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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 1 August 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Westpac's dodgy analysis driven by selfishness

Westpac's analysis of Labour's proposal to abolish interest on student loans appears to be self-interested, Education Minister Trevor Mallard said today.

2: Drink Spiking and Drug Assisted Sexual Assaults

As highlighted by the television programme Stakeout, aired Channel 3, 28 July 2005, increasing anecdotal evidence suggests that significant rates of drink spiking/drug assisted assaults are occurring in New Zealand.

3: Kelpie Wilson: Kill the Bill

If anything merits drawing the filibuster sword out of its sheath, it is the energy bill that came out of a House/Senate conference this week.

4: Public Address 01/08/05 - A Cornucopia Of Comment

Can anybody tell me some more about Telecom's decision to withdraw all its faster JetStream consumer plans - meaning that anyone who wants a 2Mbit service now faces a price rise from $79 a month to a "business" rate of between $249 and $299? I had ...

5: A Week Of It: Prebble's Departure,Crying and Shame

When Richard Prebble arrived in Parliament as a Labour Party MP thirty years ago he pointed out the gaps that existed between the wealthy and the poor in New Zealand to his parliamentary colleagues. Yesterday when Mr Prebble gave his valedictory speech ...

6: RNZ's Morning Report Hit by Strike

Industrial action has forced National Radio’s Morning Report programme off the air this morning.

7: LeFevre: The Atomic Bombings and America’s Soul

It is the lie that began the long decline to America’s loss of its soul. The people are still fed, and still swallow, the propaganda that began 60 years ago, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were leveled. As Time magazine echoed for the umpteenth time this week: ...

8: Young Gays At Increased Risk

Research by Otago University’s Christchurch School of Medicine and Health Sciences suggests that young people with a predominently homosexual orientation have significantly greater risk of developing mental health problems than their heterosexual counterparts.

9: BBC workers call foul over use as strike breakers

BBC journalists today condemned the use of their broadcasts by Radio New Zealand during industrial action.

10: Defence and New Zealand foreign policy

Address to the Australian Defence College visit Defence and New Zealand foreign policy Hon Phil Goff Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tradeto the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, Victoria University, Wellington, 9.15am, 1 August

11: Weissman: Exploring the Mind of a Racist Killer

Author's Note: In the early 1980s, my wife Anna and I investigated a racial killing in my hometown, Tampa, Florida. This is the story, which I recently rewrote for a new book-in-progress, And Then You Die: True Stories, Take Two.

12: Poll Watch: Star Times Confirms Labour On The Rise

The weekend's Sunday Star-Times BRC poll has confirmed support for Labour is on the rise while the National-New Zealand First voting block is becoming less favoured. The Star-Times reported that its poll of 781 voters showed Labour up three points ...

13: Politico-Economics Of Royal Coup In Nepal

As democracy spurs, the monarchs in Nepal get up in arms, which is evidenced by two royal coups in past 50 years. The first royal coup of 1960 orchestrated by the king Mahendra father of present king not only lasted for thirty years but also resulted ...

14: Great news for breast cancer patients

Early-stage breast cancer patients who are intolerant to tamoxifen have received great news with the announcement that Pharmac will increase funding of aromatase inhibitors such as Arimidex® from August 1. Pharmac also announced a review of the ...

15: Pringle: TeenScreen - Another Gross Distortion

Here's another gross distortion of the truth by TeenScreen. On its web site, in response to the question, is TeenScreen related to TMAP, the Texas Medication Algorithm Project? It says: “No. ... Some Web postings inappropriately and inaccurately claim ...

16: No cash windfall in student loan policy

Many students and their families wrongly believe Labour’s student loan policy means a cash windfall for them if they vote Labour, says National’s Education spokesman, Bill English.

17: Supreme Hairdresser Crowned

New Zealand’s top hairdresser has been announced amidst a summit of glamour, style and fashion in Auckland last night (July 30).

18: U.S. Govt. Officials Routinely Rewarded for Lying

Officials Routinely Rewarded for Lying and Punished for Telling the Truth

19: Election Bribes, Power Greenouts & the Nat Pack

This week: 1. Running the Rule over the Nats 2. No Power 3. Election Bribes for Students

20: Labour resorts to blatant lies in desperation

Labour has become so desperate to hang on to power that it has resorted to telling lies about National’s policies, says National’s Outdoor Recreation spokesman, Nick Smith.

21: Coingate, Voinovich, The Mob & The 2004 Election

COLUMBUS -- New charges filed against Ohio Governor Bob Taft's former top aide have blazed a new trail between "Coingate" and the GOP theft of the 2004 presidential election.

22: Cuba Transition Coordinator Caleb McCarry

MODERATOR: Thank you very much for that very warm welcome. And I actually should be extending to you, ladies and gentlemen, our friends and colleagues a welcome here to the State Department to the Harry S. Truman Room -- Building in the Treaty Room. ...

23: Stateside with Rosalea: Sending Out An SOS

To all those readers who take the Boy Scouts of America and their Commander in Chief seriously: What follows is a parody, so you might want to leave before you get offended. But as a special gift, just for reading this far, here is a photo from the U.S. Army ...

24: Evelyn Pringle: Autism - Cut The Crap

In their public statements, officials within the FDA and CDC, are always claiming that researchers and scientists who conduct studies, not funded by drug companies or the government, are making unfounded claims about a link between thimerosal-laced ...

25: Public Address 29/7/5 - Stories Now Safe To Tell

My old friends Children's Hour are back together and playing a gig at the King's Arms tonight, to celebrate the release of Looking for the Sun, a collection of live recordings retrieved and fixed up by Rob Mayes of Failsafe Records...

26: National wants to start charging for hunting

The National Party wants to start charging New Zealanders for the right to go hunting on public conservation lands, Conservation Minister Chris Carter said today.

27: ACT's The Letter 1 August 2005

The election date is announced. Parliament finishes on Wednesday. The polls all show Labour back in front. Labour announced interest free student loans. The Governor of the Reserve Bank predicts inflation will be over 3%.

28: Maori Party Wants Answers on Genographic Project

The Maori Party today is asking questions of the Genographic Project, a huge project in which DNA samples will be extracted from 100,000 indigenous volunteers.

29: How is letting Zaoui's family in a security risk?

Allowing the Zaoui family to reunite in New Zealand is hardly a security problem, the Green Party's Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

30: John Chuckman: The Dumbest Story Ever Written

Devoted to human freedom, you must embrace even the freedom to express stupidity. So I can happily report that a week ago at this writing Thomas Friedman struck a mighty blow for freedom with one of the dumbest columns he has ever written, "Giving ...


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