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Sarup: Politics Must Be Part Of The Solution

Politics Must Be Part Of The Solution

Kamala Sarup

It is a good news another big step was taken with the 3 month unilateral cease fire by Maoists. It will only hold if serious negotiations are undertaken to address the issues and fair solutions are found for everyone.

The whole population and the nation have been victimized by Maoists. Peace and stability must be ensured. The waves of violence and eruptive volatility must be brought to calmness of peaceful environment. The country needs unshakable stability, peace, and security. Benefits of peace and democracy must go to the people. Nepal must move together under the umbrella of national unity and national solidarity peace with true democracy. Non-violence and peace power can't be stopped if it's great and persistent enough. Our priority must be equity and justice for everyone, especially for those most in need. And we want it everywhere. The issues disputed may differ but the common theme is security and peace are lacking and must be redressed.

The UN is the international community and if all nations observed the Charter which is the supreme law of the land in every member country, there'd be no wars. Some rich countries flaunt all international law and that's why there's trouble.

I see only one solution to solving major problems around the world. Govts won't do it so the people must. If politics does not become part of the solution, it will motivate hate. Are we agree? Politics must be part of the solution as we need the right laws and a system of government. It is true, the government represents the rich and big business and ignores the needs of the people including in small countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Nepal, Haiti, loads in South America.

Nepal Deserve Democracy No Communism

Communism vs. democracy. There's no reason why they can't be one in the same. In a perfect world they would be. Democracy comes from the Greek and means rule by the people - or in the West by the representatives the people elect. The real comparison is communism or socialism vs. capitalism. Democracy, is a political governmental system. However, we cannot compare democracy political system with communism economic system. That would be like comparing oranges to apples, i.e., there is nothing common to compare.

Communists in Nepal are unable to bring a radical change in their systems of production and distribution. Their systems failed to achieve the desired economic progress in Nepal.

If we see, Anyway, the Russian Bolsheviks under the leadership of Lenin, having accepted the communist doctrine, established the first communist regime there in 1917. Some thirty-two years later the Chinese Communist Party, under the leadership Mao Tse Tung, took a similar step. These two countries, though different in certain ways, represented what communism stood for. When the communist parties came to power, both countries' economies were very much in shambles. But communism successfully turned that situation around. The fact that central planning transformed these distressed societies and put their economies on the right track was in itself a great achievement of communism.

However, having made that achievement, the system seemed to have stumbled. It couldn't keep the communist countries going and bring them the ultimate economic prosperity they yearned. So, after experimenting with the system for seventy-three years, Russia abandoned it. Professor Mahfuz R. Chowdhury stated In addition, communism was faced with extreme pressure from outside. From its inception the capitalist countries bitterly opposed communism and virtually dragged it into serious confrontations with them. Soon both groups became locked in proxy fights and were thrust into a situation known as the Cold War. Communism has failed to achieve efficiency, and capitalism has failed to achieve fairness. Now the big question is, why did communism's failure lead to its apparent end, but capitalism's failure didn't lead to its destruction?

However, a modern day capital system with democracy is trained to think like a freedom and wealth of people's life. It is a concept of the democracy and it grew out of an wider working areas that democracy existed. Most of people are merely claims of the Maoists system where as a nation may deny the very existence of freedom, development and seeks proof before accepting extraordinary claims.

We as a democratic do not have a belief that a Maoists economy exists with Nepali values and freedom. We therefore don't want to have Maoists communists system in Nepal.

Politically, democracy consists of the nations of freedoms. There are circumstances so offensive to the interests of some parties of a compact that will compel them to want out of it no matter what the democracy says or implies that is democracy. There are other parties to the compact who will want to compel these aggrieved communists parties to remain no matter what their grievances to satisfy their own interests. If the aggrieved parties are not allowed to leave peacefully, the result is war and arguing about democracy.


A Nepali journalist, Ms. Kamala Sarup is an editor of She has also been invited as a speaker at a number of peace and women conferences. She is specialising in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace Resolutions, Anti war, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, Development, Politics and HIV/AIDS. Some of her publications are: Women's Empowerment (Booklet,). Prevention of trafficking in women for prostitution through media, (Book) Efforts to Prevent Trafficking in Women & Girls - A Pre-Study for Media Activism Ms. Kamala Sarup has been nominated as Universal Peace Ambassador [2006] in the framework of the Universal Peace Ambassadors Circle, Geneva Switzerland.

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