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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 4 August 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: P Buchanan: Scaremongering In The Political Gutter

Unsubstantiated allegations by Winston Peters that there is an extremist hydra residing within the New Zealand Muslim community, coupled with equally vague claims by a foreign security expert that there are at least ten Islamic militant groups operating here, ...

2: National Releases Notes On Nuclear Policy

Today National Party Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee released the notes held by Dr Lockwood Smith in relation to an informal meeting Dr Smith had with US Senators 18 months ago.

3: Mark Crispin Miller: None Dare Call It Stolen

Harper's Magazine: None dare call it stolen - Ohio, the election, and America's servile press - by Mark Crispin Miller, summarized by Mary Anne Saucier, Columbus, Ohio - July 24, 2005

4: Nats' 'born to rule' attitude re-surfaces

United Future leader Peter Dunne said today the National Party appears to believe it will govern the country on its own after the election, judging by the latest hysterical outburst from its so-called families spokeswoman, Judith Collins.

5: Public Address 04/08/05 - Scandal Sheet!

While volleys fly back and forth over what Lockwood Smith really said to the American senators about the nuclear ships band, I've been surprised that more hasn't been said about the predicament of the MFAT official involved...

6: Transcript: MFAT Cable Regarding Dr Lockwood Smith

Scoop Transcript: Document tabled August 2 By Phil Goff regarding Lockwood Smith's alleged comments to United States officials in January 2004.

7: Trans Tasman Bonanza – Pacific Blue $39* Fares

Virgin Blue’s international airline Pacific Blue^ will offer thousands of $39* fares for flights between New Zealand and Australia and has welcomed the impending arrival of yet another player into the Trans Tasman market.

8: 60 Years: Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bomb Exhibition

August 6 and 9 mark the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Over 200,000 people died immediately or soon after the 1945 bombings – thousands of Hibakusha (radiation victims) died of leukemia and cancer in the years ...

9: L. Hood: That Nice Mr Peters' War on Intolerence

Our Western society has a tradition of mutual tolerance and free speech going all the way back to Torquemada and Joseph McCarthy. That's why, when people from other cultures who don't understand our tolerant traditions join our tolerant and accepting ...

10: Economists getting it wrong on loans for years

A report released today by Treasury forecasting the take-up of student loans following the introduction of the no-interest-while-studying policy shows just how inaccurate forecasting of behaviour can be, Education Minister Trevor Mallard said.

11: Don Brash and the “Strategic Deficit”

“Strategic deficit” refers to a political technique used by President Ronald Reagan and his new right budget director, David Stockman to downsize the state. First, you give massive tax cuts which in succeeding years leads to huge budget deficits and ...

12: Hurtful Comments Cause Pain to Minorities

Firstly, we would like to point out to Mr. Milne that comments made by him over the last 12 months in particular where he labels homosexuals as evil, sick, troubled and in need of ‘curing’ go a long way to showing why the study conducted by the Christchurch ...

13: Pledge No 4: Treaty settlements

Prime Minister Helen Clark said today that Labour’s election pledge card would include a policy for all historical Treaty claims to be lodged by 1 September 2008, with the aim of settling all claims by 2020.

14: Mark Drolette: Nukes And Dolts And Us! Oh, Why?

I should know better than to talk politics with my Republican brother-in-law, Dolton. But since he’s married to my sister, it’s hard to avoid sometimes, like the other morning when I was helping them move into their new apartment.

15: Hyundai SUVs rule in resale value

That new 4WD may look cheap on the showroom floor, but what about its re-sale value in a few years?

16: What About Those With Their Noses In The Trough?

Deadlines Only Part Of The Solution - What About Those With Their Noses In The Trough?

17: Christchurch Welcomes Jetstar Boost

Christchurch & Canterbury Marketing (CCM) says the arrival of Jetstar’s new trans-Tasman service, announced today, offers a further boost for Christchurch as a top Australian visitor destination.

18: AUS Tertiary Update

Strikes to hit universities, more foreshadowed Strike action will proceed on Thursday 4 August at five universities, with widespread disruption planned to occur at Auckland, Waikato, Victoria, Canterbury and Lincoln. More than 5,000 academic and general staff ...

19: Scoop Video: PM's Post-Cabinet Press Conference

Scoop Video: PM Helen Clark, post-cabinet press conference August 1 2005. Helen Clark discussed the speeding motorcade issue, and faced a series of questions regarding coalition deals and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ accusations that dangerous ...

20: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 2 August 2005

Questions to Ministers1. Prime Minister—Motorcade 2. Student Loans—Cost of Interest-free Policy 3. Terrorist Groups—New Zealand 4. Student Loans—Cost of Interest-free Policy 5. Nuclear-free Policy—Reports

21: US Leaving Iraq? - It's Still the Politics, Stupid

As we've learned over the past four-plus years, no matter what the spin justifications employed by Bush&Co. spokesmen -- terrorism, national-security, freedom's on the march -- it's usually the politics, stupid.

22: Treaty claims: no end in sight under Labour

National Party Leader Don Brash has described Labour’s Treaty deadline policy as “a victory of spin over substance” and “a pale imitation” of National’s policy.

23: Stirling Newberry: New Politicking in Ohio

When Representative Rob Portman resigned his seat in Congress to become a US trade representative, it seemed like the safest possible move: shore up the key state of Ohio for the Republicans, and promote a reliably reactionary member of the Republican ...

24: Parliament’s last Act Sabotages RMA

Changes to the Resource Management Act passed in Parliament last night put the interests of industry and state owned enterprises above the environmental concerns of mainstream New Zealanders.

25: Christians and Jews Deplore Peters Statement

The New Zealand Council of Christians and Jews greatly regrets the remarks made by the Leader of New Zealand First, which call into question the integrity of the Muslim Community of this country.

26: Transtasman Political Letter – 4th August 2005

So it was going to be a yo-yo election campaign, National in front, then Labour, but it’s Labour detonating the bombs…As the smoke clears, it’s not just National looking a bit charred

27: William Rivers Pitt: Something to Choke On, Again

There have been two bad moments looming over the horizon for the last couple of weeks. One is still in the offing, and a lot of people who have been watching and working the details should prepare themselves for the ram. The other went down this ...

28: National to send out a million 'Taxathon' pamphlet

The National Party is putting tax back on the election agenda over the next week with the delivery of nearly a million 'Taxathon' pamphlets to mailboxes throughout the country.

29: National's back down on defence disappointing

ACT Leader Rodney Hide said today New Zealanders would be very disappointed that the National Party was adopting Helen Clark's policy of no combat air wing.

30: Anderton: Maori & the sustainable energy business

Maori are making a strong contribution to lifting our energy production - that's good for both Maori and New Zealand. Thursday 4 August Wairakei Resort TaupoChair Derek Fox Fellow speakers from Energy Companies, Crown Agencies, Research Institutes, ...


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