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Scoop Top 30 weekend Ratings


The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Cindy Sheehan's Speech At The DSM Hearings

Congressman Conyers and all, it is an honor to be here to testify about the effect that the revelations of the Downing Street Memo has had on me and my family. It is an honor that I wish never had to happen. I believe that not any of us should be ...

2: 500,000+ Americans, 122 Reps. Seek DSM Answers

Rep. John Conyers, 500,000 Americans & 122 Congressional Representatives Seek Downing St Memo Answers At White House - They Are Met At A Back Entrance By An Anonymous Staff Member

3: Sonia Nettnin: Abuse of U.S. Prisoners Abroad

Important Note: the following article is not intended for readers under 18 years of age or for sensitive readers.

4: Jeremy Scahill: A Smoking Bullet in a Smoking Gun

Democracy Now correspondent Jeremy Scahill reports on new documents that show President Bush began the invasion of Iraq more than half a year before Shock and Awe was launched.

5: Greg Palast: Testimony On Downing Street Memos

It's official: The Downing Street memos, a snooty New York Times "News Analysis" informs us, "are not the Dead Sea Scrolls." You are warned, Congressman, to ignore the clear evidence of official mendacity and bald-faced fibbing by our two nations' ...

6: A Week Of It: Tangled Ties, Humour And Pomposity

In This Edition: - Maori Party Lines Up with ACT and National - Is The Reaction To Kelly Comments PC Gone Mad? - Fart Tax Bus Good Times Go Un-rewarded - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

7: Who's the hot tip to win Dancing with the Stars?

Centrebet punters are tipping Norm Hewitt to win Sunday's Dancing with the Stars grand final.

8: Another Downing St Memo – Wrongfooting Saddam

SCOOP EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a transcript of another document leaked to the media concerning the build up to the Iraq war. It concerns a discussion in early 2002 between the UK Ambassador to the US and then Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.

9: State Dinner in Honour of Pakistan President - PM

Your Excellency, President Pervez Musharraf, and First Lady, Mrs Sehba Musharraf, Ministers, Members of Parliament, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen.

10: The Downing Street Memo Comes To Washington

We speak with Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) who is convening a public hearing tomorrow in Washington on the so-called Downing Street Memo and other newly released documents that he says show the Bush administration's "efforts to cook the books on pre-war ...

11: Martin LeFevre: The Devil is Man-made

“The greatest triumph of the devil in the modern age is convincing people he doesn’t exist.” I don’t remember the author of that memorable quote, but it encapsulates my problem with New Agers, sophisticated secularists, and run-of-the-mill rationalists.

12: United Future is NOT a Christian Party

It needs to be made absolutely clear, from the start, that United Future is NOT a Christian Party. We need to stop these rumours before they get around and cause damage. Before you know it, people will be saying that United Future is a Christian political ...

13: Bolivia Calm, Northern Mexico Under Siege

After the dramatic events in Bolivia last week, where after weeks of mobilizations and general strikes the people told their ineffectual president Carlos Mesa that they'd had enough of his meager responses to their clear demands, and simultaneously ...

14: Asia:NZ Newsletter

- Conference rejects racism - Do your homework, exporters told - Comings and goings - New station targets Indian listeners - Meet the press - Campaign targets 1.5 generation - Schapelle who? A view from Jakarta - Corby case: What Indonesians are saying - ...

15: Public Address 17/06/05 - Grrr ...

And so out come the climate change deniers, with the news that the official numbers on our Kyoto Protocol obligations have been revised and, rather than possibly being due a credit of $500 million when things are settled up in 2012, we are more likely ...

16: Confused Smith gets it wrong again

Nick Smith has once again embarrassed himself and the National party says Convenor of the Ministerial Group on Climate Change Pete Hodgson.

17: Winter Solstice, longest night and shortest day

The Winter Solstice is on June 21 at 18:46 (6:46pm); this is when the Sun is at its most Northerly point in the sky. At the middle of the day on June 21, it reaches its lowest altitude, from the Northern horizon, for the year.

18: The War And Occupation In Iraq Are Illegal

Much has been said and written about America’s war, and occupation of Iraq. Amongst the community of nations of the world, and within the minds of the citizens of the world, two statements might succinctly clarify the issues of war and occupation in ...

19: Full Coverage: The Downing Street Memos (2)

Downing St Memos Likened To Martin Luther's Theses - Almost five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church, initiating a sequence of events which forever altered the geometry of global religion, ...

20: State Dept. On-The-Record Briefing on UN Reform

MR. MCCORMACK: Good morning, everybody. Thank you for coming to this briefing. Under Secretary Burns is here today to talk about our positive agenda for UN Reform. He's going to have some brief opening remarks and then we'll be ready to take some questions ...

21: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics

LEAD STORY: Images: Pakistan President Officially Welcomed To New Zealand - A Week of It: Discusses Rural Concerns - NZ To Miss Its Kyoto Target By 36.2Mt CO2e - The Day The Downing Street Memos Went To The White House - It’s Not Only Foreigners Being ...

22: Smithsonian Embroiled in God v Darwin Dispute

Scientists protest against controversial documentary in the US National Museum - Creationists regard “Evolutionism” as reason for criminality, drug abuse and wars.

23: The World In The Palm Of Their Hands (Part 1)

May 24, 2005—The annual secret meeting of the Bilderberg group determines many of the headlines and news developments you will read about in the coming months. But the Establishment media completely black it out. With the exception of half-a-dozen ...

24: Peters Calls For Government Action

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has called on the Prime Minister to set aside her social engineering agenda and attend to the important and pressing issues confronting New Zealand.

25: Scoop Images: NZ/Pakistan Press Conference, Auck.

Scoop Images: Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark address a press conference in Auckland, NZ. Topics: Terrorism, Nuclear proliferation, India/Pakistan relations, human and women's rights etc.

26: Downing Street Memo: Case for Impeachment Builds

The fallout from the revelation of a secret meeting between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his senior national security team appears to be growing. We take a look at the so-called "Downing Street Memo" which reveals how the former director ...

27: Argentina Presses the Falklands/Malvinas Dispute

• Argentine foreign minister Rafael Bielsa yesterday addressed the UN C24 Decolonization Committee after raising the Falklands sovereignty question twice last week, first at the OAS summit in Ft. Lauderdale and later in a June 10 “Assertion Day of Argentine ...

28: The World In The Palm Of Their Hands (Part 2)

June 7, 2005—Because of the near total blackout of this year's Bilderberg conference in the mass media, knowledge of what transpired behind the heavy guarded walls of Dorint Sofitel Seehotel Überfahrt in Rottach-Egern, Bavaria, Munich, Germany, May ...

29: Cohn: Bush Plays Politics with Guantanamo "Gulag"

"Absurd!" George Bush exclaimed. "Reprehensible!" Donald Rumsfeld charged. "Ridiculous!" stated Scott McClellan. "I'm offended!" declared Dick Cheney. What are they all so upset about?

30: Kamala Sarup: Rape Increases, Where Is The Law?

Three young Afghan women were found raped, hanged and dumped on a roadside in Afaganistan. The bodies of the women were found in Baghlan province, 120 miles north of Kabul, and officials and doctors said they had been raped and hanged. In India, 2003 there ...


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