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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 19 April 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Greg Palast: Loser Nation

America is a nation of losers. It's the best thing about us. We're the dregs, what the rest of the world barfed up and threw on our shores.

2: Some Palestinian reactions to the suicide bombing

5. Journalists, medical volunteers and bystanders targeted, Palestinian bystander shot in the neck by Israeli sniper

3: Rolling Stones Reviewed And Viewed

Coming up to the stadium, the usual tell-tale signs were there: over flowing rubbish bins, huge queues at the railway station fast food stands and a busker playing Stones tunes.

4: Port Union: Chch City Holdings needs reining in

The Maritime Union of New Zealand and Rail and Maritime Transport Union say an advertisement by Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL) in New Zealand newspapers today shows the business arm of the Christchurch City Council is "in over its head."

5: World's first notebook PC with HD DVD-ROM Drive

Auckland, 19 April 2006 - Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba) today continued its roll out of next generation HD DVD products by launching the world’s first notebook PC with an HD DVD-ROM drive, the Qosmio G30.

6: Dahr Jamail: The Ongoing War on Truth in Iraq

On Monday, April 17, my sources in Baghdad reported fierce fighting in the al-Adhamiya neighborhood of the capital city, as well as fighting in the al-Dora neighborhood. One source, who lives in the predominantly Sunni area of Adhamiya, had been telling ...

7: Chad: UN seeks to balance refugees with security

The United Nations refugee agency, which last week flew some of its staff out of Chad during clashes between Government and rebel forces, has no immediate plans for any further evacuation as continues its efforts to help some 200,000 Sudanese who ...

8: NZ delegation to meet Washington heavyweights

Tomorrow night’s opening of the US NZ Partnership Forum in Washington DC will be an unprecedented gathering of business, government and academic leaders from both counties, says NZ US Council Executive Director Stephen Jacobi. (Subs the opening ...

9: Bush and Cheney Directed Wilson-Plame Hit Squad

Now that we've spent millions of tax dollars on the CIA leak investigation, here’s a new bit of information that adds a whole new twist to the saga.

10: New Zealand Aviation Success Takes to the Air

Alpha Aviation – New Zealand’s newest aircraft manufacturer – has unveiled its first aircraft, fresh off the production line. The Alpha 160A two-seat aerobatic training aircraft took to the skies above Hamilton was put through its paces by veteran Australian ...

11: Brazil: Eldorado dos Carajás massacre 10 years on

On 17 April 1996, military police began clearing landless protesters from the PA-150 highway at Eldorado dos Carajás in the state of Pará. An hour later 19 people lay dead, many shot at close range; some hacked to death by the protesters’ own farm ...

12: Activists occupy Monsanto GE facility In France

Trebes, France 13th April 2006: Massive police presence as Greenpeace, Jose Bove from Faucheurs Volontaires and Confederation Paysanne occupied Monsanto's seed facility in Trebes, France. Over 75 activists have occupied the facility and are currently ...

13: Nicaragua - Why CAFTA Makes Things Worse

"...sometimes we buy an egg, but not very often because we are very poor..." he had walked with his two small children for over two hours in order to see the visiting paediatrician. The children wee underweight, their clothes threadbare.

14: Mark W. Bradley: Donald in Miscalculand

One day, when he was in the third grade, Donald Rumsfeld brought a bomb to school. He put it on the teacher’s desk. “Is it real?” she asked. “Maybe,” he replied.

15: Pastor John Hagee & Christians United For Israel

Charismatic televangelist Pastor John Hagee thinks that the Rev. Pat Robertson's suggestion that Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was payback from God for withdrawing from Gaza was "insensitive and unnecessary." But he nevertheless ...

16: Rasta Rangi Debuts On Maori Television

New Zealand’s newest cartoon character – RASTA RANGI – makes his debut on Maori Television on Monday April 24 at 8.00 PM.

17: Offshore petroleum industry commits to environment

Hon David Benson-Pope, MP Minister for the Environment Member of Parliament for Dunedin South

18: Call to Action: Australia banishes all boat people

A scandalous and brutal Bill has been proposed by the Howard government to block all access to Australia of all asylum seekers arriving by boat, both for processing their claims and for settlement if these claims prove true. We need a dozen Liberal ...

19: Tax regime is positive for the Managed Funds

The proposed new tax regime is positive for the Managed Funds industry. The nature of the proposed changes will expose a number of opportunities for industry participants.

20: About Iraq - Not So Fast Colin Powell

This week I read an article by Rorbert Sheer, that said Colin Powell now says that he and his department’s top experts never believed that Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat, but that Bush followed misleading advice from Dick Cheney and the CIA in ...

21: Bernard Weiner: Stop Us Before We Kill Again!

The essence of Bush&Co. strategy, from January 2001 to today, can be boiled down to this: We'll continue doing whatever we want to do until someone stops us.

22: Evelyn Pringle: Fosamax Does More Harm Than Good

The osteoporosis drug Fosamax has been on the market for a little over ten years now. Drug maker Merck promoted it heavily by selling women the fear of a disabling hip fracture and the necessity of regular bone-density tests. Merck's initial TV ...

23: Let Bosnia and Herzegovina stand on its own: envoy

Bosnia and Herzegovina, emerging from the devastation of inter-ethnic bloodshed, must now be allowed to take responsibility for its own political reforms and economic development while the international community clears up defined, outstanding issues, ...

24: The May Night Sky

May is a good month for observing the planets. All 5 major planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, are visible, although Mercury for only the first few days of the month.

25: Leopold: State Memo - '16 Words' Were False

Sixteen days before President Bush's January 28, 2003, State of the Union address in which he said that the US learned from British intelligence that Iraq had attempted to acquire uranium from Africa - an explosive claim that helped pave the way to war ...

26: Public Address 19/04/06 - A History Of Violence

Reader Andrew H directed me to this intriguing history of the car bomb, which apparently debuted in 1920, with a detonation on the corner of Wall and Broad streets, New York, targeting the J.P...

27: RSA Security Protects Online Identities & Assets

RSA Security Protects an Increasing Number of Online Identities and Digital Assets Worldwide in the First Quarter of 2006 More than 6,000 customers, including Barclays Bank, New Zealand Police and Wayi International Digital Entertainment, select RSA ...

28: Jason Leopold: Libby Filing - A Denial & a Mystery

Defense attorneys for I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby said in a court filing late Wednesday that the former chief of staff for Vice President Dick Cheney doesn't remember a conversation he had with a State Department official in June 2003 in which the official ...

29: Report: Standards for Teachers and Teacher Ed

Professional standards for teachers and teacher education can be ‘generic’ or ‘specified’. Generic standards are broad descriptors of teachers’ skills and knowledge. Specified standards attempt to define more precisely what is to be taught, what would count ...

30: Increase in beneficiaries claiming help for cars

National Party Welfare spokeswoman Judith Collins has released figures showing the number of beneficiaries receiving taxpayer-funded assistance for car repayments and running costs have rocketed under Labour.


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