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Scoop Feedback: Christmas Leftovers

Scoop Feedback: Christmas Leftovers

The following is a selection of feedback and other unsolicited email received by Scoop recently. The opinions they contain do not necessarily reflect those of Scoop.

They do not appear in any particular order.

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The Bush administration simply cannot answer this one question: If time was of the essence, why didn't they conduct the searches and get the warrants after the fact -- something that is allowed under the FISA law?

General Hayden said that they didn't get the retroactive warrants because it involved "paperwork" and "making arguments." Let's swiftly debunk each of these lame arguments:

1) "Paperwork" -- Suggests concern for expediency. But this wouldn't have been an issue, as they could have performed the search immediately and later sought retroactive warrants.

2) "Making arguments" -- Suggests a fear that the court would deny the warrant. But the court has refused only 5 to 15 of 19,000 warrants that have ever been requested. The only reason the court would refuse a warrant in post-9/11 America is if the warrant were for something outrageous (such as, oh I don't know, spying on an American elected official or an American journalist). The administration knew that its request was a pretty outrageous one if it was afraid the Potemkin court would say deny it.

There is no answer to this question, short of the administration's simply wanting to defy the law.

K. McClafferty

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[Re: Film Review: The Last Assyrians (Les Derniers Assyriens)]

In her movie review about "The Last Assyrians" Sonia Nettnin presented Assyrians as Chaldo- Assyrians which is not correct.

Who are the Assyrians and who are the Chaldeans and Syrians(referred to them in this article as "Syriac").

The "Chaldeans" are Assyrians followers of the Roman Catholic Church and the Syrians are also Assyrians followers of the Syrian Catholic or Orthodox Church.

So when Sonia Nettnin refers to Assyrians as Chaldo-Assyrians she is in fact talking about Roman Catholic Assyrians only while Assyrians are divided between many faiths such as the followers of the original Assyrians Apostolic Catholic Church Of the East, Evangelical Church, Presbyterian Church, etc..

While you can not find any group who identify them selves as Chaldeans to be member of the Evangelical Church or Presbyterian Church since simply the Name "Chaldean" means Catholic.

Syriac is not an Ethnic Name but the Language spoke by Assyrians. Followers of the Syrian Church are called Syrian.

As one Nation, Assyrians (followers of all Churches)speak Syriac language.

For more readings on this topic please read.
Chaldeans or Catholic Assyrians !

History of the Chaldean Church
A Confusion of Religion With Ethnicity

The Chaldeans, Facts and Fiction

Visit Nineveh On Line to learn more about
Assyrians from Assyrians.

History dose not forget nor forgives
Assyrians do

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[Re: Deadly violence in Sri Lanka must not derail peace ]

Reference your article:

"Deadly violence in Sri Lanka must not derail peace" Kofi Annan

By attacking the army and detonating claymore bombs which have resulted in the killing of several soldiers in the last few days the LTTE are attempting to provoke the Sinhala and Muslim people to commence ethnic violence. The Sri Lankan population has matured in the past few decades and ethnic violence in the South among the Sinhala people and the Muslims will not take place.

The handling of the LTTE is a task entrusted to the Sri Lankan Army, who are now a well trained professional force. They are capable of handling the current situation.

All over the country all the communities are living in harmony except in parts of the North and East. While containing the LTTE the Sri Lankan government is attempting to work out a political model where all the communities can live with security in any part of the country.

This is being given paramount importance by the new President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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[Re: Brash: white supremacist group ‘anti-Kiwi’]

Kia ora Don Brash

You might recall during the electoral campaign in which you described New Zealander's as either 'iwi' or 'kiwi'. Never mind the pain or hurt you caused many people, most of all we citizens of New Zealand who are of Maori descent. Somehow in your limited thinking you promoted the view that because we 'citizens' were less than being 'mainstream' or even a New Zealander, didn't justify us being embraced or referred to as being 'Kiwis'.

But during the electoral campign you posited that there is a place in New Zealand for these kinds of threatening, inflammatory actions, ergo: National condones violence and racial intolerance. Yes the idea that some people cannot have the same dept of feeling for this country becase of the color of their skin or their ethnic background is bigoted nonsense. No kidding!

Maybe, just maybe, if you had promoted ALL New Zealanders as New Zealanders who love their country could have won National the sought-after win.

And I could have, just could have, considered voting once again for National.


Chris Webster

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A lesbian couple was recently jailed for sexually violating another woman and assault.

Does this mean that women should be banned from sitting next to other women on planes?

Kristina Harrison


Re: King Kong Countdown ScoopTV On The Red Carpet

This is supposed to be alternative news?, the premier of a remake of a remake, boy have you people lost the plot, 150, 000 Iraqies MURDERED in an illegal war, and done by an administratoin that rigged 2 elections, Basically organised crime, and is using White Phosphorus, Napalm, Micro Nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, Thermobaric weapons, ''fuel air weapons'', and worse of all, Depleted Uranium, all illegal weapons, on civilians and as I said, if you organise to steal a country, and its economy, then carry it out, that is a crime...organised crime

It is estimated, 26 million Iraqies will die from radiation poisoning in the next 20 years, from an illegal war, what do you people report, some dumb remake of a remake, DUMB KONG, for dumb people, oh you can throw in just about every species of animal on EARTH,on the verge of extinction, how many Hollywood films do themes on this?, or the appalling disgusting attrocities going on in Iraq?

NONE, because the same arseholes that run the wars, run Dollywood.

Start waking up, and report what is real news, people are sick of this crap, and want the real news, not kids news.

You could really start on something ie CHEMTRAILS, that would be something that is a SCOOP..... news, instead of well..I dont know,what you call the premier of a remake of a remake.



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