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Kamala Sarup; The Tangibles of Democracy

The Tangibles of Democracy

Kamala Sarup

Much confusion here between words and the tangibles they represent, and between Economy and Democracy.

Words are symbols for other abstractions and for tangibles, e.g. existing Economy and Democracy. As symbols for tangibles, some words can be least abstract, i.e., the symbol for the economy now in our wallet, more abstract, i.e., the symbol for the economy located in our country, i.e., a symbol for the economy and democracy discussed in a book on the history of its use. In all of the above examples, the word "economy and democracy" is a symbol representing a tangible called "economy and democracy". Replace "economy" by "democracy" results in the same analysis.

The tangible, "economy and democracy" are the goods and services that a person can command for his/her use. Our house, our factory, and the work of our gardener and our factory workers are examples of economy. The tangible, "economy" is the paper and coin that gives a person access to wealth. From an economist's viewpoint, money is not wealth. Money gives access to wealth. If war goes on increased national debt means that either future generations will have to pay or foreigners who own the debt will have more influence on economy and democracy.

It is true, one can point out millions of causes leading to the democracy since the Big Bang, but the main divisive issue is economy. It divided the population for many years. There are divisions between abolitionists and proslavery advocates. Nation's Rights is just a cover for economy: the nation's righters want the Feds out of the poverty issue.

Are you saying the people being poor so much they fought to preserve it as an institution? As for the profitability of poverty, there is no doubt that it was profitable. How can an democracy survive without economic development? The issue of the democracy and economy are two viewpoints on the nation. Even economy is mentioned as a minor issue along with several other issues. You can not point to poverty only. We should realize that poverty is the issue at the war.

There are, of course, many others depending on one's point of view. The one common theme I see throughout these events is something I term the "Democracy and Economy" Simply put this doctrine holds that the Rich and the Powerful can do as they please without apparent consequence and are self-anointed as Leaders and Masters of this world.

The rest of us are "Disposable People". "Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than the war Disaster in the world where tens of thousands of poor and helpless Every citizens are left to die by an uncaring and clueless melange of governments. Those unfortunates typify Disposable People, human refuse, not fit for the Rich and Powerful to concern themselves with. There is one little problem with this unbelievably arrogant attitude held by many of the world's Rich and Powerful. It is not true. It is the greatest of human conceits and illusions". John said.

Maintain the strong democracy and economy relationship. This is the key component. Lose that bond and you will see poverty that you have never dreamed of. The development of developing countries is not a zero-sum game despite some barnyard noises to the contrary. It is a vital sequential development to the entire world. Ignore developing world not allow developing world to develop properly.

Allow economic reforms to mature at its own pace, even if that takes 15 to 20 years. Economy, with proper assistance and supervision by older hands, quite able and capable. They are quietly and without fanfare effecting massive change on a global basis. Go with the flow of events and do not try to reverse Time. The applicable conversion is the human being's nature on a gradual basis. The wise will surely guide the less able to see that. I vote for Peace and Prosperity Worldwide with the caveat that many "Leaders" seem to like to play with the Levers of Power and then run away from the consequences. Lead, follow or simply get out of the way.


Kamala Sarup is an editor of

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