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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 7 July 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Was Israel Warned Ahead of First Blast?

Reports just in suggest U.S. Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported a short time ago that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred.

2: Al-Qaida Claims Responsibilty for Explosions

Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for the series of blasts that shook central London during rush hour on Thursday morning. Blair has left the G8 meeting for the capital. At least two have been confirmed dead and scores injured in the seven blasts on the ...

3: John Pilger: G8 Will Not Ease Third World Poverty

LONDON — The front page of the June 12 Observer announced, “$55bn Africa debt deal ‘a victory for millions'”. The “victory for millions” is a quotation of Bob Geldof, who said, “Tomorrow 280 million Africans will wake up for the first time in their ...

4: Bernard Weiner: Rove, Supremes & A Silent Scream

I love old-fashioned, small-town 4th of July parades. When we lived in Northern California's San Geronimo Valley in Marin County, we participated, along with everybody else in the small rural community of Woodacre, in as Norman Rockwell-like a parade as you ...

5: Chossudovsky: Live 8 As Corporate Media Bonanza

Live 8, "the greatest concert" ever aired live, has been presented to World public opinion as an "awareness campaign" in solidarity with Africa. Its stated objective was to put pressure on the Group of Eight leaders (G8) to increase foreign aid flows ...

6: BREAKING NEWS: Explosions Strike Rush Hour London

BBC reports several people have been injured after explosions on the Underground network and a double-decker bus in London. A police spokesman said there were "quite a large number of casualties" at Aldgate Tube Station. And Scotland Yard confirmed ...

7: Doris Colmes: Morphing the Gestapo

There I was -- a bratty, independent kid, with a twisted sense of humor who enjoyed doing illegal things: Entrance into anyplace at all displaying the “No Dogs or Jews Allowed” signs was fun, even though it was clearly understood that – if discovered ...

8: Paul Buchanan: On Special Ops Military Investment

On Military Investment In Special Operations And Helicopter Trapping Paul G. Buchanan 6-7-05

9: Twinkle Toes odds on to win Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars punters have backed Norm Hewitt into odds-on betting favouritism. Centrebet has cut its odds on Twinkle Toes beating Shane Cortese and Tim Shabolt to 1.80.

10: Yasser Abu Moailek's Letter From Gaza

Journey Into The Gunrunning World Of Gaza: A car pulls off the road near an olive grove on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip. Alongside the road runs an electronic fence built by Israel to prevent infiltrations by Palestinian militants. On the other ...

11: Bush Doctrine Faces Crucial Test In Nepal

For those belittling the seriousness of Nepal’s crisis to bolster their accusation that King Gyanendra is bent on throttling democracy, three separate reports published this week should make for sobering analysis.

12: Supreme Court - Possible "Fascist" Play

The Bush administration is spectacularly good at sleight-of-hand tricks, directing public attention in one direction while they're working diligently in another. The latest trial balloon of "probable" Supreme Court nominees is no exception. While ...

13: Critical Security Issues In Diebold Optical Scan

EXCERPTS FROM THE REPORT: Incorporated into the foundation of the Diebold Precinct-Based Optical Scan 1.94w system is the mother of security holes, and no apparent cure will produce infertility, or system safety.

14: Ahmed Zaoui Meets Media Onslaught And Fans In Wgtn

Today New Zealand's most famous refugee made a whistlestop tour of the nation's capital. Ostensibly Mr Zaoui's purpose for being in Wellington was to deliver a lecture on Islam at Victoria University.

15: A Paradigm shift in Policy mechanisms for Kyoto

The G8 will this week issue a communiqué identifying new pathways for global cooperation on stabilizing GHG emissions. It is expected that there will be a broad policy statement on the lessening of an emission tariff based mitigation system to one of the development ...

16: Situations In Africa Key Topics For Security Cl

The Security Council will devote a considerable amount of its time this month to various situations on the African continent, and will also spotlight the Council's role in humanitarian crises, the new President of the 15-nation body said today.

17: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing July 5, 2005

DEPARTMENT Secretary Rice's Travel to Asia / Planned Bilateral Discussions Representation at ASEAN Conference Deputy Secretary Zoellick Travel to Sudan, Jordan and Egypt Ambassador Khalilzad Health

18: UQ Wire: San Diego Witness Threat

An eyewitness to pre-9.11 intrigue in San Diego involving the infiltration of as many as 200 still-unknown Middle Eastern men into the U.S. received a death threat in the middle of the night of June 3rd from an Iranian exile, former SAVAK agent, ...

19: Donor Fatigue Could Lead to Deaths in Ethiopia

Despite the enthusiasm surrounding the last weekend’s Live 8 concerts in the run up to the G8 summit meeting, The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has warned that donors are showing increasingly worrying signs of “compassion fatigue” over ...

20: Govt neglect in falling social worker numbers

New Zealand is short of more than 500 social workers, with a third of vacancies not being filled, and the Government has no solutions and apparently even less interest in fixing it, United Future deputy leader Judy Turner revealed today in slamming ...

21: Public Address 06/07/05 - Gods And Devils

Having now seen the part of the 60 Minutes interview that got Labour's Muslim MP Ashraf Choudhary into trouble this week, I have to sympathise with him. He was not asked whether homosexuals and adulterers should be stoned to death; he was invited ...

22: Bonus Joules: When Is A Hole Not A Hole?

Hurray. So New Zealand has suddenly lost a billion dollars ‘value’ because of our expenditure of our carbon credits. Yesterday we had half a billion dollars in credits. Today we are a carbon debtor by half a billion dollars. Great. I never could understand ...

23: Government breached Bill of Rights - High Court

The Government acted unlawfully in its handling of Unitec’s university application, breaching the Bill of Rights Act 1688, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990, and the rules of natural justice, the High Court in Wellington has found.

24: Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish And Not Before Time

New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters is pleased that the Immigration Service has finally come to its senses in its decision to revoke the visa of paedophilic apologist Jim Peron.

25: Zaoui to Deliver Lecture in Wellington Today

Ahmed Zaoui to Deliver a Lecture on the Dangers of Religious Extremism Victoria University, Thursday 7 July, 12pm

26: Seven Blasts Confirmed At Four Sites

7 blasts at 4 sites: Aldgate/Moorgate/Liverpool St; Russell Square/Kings X; Edgware Road; Tavistock Square - 2 dead, toll expected to rise; 150 seriously injured

27: Public Address 7/7/05 - Right Ways Familiar Habits

One of things I've always loved about being a New Zealander is having to maintain 'the reputation'. After all, reputation is what sustains us when we're overseas. So for example you have to ensure that you work your backside off when you're in ...

28: New Zealand Leads GPS Locator Market

New Zealand is leading the way with a locally developed global positioning system (GPS) location service.

29: NZ First = 3 more years of Labour

Winston Peters' personal attack on Don Brash today shows why there won't be a change of government without ACT after the election, says ACT Leader Rodney Hide.

30: NZ MPs Care About Human Rights All Of A Sudden

Phil Goff today outlined the steps the Government would be taking now that they have suddenly realised that our cricket team is going to Zimbabwe. "Naturally, we deplore Zimbabwe's human rights record and we will do everything we reasonably can to stop ...


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