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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 9 August 2005

Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 9 August 2005


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

Dates: 10/Aug/2005 1: Is Peters Being Used As A Pawn in Al-Qaeda's Game?

Former U.S. security adviser, Paul Buchanan, Director of the Working Group on Alternative Security Perspectives at Auckland University, claims NZ First leader Winston Peters may be being used to cultivate distrust and unconsciously advance an extremist agenda.

2: 60 Years: Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bomb Exhibition

August 6 and 9 mark the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Over 200,000 people died immediately or soon after the 1945 bombings – thousands of Hibakusha (radiation victims) died of leukemia and cancer in the years ...

3: Labour: National plans SOE sales

Prime Minister Helen Clark today warned of the National Party's hidden agenda for privatisation, as new election billboards carrying a similar message were unveiled.

4: Time for manufacturers to go on a war footing

Thank you for inviting me to be the guest speaker at your 126th AGM this evening. I appreciate the honour of addressing such a prestigious business audience.

5: Brash: A responsible middle course

Ladies and gentlemen, in the very last speech which Helen Clark made in Parliament as Leader of the Opposition she said she was "not prepared to stand back and see the best and brightest of New Zealanders leave this country, taking their ideas and ...

6: William "Molly" Malone's Life Celebrated In A Song

On 8 August 2005 the NZ Government and people are to formally honour Lt. Col. William "Molly" Malone by the extraordinary act of unveiling a Commemorative Plaque in the Grand Hall at Parliament Buildings; Exactly 90 years (to the day) after his death ...

7: Mark Crispin Miller: None Dare Call It Stolen

Harper's Magazine: None dare call it stolen - Ohio, the election, and America's servile press - by Mark Crispin Miller, summarized by Mary Anne Saucier, Columbus, Ohio - July 24, 2005

8: Workplace project launched to help upskilling

A new workplace project aimed at upskilling employees and helping them gain qualifications was launched today by Education Minister Trevor Mallard.

9: Settlement support for migrants and refugees

Work is underway to help migrants and refugees access information and support services to help them settle in New Zealand more easily.

10: PUBLIC ADDRESS 09/08: With Grace and Good Humour

The final Paul Holmes show on Prime last night led with Nick Smith MP wittering on about dog kennels. An hour later, Campbell Live devoted an entire show to what might be the last televised interview that David Lange will do...

11: Cop Watchers Set To Spy On Police

Scoop Report: The Police commissioner plans to set up a covert operation that would spy on officers and subject them to random drug tests in a bid to restore public confidence.

12: William Rivers Pitt: Every Mother's Son

George W. Bush hauled stakes for Texas and a vacation a few days ago. Cindy Sheehan followed. She got off a bus Saturday afternoon and started walking to the Crawford ranch. She wanted some answers and was going to get them.

13: Upton-on-line: Identity Edition

In (yet another) national identity edition, upton-on-line explores some of the questions raised recently by Colin James in an address entitled Four Million People in Search of an Idea.

14: SSRI Protest - Activists Fed Up With FDA

Activists who are fed up with waiting for the FDA to take proper action to protect the public from dangerous psychotropic drugs, are holding a 3 day rally in front of White House to condemn the FDA's failure to act on the matter.

15: George Bush Knows Why They Hate Us

Why do they hate us? President George Bush posed this question to the American public shortly after 9/11. It is a strong affirmation of the power of propaganda that some Americans still pose this as a serious question, and are legitimately dumb-founded ...

16: COHA: Washingtn Short-Sighted toward Latin America

• Neighborly relations have been neglected far too long, making the U.S. an increasingly isolated nation among Western Hemisphere states. Assistant Secretary of State, Roger F. Noriega’s departure is unlikely to shift the situation.

17: National doggedly persists with code myth

The only thing more reprehensible than telling a lie is perpetuating one, says Associate Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor.

18: Robertson Declares Fatwah On Scotus

Americans watched in amazement yesterday when there appeard on their television screens the image of the High Mullah of the American religious extremists, Rev. Pat Robertson himself, as he prayed earnestly for more vacancies on the Supreme Court, presumably ...

19: 95bFM WIRE Today: With Russell Brown 12 - 2pm

Today on The Wire: 12:00 bFM News, Weather & Surf - 12:15 AUSA Report with Greg Langton - 12.30 Wilson da Silva, editor of the new Aussie-based science mag Cosmos, is in - 1:00 Finlay Macdonald talks about the making of the David Lange book...

20: McCully’s Claims Nonsense

Finance Minister Michael Cullen today dismissed as complete tosh claims by Murray McCully that the government had behaved in any way inappropriately regarding the release of the Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Update.

21: Scoop Video: Prime Minister’s Post-Cabinet Presser

Scoop Media Video On Demand: Prime Minister Helen Clark, post-cabinet press conference August 8 2005. Helen Clark discussed the erosion of small party poll percentages and TV3 cutting their leaders from its election leader debates, the National Party’s ...

22: National stoops to new low in refugee bashing

The National Party's new immigration policy is refugee bashing, Green Party Human Rights Spokesperson Keith Locke says.

23: Mediacom Digest Examines Holmes Demise

The end, when it came, was mercifully short. Terminal ratings decline and an absence of credible alternative timeslots left Prime Television little choice but to cancel the Holmes show. The wonder, perhaps, was that it lasted as long as it did - especially ...

24: 20 New Republican Ideas

Every day some Republican or so-called independent stands up and says something to the effect that Democrats don't have any new ideas. What a load of horse manure. They must think that if they keep saying the same thing over and over again that ...

25: PM Presser: Foreign Policy Difference's Clarified

Yesterday at the post-cabinet press conference the Prime Minister disputed Gerry Brownlee's assertion last week that "there is practically no difference between National and Labour on foreign policy." The Prime Minister considered National's Deputy leaders ...

26: Gearing up for national elections!

In less than six months--probably February, 2006--Solomon Islanders vote in a new parliament. Present day members, however, are anxiously gearing themselves up for re-election. They're using an old fashioned method--create a new party--as usual, ...

27: Head down or heroic journey?

National Party Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee says many New Zealanders will be wondering how Helen Clark knew her high speed dash in the South Island was an 'heroic journey' if she really kept her head down.

28: Prime Minister reckless with the truth again

Labour's claims of SOE sales plans by National are a complete invention by the Prime Minister - another attempt to divert attention from the speeding motorcade court case which casts her in a very bad light, says National Party Deputy Leader Gerry ...

29: Clean the dog dish daily, says nanny state Labour

New regulations stating that dog owners must clean their dog's dish every day and dry it with a disposable paper towel show Labour's nanny state policies have no limit, says National's Local Government spokesman, Nick Smith.

30: Yasser Abu Moailek's Letter From Gaza

Three Years On, Israeli Soldiers Still Occupy Gaza Family's Home - For Nafez Abu Nahyeh, the imminent Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is his only chance at regaining his former normal life, one in which he did not have to share his home ...

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