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Attacks On Religious Faiths, Fatal For World Peace

Attacks On Religious Faiths, Fatal For World Peace

By Tanveer Jafri

All those who are deeply inclined towards spiritualism & religious faiths have hard belief that the soul that pleases GOD with its good deeds in its previous birth, gets the birth as a human being, as a reward of his those good deeds. It is also believed that among all the creatures on the earth, man is the most superior creation of GOD. If we look upon the achievements of human beings & their countless victories the above said sayings are well confirmed. Where as the man has made unimaginable & countless developments but at the same time for centuries he has shown itself as a cruel formation of the earth. History is full of human achievements & his cruelties, alike.

A few days back, there were bomb blasts in a pious & historic Hindu shrine, of 16th century, known as Sankatmochan temple in Varanasi (Kashi) in India. This inhuman & ghastly activity was done by keeping some explosives in a pressure cooker. It being Tuesday, a day known for its sacredness among the Hindus, there was a great rush in the temple. So as a result of this blast about 15 devotees were killed & about 120 were badly injured. The history of Sankatmochan temple is told as that the author of the main religious book of the Hindu religion “Ram Charit Manas (The Holy Ramayana)”, Goswami Tulsidas; himself moulded the statue of Lord Hanuman, set in this temple. It is also said that a big part of this holy book ‘Ramayana’ was written, while sitting in this historical temple. Obviously, it becomes natural that this ancient temple with so much religious peculiarities is connected with deep religious feelings of the Hindus. A matter of sorrow is that a human being did an inhuman & scornful deed & jostled the human feelings by his this action.

As is being seen that for centuries, the man has become an enemy of the man. On one side, man is achieving limitless achievements by his positive efforts; on the other side he has established new records in cruel & beastly fields. Now after killing the human beings, the man for his cruelty, is aiming at the great men, Gods & Goddesses & even Holy Scriptures & holy places. This was the 5th big occurrence in the last four years that can be called a direct terrible blow to the religious feelings of Indians. Previously, in March 2002, in the historic Raghunath Temple of Jammu, there was a terrorist attack that killed eight persons. Also, there was an attack on Shiv temple that was quite near to it, in which eleven persons including two terrorists were killed. After that, in 2002, the terrorists did their ghastly act in Akshardham Temple in Gujarat & killed 33 devotees. After that in 2005, the terrorists tried to make an unsuccessful attempt on the controversial Lord Rama’s Birth Place- Babri Mosque, in Ayodhya, but the security forces killed all the five terrorists before their reaching that controversial religious centre. So there was no damage to this holy place. Besides this, last year, in the month of November, on the eve of Diwali & Eid, the holy festivals of the Hindus & the Muslims, there were powerful blasts at three places in Delhi that caused a heavy loss of lives & property. This incident created a great tension in the city. Evidently, by doing such type of inhuman deeds these wolves in the disguise of human beings; want to spoil communal brotherhood & harmony in India.

This bloody & hateful game of husting the religious feelings are not being played in India only. Clearly, it looks that some powers are knowingly busy in disturbing the fraternity & peace in the world. These enemies of humanity are aiming at temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras, shrines & even the pictures & statues of the great religious men. The beginning of these attempts was in the Bam Province of Afghanistan when in 2001, the extremist ruling terrorists Taliban’s, blew the statues of Mahatma Buddha, who is considered the great apostle of world peace & the centre of devotion of the millions of Asians. This cruel attempt was done to disturb the world peace but the peace loving followers of this messenger of peace, following the advice of this messenger of peace didn’t react to this barbarous actions of the cruel Taliban’s but kept calm & gave a proof of their tolerance. After this event, on September 11, the terrorist made the most severe attack in America. As a result of this, American allied forces attacked Afghanistan & uprooted the rule of cruel Taliban’s. Certainly, it was the result of insulting ‘The Great Buddha’ & tolerance of the followers of ‘The Great Buddha’ that the Taliban’s had to bear, without delay.

A few days back, there was a strong attack on the historic Al Askari Mosque of Samara City in Iraq. Because of this attack, the main, gold covered tomb was completely destroyed. The mosque of Al Askari in Samara is a main part of the tomb of Imam Alhadi. Here, there are tombs of descendants of Prophet Mohammad, tenth & eleventh Imams of the Shiites. Although every Muslim considers this Shrine, sacred yet it has a peculiar importance for Shiites. A tomb of a main mosque in Samara was damaged by 2003 attack. This fresh attack on the tomb of Imam Al Askari was retaliated by Shia community by aiming at many mosques of Sunni community. The importance & sacredness of this holy place can be seen by the fact that on this occasion the government of Iraq kept national mourning for three days while the Shiites of Iraq kept mourning for one week. Now the question arise that if because for the struggle of power, the Shiites & the Sunnies are blood thirsty of one another then what harm has been done by these sacred shrines & mosques, which are considered as the “Home of God” to them? Similarly, in many South Asian countries, there are incidences of such like against churches. The churches that advise love, harmony, equality & brotherhood to human beings or Christ, has done what harm to the people having any thought that makes the people to undertake such actions against them? Attacks on mosques, attacks with fire arms on the people while praying, killing of religious leaders are common incidents in Pakistan. Sometimes, there is news of attacks on holy places Jews in Ghaza Patti & sometimes the controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammad are published in a newspaper of Denmark. In India too, sometimes, the communal harmony seems to be shattered because of December 6, 1992 incident in Ayodhya.

In all, all the above incidents prove that these incidents are carried on by the ill natured people, with the aim of inciting the religious feelings of the people so that people of one community may blast their anger balloons on the people of other community. Undoubtedly, the network of these terrorists is not limited to them who spread terror but there are their patrons who politicians are dressed in white but behind the curtains & play an important role when come out. The aim of these politicians is to spread violence by inciting the feelings of people, so that there is polarization on the basis of religion or sect on large scale. These scornful deeds are often adopted to soften their passage to throne.

Evidently, Christ, Mohammad, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Nanak, Moosa, Ali or all great men are neither heredity of any religion or sect nor their messages are limited for any one religion. All these great men incarnated on this earth for the welfare of humanity & not for the welfare of any one sect. So we the human beings have this moral responsibility to give regards to all those incarnations of all sects who embodied themselves in the human form on this earth. It is essential because if we wish our Gods or holy places to be revered, we shall have to pay reverence to Gods & holy places of the other faiths. If we so called human beings dare not so much or our fundamental religious education has checked & confirmed our thoughts to consider our own religion the best, then too we have no right to insult the faiths or damage the religious places of other religions. Not only in India but in the entire world & almost all the people of the world are bearing the pain of attacks on their religious faiths. At such times, all of us must show the tolerance & goodwill for each other so that the evil spirits & their politician patrons might not succeed in their nefarious actions.


(Author's Introduction)
- Writer Tanveer Jafri is a columnist in india related with more than 100 most popular daily news papers/portals in india and abroad.Almost, he writes in the field of communal harmony, world peace, anti communalism, anti terrorism, national integration, national & international politics etc.He is a devoted social activist for world peace, unity, integrity & brotherhood. He is also a member of Haryana Sahitya Academy & Haryana Urdu Academy (a state govt. bodies in India). More than 1000 articles of the author have been published in different newspapers, websites & newsportals throughout the world. He is also a recipient of so many awards in the field of Communal Harmony & other social activities.

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