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Scoop Top 30 Weekend Ratings - 6-7 April 2006


The Weekend's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: May Finance Newsletter

As expected the Reserve Bank didn’t increase the Official Cash Rate on the 27th of April. It remains at 7.25%. They say they can’t see any more rises - but don’t expect any drop this year.

2: Poor will feel greatest impact of climate change

Changes in weather patterns and extreme weather events due to climate change will have the greatest impact on the world's poorest people, the head of the of the leading scientific panel on the issue told the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development ...

3: Questions And Answers - Thursday, 4 May 2006

1. MARYAN STREET (Labour) to the Minister of Communications: What is the Government doing to make faster, cheaper broadband available to all New Zealanders?

4: Narconews: Subcomandante Marcos In Mexico City

Subcomandante Marcos and the Other Campaign caravan are getting closer to the concrete jungle of Mexico City, the center of the country's political power and home to a quarter of its citizens. On Wednesday, Marcos made a startling announcement from ...

5: M. Gary Hucul: The Tragedy of Iran

How did Iran arrive at the crossroads that it finds itself at today? Many Westerners believe Iran to be an angry anti-Western entity that for some unknown reason, took American's hostage in 1979 and has maintained a passionate hatred for America and ...

7: ISPANZ over the moon with govt broadband decision

The Internet Service Providers Association of New Zealand applauds the Government's bold steps in announcing local loop unbundling, unconstrained UBS and Naked DSL have all been approved.

8: NZ Climate Science Coalition Reply To Greenpeace

On May 1, Greenpeace released a press statement in which they discussed the formation of a new climate science organization in New Zealand, the New Zealand Climate Science Consortium.

9: Letter to Murray McCully re: Terence Arnold

I have just read the piece that you have posted on your website expressing strong and critical views about the performance of Terence Arnold during his tenure as Solicitor General and also his fitness to be appointed as a Judge of the Court of Appeal.

10: Please explain, Dr Brash

Labour is calling on National leader Don Brash to explain his meetings last year with the Exclusive Brethren following an admission that the Brethren wanted to brief the National leader on their smear campaign.

11: 5 May 2006 (#245) 5 May 2006 (#245) A Weekly Report from the Keyboard of Murray McCully MP for East Coast Bays

12: Morales Does the Unthinkable - Carries out Pledge

• Monday’s sudden nationalization of Bolivia’s natural gas industry was a carefully orchestrated maneuver that has profound significance and implications for Bolivia, Latin America, and the developing world • The scope of the nationalization program ...

13: Maurice Williamson Talks Local Loop Unbundling

National Party Spokesman for Communications & Information Technology Maurice Williamson believes there is no need for local loop unbundling and is concerned at the number of industry players trying to piggyback on Telecom without investing in their own ...

14: What Really Matters

Address to the National Party Canterbury-Westland Regional Conference The Spinnaker Conference Centre, Waikawa, Picton

15: Public Address 05/05/06 - Boing Boinged!

So we found out what happened to our US-based server yesterday - and although it was terribly inconvenient, now that I how cool the reason was, I really can't feel bad about it. We share a box with another CactusLab-hosted site, Misshapen Features, ...

16: The Sins Of Venezuelan President Chavez

The oil rich despots of Saudi Arabia , the Gulf States and Kazakhstan use the oil wealth of their people to enrich themselves and their ruling elites , set up Swiss bank accounts and in the case of the Royal Saud Family,.finance terrorism. Democratic ...

17: A Week of It: Climate Coalition and Other Stunts

This week saw the birth of an entirely new lobby group aimed at easing the public's fears about a climate change apocalypse. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition is a group of scientists who have nobly taken it upon themselves to make certain ...

18: Scoop Video: Algeria Amnesty & An Intel Turntable

The Inspector General of Intelligence and Security, Justice Paul Nazor, is preparing to review whether a security risk certificate lodged against Ahmed Zaoui. But how safe is Algeria, and should intelligence be used as evidence in a judicial matter?

19: Photo Essay: May Day In Cuba

Over the rise, and into the Plaza de la Revolucion …to where it all happens on 01 May …under Che's approving gaze... … when it's not obscured by the flags of workers from so many countries.

20: son: Lobbying Hitler's Legislature for Peace

There are now 37 Congress Members backing an investigation into grounds for impeachment related to the war. Rep. Hilda Solis has joined the list of cosponsors of House Resolution 635, introduced by Congressman John Conyers.

21: Unbundling Detail Must Heed Mobile Lessons

Econet Wireless New Zealand (EWNZ) has welcomed the decision to unbundle Telecom’s local loop, but has warned policy-makers not to make the same mistakes in implementation as occurred with mobile.

22: 36 US House Reps Want Bush Impeachment Probe

(APN) ATLANTA -- 36 US House Representatives have signed on as sponsors or co-sponsors of H. Res 635, which would create a Select Committee to look into the grounds for recommending President Bush's impeachment, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.

23: Madeleine Albright & Maurice Tempelsman Q&A

Secretary Albright's discussion of her morality & foreign policy book was immediately followed by two questions about her widely-rumored romantic relationship with diamond broker Maurice Tempelsman during the Clinton years, some say resulting in Tempelsman ...

24: Scoop Images: Suits Painted for Arts Open Weekend

Today Wellington pedestrians were encouraged to let out their creativity in poster paints on a pair of men's suits. The event was promoting The Learning Connexion's contribution to The Big Look-See .

25: Solomon Islands new govt happy with Taiwan for now

The newly elected prime minister of Solomon Islands, Manassseh Sogavare, says his administration has now immediate intention of switching diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to Beijing.

26: Chris Carter to visit Tuvalu to discuss whaling

Conservation Minister Chris Carter is to visit Tuvalu this weekend to discuss whaling issues ahead of this year's International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting.

27: USA: Amnesty Breifing To UN Torture Committee

This briefing includes further information on the implementation by the United States of America (USA) of its obligations under the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (Convention; UN Convention against ...

28: Taxing Times

For the past six years this Labour Government has gone around the country claiming credit for an economy that has, on average, grown at about 3.8 per cent.

29: Postal workers want 5% pay rise

Thousands of postal workers have today launched a campaign for a five per cent pay rise with a rally outside the Auckland Mail Centre.

30: Working Methods of Five New Zealand Photographers

This exhibition explores the photographic practice of Five New Zealand photographers and investigates the ways in which these unique individuals produce their work, and how creativity plays a role in each photographer’s photographic practice.


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