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FULL COVERAGE: Cartoon Caricature Controversy

FULL COVERAGE: Cartoon Caricature Fallout Controversy

Scoop Image: Tim Pankhurst &
Javed Khan.Audio: Pankhurst Apologises For Offending Muslims + Javed Khan IV - Tim Pankhurst: "They recognise the freedom of speech issues, but we also accept that that does not come without responsibilities. We have agreed to apologise for causing offence that we have, but we don't resile from that fact that we did published in the first place in the context where the reaction had become the story… "We have also agreed given the degree of offence that this has caused, to an extent that none of us had expected, that it would not be wise and we see no reason to reproduce those cartoons, …" Image: Tim Pankhurst & Javed Khan by Kevin List.
Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Javed Khan + Tim Pankhurst + Transcripts... Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: Pankhurst apologises for offending Muslims.
Scoop Audio.Scoop Audio: From Inside Pakistan, Jon Stephenson Reports On Cartoon Fallout

  • Human Rights Commission - Statement from media and religious representatives
  • NZ Govt - Chris Carter comments on publication of cartoons
  • NZ First - Calm Required Over Cartoon Chaos
  • Maori Party - Maori Party asks 'what's the joke?'
  • Scoop Image of Paul Buchanan by
Jason Dorday. Media: Prophet Muhammad Cartoons Depict More Than Culture-Clash - Paul Buchanan writes that the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad have raised the spectre of a deepening cultural clash between Islam and the West... The issue is one of pre-modern versus postmodern perspectives on life... One person’s blasphemy is another person’s parody. Image of Paul Buchanan by Jason Dorday. See... Paul Buchanan: The Politics of Cartoon Conflict MORE:

  • Te Mangaroa - The Press Has Always Been Racist
  • Edward Gay - A Question Of Ethics vs Publish And Be Damned
  • Graphic by Lyndon
HoodSatire: When Humpty Dumps With Riotous Applause - Lyndon Hood satirises… Outrage over cartoons which first appeared in Scandinavia, some of which are offensively critical of the whole idea of opening hard-boiled eggs at the wide end, is spreading into riots, violence and trade disputes worldwide. Some believe this event may have brought the clash between Big- and Little- Endian egg-opening to a head. See... Rage Over Round-Ended Egg Opening Escalates

    Russell Brown on Kiwi Tolerance - Apparently our local imams have called for amputations and executions of errant cartoonists and publishers. Well, that's what it says in the New York Times anyway: "From Gaza to Auckland, imams have demanded execution or amputations for the cartoonists and their publishers." Guess it must be true, then … See... Public Address 09/02/06 - Is It Because I Is White

  • Stuart Pethick: The Freedom Of Expression Defence Is Questionable
  • Meditations: Cartoons and Collective Consciousness
  • Islamists attack Danish and Norwegian embassies in Tehran over cartoons - An angry crowd, composed by 300 Bassij Para-military force's members and fanatic Islamists, threw Molotov cocktails and pieces of rocks at the Danish embassy in Tehran for the second consecutive day. Earlier, the Norwegian embassy was attacked with pieces of stones. These new fanatical actions took place following the yesterday attacks, made by the same small and organized crowd, against the Danish and Austrian embassies in the Iranian capital. See... Tehran: attack on Danish & Norwegian embassies

  • Militiamen's brutality leads to clashes, N. Tehran
  • Fiji Newspaper Under Fire For Publishing Cartoons
  • Statement Against Cartoons
  • Gregory Fortuin on Cartoons and Drawing Lessons - There is no such thing as an unbiased view. Our opinions are mostly formed by our values, our experiences and our exposures. I am unashamed of my faith in God and my often stumbling desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. This belief system informs my opinion. See... Gregory Fortuin: Cartoons – 5 Lessons To Draw ALSO:

  • John Chuckman: Cartoons And Bombs
  • Indonesia: Editor of Peta Named Cartoon Suspect

    Ramzy Baroud on the Western media and the Muslim world - In Arab and Muslim media, few condoned the aggressive protests, embassy burnings and threats of violence awakened by the global cartoon campaign. Except of a few holier-than-thou Arab and Muslim journalists, however, there seemed to be consensus among most commentators that both appreciate the enormity – and harm- of the inherent anti-Muslim bias in Western societies and acknowledged the need to respond to such vilification of Muslims and Arabs on a collective level, even if it includes modes of pressure and muscle flexing. See... Ramzy Baroud: Cartoon Awakening: A Positive Media Strategy

  • Meditations: Cartoons and Human Consciousness (II)
  • Cartoon Issue: Is It A Freedom Of Expression?
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