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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 4 July 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Images: The Apostles – And Then There Were 8

Image taken yesterday morning at 9:18am by a tourist who witnessed the collapse of one of the Twelve Apostles rock formations....showing all rock formations intact. This is the 'after' picture taken yesterday morning at 9:19am, just seconds after ...

2: GE Cows Threaten NZ Dairy Industry

AgResearch's deal to grow GE Cows for pharmaceuticals will meet with huge public opposition as it is a threat to our Dairy industry's international reputation which could cost the country millions.

3: Style Pasifika Show & Supreme Fashion Award

TV One has announced a major sponsorship of the Westfield Style Pasifika 2005 spectacular and is also sponsoring the Supreme Winner of the Fashion Award

4: Kiwis Will Still Flock To The Apostles Experience

It may have taken just a few seconds for one of Victoria's famous Twelve Apostles landmarks to crumble into the Southern Ocean yesterday, but the timeless appeal of this 20 million year old coastline continues to be a huge draw for Kiwi travellers.

5: John Roughan: Make Poverty History!

On stages across the world on Sunday last a fierce campaign was waged to end African poverty. 10 live concerts from Japan through US, Canada, South Africa, Europe and ending up in London held musical specials underlining the idea to 'make poverty history'. ...

6: National candidate stuffs up - Mallard

National party candidate Tim Macindoe should brush up on his internet skills and get his facts right before rushing into print, Education Minister Trevor Mallard said today.

7: Maori Party comment on Zimbabwe

“It is difficult to know the full extent of the situation in Zimbabwe given our reliance on media commentary for an accurate portrayal of the events as they unfold” said Mrs Turia, co-leader of the Maori Party.

8: PM's Presser: Zimbabwe Cricket Tour Special

“For Parliament to legislate in this area really raises a number of very unfortunate precedents. I think that it is important in a democracy that when we try and deal with a problem you don’t end up compromising your own values in seeking to deal with ...

9: Public Address 04/07/05 - Glory Days

The Wellington Stadium is a marvellous place to watch rugby. It is an arena in a sense that other New Zealand grounds are not, in that its shape and symmetry have the effect of concentrating atmosphere...

10: Bolanos, Chavez: A Tale Of Two Presidents

"If the countries of the Caribbean have to submit to the logic of the international market we'd be helping bring about a crisis with profound consequences that will lead us into instability, social disruption and total ungovernability". Leonel Fernandez, ...

11: Rheumatoid arthritis gene link proven

The gene PTPN22 has been confirmed as one of the factors that cause rheumatoid arthritis by University of Otago researchers.

12: No Right Turn: F**k Iraq, Part IV

Why did America invade Iraq? With the WMD pretext thoroughly discredited, Bush and Blair have increasingly relied on humanitarian reasons. Saddam's government had to be overthrown to end oppression, torture, and human rights abuses in Iraq. The problem? ...

13: Cullen on OECD report on New Zealand

Finance Minister Michael Cullen today welcomed the latest OECD review of New Zealand, saying he agreed with much of the analysis – particularly the importance of maintaining fiscal discipline.

14: Marjorie Cohn: The Creeping Draft

Like the recruiter trying to get the youth to enlist in the military, George Bush invoked the September 11 terrorist attacks in his June 28 speech - six times. Bush ended his address with a recruiting pitch: "I thank those of you who have re-enlisted ...

15: Letter from Elsewhere: A Right Old Family Fight

The far right are so intent on attacking Labour in general, and prominent Labour women in particular (and the Governor General, and the Chief Justice, and any other woman who has somehow managed to weasel her way into a top public service job for ...

16: Defending and Advancing Liberty a.k.a. Deprivation

6,733 Reasons To Vote is a commentary written approximately one year ago. The 6,733 represented the number of casualties our military incurred, to date, in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF).

17: U.S. sends the wrong message to the world

Restrictive regimes around the world came out ahead. Many were already taking a cue from a U.S. case involving the leak of a CIA officer's name when the Supreme Court announced this week that it would not hear an appeal by two journalists. The reporters, ...

18: Scoop Images: Russell Brown In Black & White

Russell Brown and the Book Council launched the Great New Zealand Argument: Ideas About Ourselves last night at the Film Archive in Wellington. After an introduction from Russell, the audience were treated to a video of the famous Lange Oxford Union ...

19: UQ Wire: Emergency Truth Convergence, July 22-24

DC LAUNCH: JULY 22~24, 2005 An unprecedented event series conjoining the power veteran/victim groups, key truth movements and the Indie Media to out the deadly coup now underway and launch a thousand Paul Reveres.

20: ACT's The Letter

Parliament is in recess. Labour is in free fall. The economy is slowing. The country is rugby mad.

21: Chuckman Cartoon: George Bush Grows Up

Cartoon by John Chuckman… ENDS

22: English tells schools: 'teachers don't count'

National, in attempting to spin itself out of its education lies, have revealed they don't think teachers are important to children's education says Education Minister Trevor Mallard.

23: Open Letter to J. Tanner, Voting Section, U.S. DoJ

An Open Letter to John Tanner, Chief, Voting Section, U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Section in response to his June 29, 2005 letter to Nick A. Soulas, Jr., Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Civil Division, Franklin County:

24: More Talk As Veterans Continue to be Left Behind

Every veteran’s organization in the country has been disseminating information for the past 4 years about the V.A. being under funded (actually more than that, but since BushCo it has gotten substantially worse).

25: Mary Pitt: First Light

Out here on the prairie, shortly before dawn, there comes a time called "first light", sometimes referred to as "false dawn". Before the sun is near enough rising to shed its clear light over the hills, it sends ahead its glow which ...

26: Stateside With Rosalea: Anything Good On TV?

It's a lazy, lazy holiday weekend here in the US. Well, no chance of being lazy if you're the checkout operator at the smaller, faster warehouse store, of course--bags of briquettes and ice were going out the door faster than their contents will burn ...

27: William Fisher: Hoping For A Miracle

This weekend, one of Latina Magazine's top 10 women of the year will enjoy a place of honor by riding in the lead float in the Jefferson City, Missouri, Fourth of July parade.

28: Scoop Images: Adidas’s All Blacks vs Lions

Scoop received the following today via email. In the spirit of tomorrow’s clash at the Cake Tin… enjoy

29: Expose a Dishonest War: Prevent the Next One

Expose a Dishonest War: Prevent the Next One Remarks prepared for July 4, 2005, anti-war rally in Washington, D.C. By David Swanson From:

30: War Crimes Tribunal For Rwanda At 'All Time High'

Activity at the United Nations war crimes court investigating cases stemming from the 1994 Rwanda genocide "was at an all-time high," with an unprecedented number of trials under way, Adama Dieng Registrar of the International Criminal Tribunal ...


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