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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 20 February 2006



Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Bonus Joules: Heated Ups and Downs

I did find it a strange experience becoming a cartoon; even if it is a cartoon I drew myself some years ago. However there I was, living, being the cartoon. It felt a bit spooky and rather hilarious. The occasion: The NZ Association for Environmental ...

2: Mary Pitt: Talking to Bush Republicans

While sitting in the waiting room of our doctor's clinic, an old friend arrived, accompanied by her daughter, and we began to chat since we had not seen each other for a while. The daughter inquired as to whether we had "signed up" for the new prescription ...

3: William Rivers Pitt: The Enemy

They called it "Cyber Storm," and it was a war-game exercise run last week by the Department of Homeland Security. The war game had nothing to do with testing the security of our shipping ports, borders, infrastructure or airports. "Cyber Storm" ...

4: Scoop Link: The MP & The Schoolgirls In Nighties

Ian Wishart reports in Investigate Magazine: "Former pupils of Labour cabinet minister David Benson-Pope have told police he made 14 year old girls strip down to underwear and nighties and stand in the cold while he watched for up to an hour.

5: Haiti: President-elect René Préval congratulated

Applauding the Haitian people for their patience and continuing commitment to democracy, the United Nations Security Council today congratulated René Préval on his victory in the Caribbean country's recent presidential election.

6: A Week Of It: Donations, Redundancies, Bravehearts

In this week's A Week Of It: What's the state of those anonymous political campaign donations - Listener Makes Gordon Campbell redundant while those NBR-Types are doing fine thanks... & Scoop IV's foreign correspondent, Jon Stephenson...

7: Lightening Strikes Twice At Starbucks

Two Starbucks stores in Auckland were closed Saturday for two hours after a lightening strike by Starbucks workers.

8: Tokelau referendum does not produce a 2/3 majority

Tokelau referendum does not produce a two thirds majority in favour of a change of status

9: Snoop Dogg Gets Ready to Tour New Zealand

After months of growing speculation, Dainty Consolidated Entertainment is thrilled to announce the upcoming New Zealand tour of hip-hop kingpin SNOOP DOGG.

10: Good Day At the Cricket – Bad Day On The Couch

It was a scorching hot Saturday and what better way to spend it than heading down to Wellington's noble and rotund venue, the WestpacTrust stadium, to enjoy the spectacle of a one day cricket match.

11: UN ozone experts to meet in Central Otago

A high-powered scientific panel will be meeting in Alexandra later this week to consider the environmental effects of ozone depletion. The National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) is hosting the meeting of the United Nations Environment Programme ...

12: Can’t Get No Satisfaction - The Olympic Spectacle

Baron Pierre de Coubertin was 31 when he decided to revive the modern Olympic Games which had not been staged since about 400AD towards the end of the Roman era. He was a consummate rebel and an education reformer who had earlier refused to follow ...

13: Benson-Pope Says Nothing New In Wishart Article

Cabinet Minister, David Benson-Pope, has hit out at Investigate magazine saying the latest article supposedly exposing for the first time" information that he made girls stand outside in the cold in their nighties is sensationalist and "very selective".

14: International Firearms Safety Seminar

Laws and regulations differ by country, but the need for firearms safety is global. Firearms safety critically depends on the behavior of gun owners, regardless of where they live. Risk factors grow out of the particular circumstances of individuals in ...

15: Petrodollars and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation

Iran has been in the gun-sights of George W. Bush and his entourage from the moment that he was parachuted into the presidency in November 2000 by his father’s Supreme Court.

16: Evelyn Pringle: Poisoning In the Womb – SSRIs

New research has linked the use of SSRIs during pregnancy to a complication in newborns of a rare but life-threatening lung problem, according to this month's New England Journal of Medicine. Infants born to women who took the drugs in the second half ...

17: Economic Leverage as Tool to Fight IDF Occupation

FOR DECADES North American and European churches have composed countless, careful statements on the conflict in Palestine/Israel. They prayed for peace, passed resolutions, established missions on the ground, invested in institution-building for Palestinian ...

18: Symantec Security Response: OSX.Leap.A

Symantec Security Response has today identified a new worm that targets users of the Macintosh OSX. 10.4 operating system. Currently categorised as a Level 1 threat (on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being most severe), OSX.Leap.A is a worm with file ...

19: New Zealand's new coins introduced on 31 July 2006

The Reserve Bank announced today that New Zealand's new 50, 20 and 10 cent coins will be introduced on 31 July 2006. The new coins will be smaller and lighter than the existing coins. The coins will retain the same designs, and the 10 cent coin ...

20: Arts Fest Preview: Les Arts Sauts' Sara Sandqvist

There has been some consternation on the streets of Wellington over the appearance of a gigantic white dome on Waitangi Park.

21: Bill Berkowitz: Christian Right Eyes Canada

Paul Weyrich, widely considered one of the founding fathers of the modern conservative movement, is looking North these days with hopes that Prime Minister Stephen Harper's newly elected conservative government will transform the social and political landscape ...

22: W.D. Jenkins: Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Bush”

Admit it. You laughed and you stood up and clapped or you thrust your fist in the air saying “yes!” while you watched that funeral. One by one, they came to the front of the church and unleashed upon the Boy King a most brutal verbal beating. People ...

23: Liberia: UN now encourages refugees to return home

With the return of stability to Liberia, the United Nations refugee agency announced today it is now actively encouraging the return of about 160,000 refugees spread through Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone and elsewhere.

24: Bank Announces Home Loan Interest Rate Changes

The National Bank today announced changes in its Home Loan Fixed interest rates. This change, which takes effect Saturday, 18 February 2006, is as follows: the 21 month Home Loan Fixed interest rate will decrease from 8.15 % per annum to 7.95% ...

25: Stateside With Rosalea: Away With The Fairies

Having either mistaken my column last week for a lament or in order to punish me for my nyah-nyah, the Weather Fairy delivered the following to the Bay Area on Saturday:

26: Benson-Pope should resign or be sacked

National Party Welfare spokeswoman Judith Collins is repeating her call for David Benson-Pope to resign or be sacked over his handling of a police report into historical assault allegations.

27: TVNZ Appoints Programming Manager Digital Services

TVNZ is pleased to announce that Juliet Etherington has joined the Digital Services Unit as Programming Manager.

28: nzgirl does nothing, creates stir over BDO 'stunt'

Controversy has surrounded popular website over its 2006 Big Day Out stunt, even though no stunt was actually conducted. According to newspaper reports (NBR 17/2/06, NZ Herald 09/02/06, The Independent 01/02/06), nzgirl was involved ...

29: Govt calls for further dialogue on climate change

Ministers Jim Anderton and David Parker said today that the position taken by a number of forest industry associations over climate change policy dialogue was unfortunate.

30: The Letter – Monday, 20 February 2006

Labour's electoral over spending is now being investigated by the Police. The penalty is just a fine. Last week the issue got much more serious. The Speaker advised the Parliamentary Commission that she had referred complaints made during the election ...

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