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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 22-23 April 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Greg Palast: Loser Nation

America is a nation of losers. It's the best thing about us. We're the dregs, what the rest of the world barfed up and threw on our shores.

2: NZ Prime Minister out of the closet on Peak Oil

As the price of oil hangs at record heights, unmoving, like a pall threatening to choke economies and festering the sore that is inflation (October delivery contracts on the NYMEX are over US$75 a barrel), the cattle-class as well as the impotent media ...

3: Lyndon Hood: Defence Briefs

Goff Recieves Rumsfeld Handshake of Doom - ANZAC Solomons Forces Remembers WWI With Gas Attack - Iran in firing line for not having weapons of mass destruction

4: NSA Director William Odom Dissects Iraq Blunders

NSA Director Odom Dissects Iraq Blunders by Michael Hammerschlag April 16 -Providence RI Full Audio (realplayer)

5: Council to monitor dog chips on national database

Manukau City Council is putting systems in place to play its part when new laws requiring the microchipping of certain dogs begin in July.

6: Scoop Links: Vanity Fair & Rolling Stone vs Bush

George W. Bush's presidency appears headed for colossal historical disgrace. Barring a cataclysmic event on the order of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, after which the public might rally around the White House once again, there seems to be ...

7: Condoleezza Rice Speech & Q&A Session At CFR

SECRETARY RICE: Thank you very much. Thank you. Well, thank you very much, Lester, for that kind introduction and I also want to thank Marshall Bouton and everyone at the Council on Foreign Relations here in Chicago for inviting me to speak today.

8: Marc My Words: The 'nut-brigade' are at it again

In the rush to legislate on the few remaining liberties we have left, clearly some won't be satisfied until we reach the point where we dare not even venture to the toilet until an official spokesperson from the ministry of ablutions gives us the ...

9: Brash Speech: NZ-US Partnership Forum

Mr Chairman, distinguished guests - there are far too many here to run the risk of singling any of you out -may I first extend my warmest congratulations to the New Zealanders and Americans who have put this Forum together.

10: Cindy Sheehan: Welcome Home

"Go home," a Crawford neighbor of Camp Casey, her face deformed with rage, yelled at me as about 50 of us walked the four miles from Camp Casey I to Camp Casey II on Good Friday. We were re-enacting the Stations of the Cross. I was hauling a 12-pound ...

11: UAE: Massive abuses against migrant workers

Brussels: A new ICFTU report on core labour standards in United Arab Emirates deplores massive abuses committed against migrant workers who constitute about 95% of the working force in the private sector. The report has been prepared to coincide with ...

12: Cramdown, Stripdown, Lockdown Democracy In The USA

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) was passed on the heels of the Florida 2000 presidential election and its “hanging chad” problem. These ambiguous ballot chads riveted and frustrated the nation for a couple of months in late 2000. However, ...

13: Chernobyl still killing 20 years on

Brussels, (ICFTU Online): Belarus, Ukraine, Russia: Drawing from eyewitness accounts and analyses, ICFTU has published a new Trade Union World Briefing ( ) condemning the fact that 20 years after the fateful day of 26 April 1986, the biggest ...

14: Evidence Of Ballot Tampering In Warren County, OH

Free Press uncovers evidence of ballot tampering in Warren County, Ohio By Bob Fitrakis April 19, 2006 From:

15: Knowing Why Not To Bomb Iran Is Half the Battle

There are few people, if any, whom one should take more seriously than Martin Van Creveld. He has got both the knowledge and analytical skills to tackle the issue. As one of the world’s leading military analysts he has got a good track record. In ...

16: Maoist Takeover: Becoming A Reality

What most people had feared in their wildest dreams is now coming closer home. A total Maoist seize of the country seemed unimaginable but as they now adopt into action Chairman Mao's doctrine of "seizing the cities from the villages", ...

17: Trade unions successfully resist World Bank, IMF

Brussels: Amidst growing consensus within global civil society that the World Bank and the IMF do not address public concerns when demanding that governments implement major economic policy changes, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions ...

18: Plus SMS text messaging access throughout China

Plus SMS Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of NZAX listed Plus SMS Holdings Limited, has entered an agreement for the provision of international messaging services with Hong Kong based Citic Telecom 1616 Ltd, China’s leading provider of such services. ...

19: New Vehicle Industry is right behind Biofuels

The new vehicle industry is playing a major role in the biofuels conference currently being hosted by EECA (Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority). “We’re totally in support of the advancement of renewable energy as a source of vehicle fuel,” said ...

20: Heart disease deaths continue to decline

New Zealand is continuing to experience a decline in the risks of death from ischaemic heart disease (heart attacks and related conditions) since a peak in the late 1960s. This decline is occurring across almost all age groups in both men and women.

21: Militant Settlers Attack 79 Year Old Human Rights

1. Militant Settlers Attack 79 Year Old Human Rights Worker in Hebron 2. Apartheid ‘Closed Military Zone’ In Hebron 3. Stanford Daily: ‘Activists describe West Bank violence’ 4. Mansour’s Journal: Yesterday I was denied entry to my village Biddu

22: Chernobyl on road to recovery 20 years after

While commemorating the victims and vast damage caused by the Chernobyl, Ukraine nuclear disaster 20 years ago, a top United Nations development official has said that the region is embracing the right strategy for economic and social recovery.

23: DR Congo: ahead of elections UN sends peacekeepers

The vanguard of a new contingent of United Nations peacekeepers has arrived in embattled Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to boost security for forthcoming elections that it is hoped will cement the vast country’s transition ...

24: Workers put Mapp on 90-day warning

New Zealand’s largest trade union is putting National Party industrial relations spokesman Wayne Mapp on 90 days’ notice of mass industrial protest.

25: Public Address 21/04/06 - No N*Dity

No N*dity. No Violence. Unspeakable Obscenity. | Apr 21, 2006 01:43 Keith Ng: Everywhere. All the time. Usually late.

26: Will Human Rights Council Have Better Membership?

Human Rights Watch observed in April 2001 that countries with poor human rights records were seeking seats on the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (Commission) not to strengthen human rights but instead to protect themselves from criticism. ...

27: Communications Line Issue 29 - April 20 2006

The surge in audio and video content available online has caught many radio and television stations off guard, reports US media journal New Communications Review. ( ) Suddenly, people are downloading podcasts or video podcasts of the shows they like, ...

28: William Rivers Pitt: My Morning Song

The bar was mostly empty when I slipped onto my usual stool on Wednesday afternoon. The sun was out and a warm breeze blew through the city. Only a fool would be inside a dark saloon during such a beautiful day, I thought to myself as I took off my sunglasses. ...

29: Evelyn Pringle: Outing CIA Agent - Keep It Simple

For all intent and purposes, the special prosecutor's duty in the CIA leak case is straightforward. How the investigation ever got so complicated is beyond me. Mr Fitzgerald needs to keep it simple.

30: Same sex relationship not acceptable for Greens!

Women are excluded from running for the co-leadership of the Green Party today because the party’s constitution specifically states that the leadership must consist of a man and a woman. “The leadership policy is ironic from a party that has trumpeted ...


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