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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 18 July 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Supercomputer Weather: Hurricane Emily Texas Bound

Hurricane Emily, which has now reached Category 3 intensity making her the second official "major hurricane" of the 2005 season - and which is forecast to continue to intensifying to at least Category 4 status - may now to be headed for a Texas ...

2: Report Shows Rove May Have Lied to FBI, A Felony

Looks like Karl Rove did break the law, the same federal law that got Martha Stewart sentenced to six months in prison. It now appears that Rove, President Bush’s chief of staff, may have lied to the FBI in October 2003—a federal crime—when he was questioned ...

3: Zimbabwe Video Footage Shown For First Time In NZ

Scoop Video: Here for the first time in New Zealand, Scoop broadcasts recent footage of homes being demolished by the Robert Mugabe government in Zimbabwe. This video footage includes interviews with victims and human rights spokespersons inside Zimbabwe. ...

4: Suzan Mazur: Diebold & The Mormon Mason Handshake

Diebold, the Ohio computer election systems manufacturer, remains under a cloud regarding irregularities in its tabulation of the 2004 US presidential vote, which led to the reinstalling of George W. Bush. So it may be productive to explore what ...

5: Anne Else: Would The Real Dr Brash Please Stand Up

I’ve watched with amazement as Dr Donald Brash’s public image has been transformed in the media over the past year. Gone is the tinder-dry, committed neo-liberal economist with an absolute aversion for the welfare state and an equally absolute faith in ...

6: Tax issues and political threats

In a speech to the Christchurch CTU/Government post-Budget briefing, CTU president Ross Wilson explains why tax cuts will cost working people - and the threat posed if National wins the election.

7: BuzzFlash: The Martians Have Landed!

Karl Rove has now given us an astounding insight into PlameGate! According to Karl, Bushevik journalists leaked classified information TO him! Holy, Batbrain, Karl was the last to know! Will wonders never cease?

8: A Week of It: Boxing Blues & Winston’s Promises

In This Edition: JT Gets In the Muthafunkin Ring…with a Female Prime TV reporter Peters As Good as Promises To Go With National By Attacking Brash Culprit For Press Gallery Ranking Terror Partially Un- masked Thought for the week:

9: The Unanswered Question: Who Really Won In 2004?

According to the vote tabulators, in the 2004 presidential election George W. Bush won a stunning victory that defied all odds, particularly those applied by unbiased statisticians. He won despite trailing in most state and national polls.

10: Cowboy Capitalism: European Myths-American Reality

The big world story of the last two decades of the twentieth century was the demise of communism as an economic system and power bloc, and with it the end of the cold war between East and West.

11: “United Future Endorses Maori Party Candidates”

Murray Smith, Maori Affairs Spokesman for United Future urged those on the Maori role to vote for Maori Party candidates at a political forum in Wellington last week.

12: Education Sector Review released

The Ministry of Education, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Tertiary Education Commission are to adopt a joint approach and work much more closely together to build quality and lift performance in education delivery, State Services Minister ...

13: The Letter


14: Romania Faces More Rain After Floors Strike Nation

Scoop Report: Contacts in Romania say 11300 homes have been destroyed by flood-waters, and 70,000 animals have perished. Worst hit is Romania’s south east region where much of the nation’s agricultural heart lies. Concerns exist for what this means ...

15: Link: Matthew Cooper- "What I Told The Grand Jury"

SCOOP LINK: "What I Told The Grand Jury" Matthew Cooper reveals exactly what Karl Rove told him--and what the special counsel zeroed in on. By Matthew Cooper Time Magazine Monday 25 July 2005 Issue

16: DPB mothers won’t name dads

A solo mum with nine children who is receiving the Domestic Purposes Benefit has refused to name all of their fathers, ACT Deputy Leader Dr Muriel Newman revealed today.

17: Law Enforcer Indicted After Exposing Illegal Abuse

A new case concerning a government whistleblower on the U.S.-Mexico border appears in Bill Conroy's notebook this week. It concerns border patrol agent Ephraim Cruz, who last year complained in several internal memos (later leaked to the press) about ...

18: United Future’s election 2005 list

In releasing United Future’s list of candidates for the 2005 election, party vice-president, Denise Krum, said today “This has been a tremendous first term from our caucus of 8 MP's.

19: National Increases Lead Over Labour

A major opinion poll by Fairfax New Zealand /ACNielsen shows National has outstripped Labour in the lead-up to the forthcoming General Election, setting the stage for a tug-of-love over kingmaker NZ First.

20: Sign Language Bill bad in principle

The New Zealand Sign Language Bill, reported back today by the Justice and Electoral Select Committee is another misuse of Parliament’s law making power, ACT Justice Spokesman Stephen Franks said today.

21: Public Address 18/07/03 - Two Titanics

Squirrelled away in a cosy shoebox at Victoria University, Political Scientist Jon Johannson specialises in political psychology and leadership. He has just published a book called "Two Titans", a comparative study of Rob Muldoon and David Lange, and ...

22: NZAF condemns police shooting at peaceful protest

The New Zealand AIDS Foundation has today called for international condemnation of the shooting and injuring by South African police of 40 people engaged in a peaceful protest demanding fair access to HIV treatment on 12 July.

23: M. Shahid Alam: A Muslim Problem

It appears that Mr. Thomas Friedman has a Muslim problem. He has a great deal of trouble thinking straight when writing about Muslims; and, as the New York Times’ resident expert on Islam, he displays this malaise frequently, often twice a week.

24: Harry Potter And the Princes of Darkness

Harry awoke from a sound sleep, rubbed his eyes, and wondered if his dream was only a nightmare. He dreamt that, in a world of witches, warlocks and spells, a dark spell had been cast on two mighty nations. The people of America and England adored diversion, ...

25: Ambassador Joe Wilson's Letter to the Senate

Ambassador Joe Wilson forwarded to BuzzFlash his response to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee's "conclusions" about his efforts to expose the truth about the phony Niger claims, and how he came to investigate them. He asked that we share his evidence ...

26: - 15 July 2005

Regular readers may recall the recent revelation that the very aggressive opponents of the Western Springs Speedway had a rather strange financial backer – the Minister for the Environment, Marian Hobbs, no less.

27: J. Conyers' What Went Wrong In Ohio – A Summary

John Conyers, D, MI is a legendary figure in the Democratic Party. He served on the Judiciary Committee since 1964 (and was on that committee during the Nixon impeachment hearings); he is a founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus; has sponsored ...

28: Labour turns unemployed into victims

Labour's plan to turn Work and Income case managers into social workers will turn beneficiaries into victims, ACT Deputy Leader and Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman said today.

29: Heather Roy's Diary

Diabetes, Obesity and "lifestyle" diseases have been in the news a lot recently - the question being what action should government take to address these problems. I gave the following speech to the Human Nutrition Department, Otago University, ...

30: Deborah Coddington's Liberty Belle

In case you think I’m showing off, my electorate chairman and electorate organiser, she-who-must-be-obeyed, told me to write this Liberty Belle. She says it’s because she has lots of people asking her when they can hear me on the wireless. I think ...


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