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Scoop Top 30 Weekend Ratings - 27-29 January 2006


The Weekend's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Inquiry Into Bush War Crimes to Release Findings

The International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration met in New York City the weekend of January 20th through the 22nd to work towards fulfilling its mandate: "When the possibility of far-reaching ...

2: Five million people face daily terror in Uganda

As a high-level United Nations Security Council meeting today debates solutions to crises in Africa’s Great Lakes region, its first step must be to stop the deluge of weapons and protect civilians from attacks by armed groups, said international ...

3: A Statement from Jews Against Genocide

On January 19th we, a group of concerned Jews, spray painted the infamous Nazi slogan "Arbeit Macht Frie" ("Work Makes You Free") on a sign placed by the Israeli occupation authorities at the Kalandia checkpoint that read "The ...

4: Student jailed for sex abuse pictures

The jailing of a 22-year-old student for possessing and distributing pictures of children being sexually abused sends a strong warning to similar offenders of how society views their actions, Internal Affairs Deputy Secretary, Andrew Secker, said ...

5: Public Address 27/01/06 - Not Being Evil

I feel a tiny bit sorry for Google as it faces growing criticism over its decision to bend to a Chinese government demand to censor results in that country - or be simply shut out of China altogether - because it's hardly the first company to roll ...

6: And the Crowd Sang Waltzing Matilda

In a quiet West Australian suburban town that I visited shortly before Christmas, residents were appalled by a particularly vicious and shocking incident. A local woman had returned to her home to find her Christmas lights savagely vandalised. ...

7: Iraqi Group Releases New Video Of Harmeet Sooden

Aljazeera reports that kidnappers holding four Western peace activists hostage in Iraq, including Harmeet Sooden, have said they are giving US-led forces one final chance to free Iraqi prisoners or they would kill their hostages. In a new video ...

8: Cullen - Address to NZUSA Annual Conference

It is a pleasure for me to be here today to address your conference at the start of what will be an important year for tertiary education in New Zealand.

9: "Evidence? We Don’t Want Your Stinkin' Evidence!"

Like biologists with evolution and atmospheric scientists with global climate change, those who warn us that our elections have been stolen and will be stolen again must now be wondering, “just how much evidence must it take to make our case and to convince ...

10: Buzzflash Editorial: Thankyou Al Gore

What Would Happen if an American Politician Told the Truth and No Mainstream Media and Establishment Democrats Listened -- It Happened on Martin Luther King Day. Al Gore Was That Man.

11: Teen Sex And Drugs Don't Rock And Roll

Research by the Adolescent Health Research Group suggesting that Maori who engage in unsafe sexual behaviour at a young age are also unhappy at home and smoke pot comes as no surprise to New Zealand First.

12: What Are Those Ex MPs Up To Now?

During the movie Dead Poet's Society the inspiring teacher character, played by one time cocaine snorting funnyman Robin Williams, gets his class to listen to the voices of the past emanating from the old black and photos of former students hanging in ...

13: Reality Breaks Through With Axing of Carbon Tax

By Roger Kerr - Mr Kerr is the executive director of the New Zealand Business Roundtable.

14: Trade Me sharemarket proposal crazy

The Government should back off from letting people trade shares on the Trade Me website, says National Party Finance spokesman John Key.

15: Dapper SIS Head Seeks More Relaxing Times

Come 31 October 2006 dapper public servant Richard Woods will be able to really get stuck into enjoying classical music, skiiing and spending quality time with his wife and Labrador dog who have both travelled the world with him. The Brahms loving son ...

16: Forest methane scientists hose down media reports

The authors of a study which revealed for the first time that growing plants emit the greenhouse gas methane now say their work has been widely misinterpreted by many in the media.

17: Transtasman Political Letter – 26 Jan, 2006 Digest

It’s the economy, stupid ... The Govt is playing a hand now short of aces. Clark and Cullen are finding their reputations as competent economic managers being put to the test. Back from their summer break, they’re full of energy ... It’s Don Brash ...

18: Most will benefit from Working for Families

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne said today it won't be long before most New Zealand families will see the benefit of the changes to the Working for Families package.

19: First edition Of Of 'Pansyspeak'

Welcome to the first edition of Pansy Speak! The Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, begins on Sunday the 29th of January. This is the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar and also marks the beginning of the Korean New Year. It is a very ...

20: Report on Oxford Union 911 Meeting

The speakers were Annie Machon, David Shayler, ex-MI5 agents who were pretty sure 911 was an inside job, Ian Henshall co-author of 911 Revealed who gave a survey of the various theories and the missing evidence, and lecturer Bill Durodié in support ...

21: Happy Valley protesters to be applauded

Protestors who plan to indefinitely occupy a precious natural South Island valley in a bid to stop it being turned into an open cast coal mine have the full support of the Green Party.

22: Peters on Palestinian Elections

Peters on Palestinian Elections The election of Palestinian Islamic militant group Hamas to the Palestinian legislative council reflects the will of the Palestinian people and must be respected, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said today.

23: Anderton Answers Anti-drug Crusader's Call

"I want to assure all those in the community who fear the effects of dangerous drugs like “P” and the newer ones like party pills that I am, as the Minister responsible for drug policy committed to fighting all drugs that effect the health of our young ...

24: Sea Shepherd Crew Detained In South Africa

After seven weeks at sea opposing the Japanese whale killing, the Sea Shepherd flagship, 'Farley Mowat', arrived at Cape Town on Tuesday, 24th of January.

25: Abbas: Israelis Should not be Afraid of Democracy

RAMMALLAH, Palestine, January 26,2006 (IPC+Agencies) - -President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday evening that the Palestinian people are to go through a new stage following the end of casting polls to elect a new Palestinian legislative council.

26: In Memory of Specialist Doug Barber

A Soldier For Truth Has Fallen: In Memory of Specialist Doug Barber In Memory and Mourning of the Tragic Death of Douglas Barber

27: Sibel Edmonds Proof "War On Terror" Is A Lie

There are simply too many dots! I’m not kidding around here. I’ve been through a carton of marking pens and a case and a half of extra strength Excedrin following the trail from the Sibel Edmonds case to Plame to Libby to the NSA to the Whistleblowers ...

28: Why I Now Genuflect to Charles Krauthammer

An insightful reader recently informed me that "the world will always owe America a huge debt of gratitude for all the good things we have done”. As a vehement critic of many aspects of American society and politics in numerous essays on a variety ...

29: Newsworthy 27 January 2006 - No. 58

Those who administer our legal system are generally reluctant to accept that there are imperfections in our legal system. The reality is however, that it is a man-made system and that miscarriages of justice do occur.

30: Abbas Calls on Factions to Respect Elections

RAMALLAH, - President Mahmoud Abbas called Thursday on all the factions to behave in a responsible manner, adhere to law and order, and to accept the Palestinian people's choice in elections.

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