explosion of loan sharking in middle and low income communities is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette who when told of the plight of the poor who had no bread to eat in 18th century France is ...

27: Wild kiwifruit a serious threat to environment

Kiwifruit orchardists and farmers are being asked for their help in limiting the spread of wild kiwifruit in the Bay of Plenty.

28: Toni Solo: CAFTA - Some Like It Hot

Amid the confusing signals streaming out of events in Latin America recently, arguments around the Central American Free Trade Agreement juxtapose two opposing motifs.

29: Treasury confirms economic mismanagement

“Treasury’s admission that it has overcooked its predictions for growth, are a slap in the face for Michael Cullen and Labour, “ says National Party Finance spokesman John Key.

30: Kelpie Wilson: Sellin' Nukes, Dissin' Wind

Twenty years after Chernobyl, the pro-nuclear lobby has decided that it's time to glue a happy face on nuclear power again. Simultaneous pro-nuclear public relations campaigns have plastered their briefs in the US and British media markets in the ...


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