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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 9 May 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Hawaii Legislature Takes Steps to End War

The Hawaii State Senate has passed a resolution "CALLING UPON THE GOVERNOR OF HAWAII TO TAKE STEPS TO WITHDRAW THE HAWAII ARMY AND AIR NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS FROM IRAQ." The resolution is a thing of beauty, has been mailed to the Governor and the President, ...

2: May Finance Newsletter

As expected the Reserve Bank didn’t increase the Official Cash Rate on the 27th of April. It remains at 7.25%. They say they can’t see any more rises - but don’t expect any drop this year.

3: Marjorie Cohn: Bush Setting up Attack on Iran

Now that the mission - whatever it was - has not been accomplished in Iraq, Bush is setting up a potentially bigger disaster in Iran. Last month, Seymour Hersh revealed that the US military is making preparations for an attack on Iran. Recent events ...

4: The CIA, Cocaine One & Putting Planes in 'Suspense

In the two weeks since an American DC9 airliner was busted by Mexican troops at a small airport in the Yucatan, carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine packed neatly into 128 identical black suitcases (somewhat hilariously marked 'private') the search for ...

5: Chairs appointed to cultural and heritage boards

Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Helen Clark today announced the appointment of four new chairs of cultural and heritage boards: - John Judge as Chair of Te Papa Tongarewa Board for a 3-year term - Diana Fenwick as Chair of the New Zealand Symphony ...

6: Questions And Answers - Tuesday, 9 May 2006

1. Dr DON BRASH (Leader of the Opposition) to the Prime Minister: Does she have confidence in all her Ministers, in light of the leak last week of confidential Budget-related Cabinet papers that reportedly wiped $1.8 billion from the market value of Telecom ...

7: Cartwright Cambodian War Crimes Tribunal Judge

Government House today confirmed that the Governor-General Dame Silvia Cartwright has been appointed as a trial judge for the Cambodia War Crimes Tribunal.

8: Brash should come clean or resign

Government Minister Trevor Mallard called on National leader Don Brash to tell the truth about whether or not American strategists were involved in his election campaign in New Zealand last year - as he promoted in an email tabled in Parliament today.

9: Merrin Gallery In Italy's Antiquities Dragnet?

It is not totally surprising that New York antiquities dealer Ed Merrin appears to be caught in the dragnet of Italian prosecutors who are conducting a criminal trial in Rome, having already charged dealer Bob Hecht and former Getty Museum curator ...

10: 1820 Sheep die grazing GE cotton land

The latest studies on GE Cotton farming have raised grave concerns about the safety of GE cotton which is widely used in food as well as in clothing. A preliminary report released in late April has found that thousands of sheep died after grazing on land ...

11: A stellar Cast in Kiwi Horror Movie

The New Zealand feature film THE FERRYMAN commenced principal photography in Auckland, on 31 March and is well on track to wrap on Saturday 13 May. This official NZ/UK co-production is produced by key producing partners Matthew Metcalfe (Nemesis Game) ...

12: Wrongly Convicted, Almost Executed, Awarded $2.25M

Here's an article about yesterday's jury award of $2.25 million to Earl Washington , whom the state of Virginia came within days of killing for a crime he had been clumsily and obviously framed for. Washington is mentally retarded, poor, and black. ...

13: Use of Tactical Nukes Could Kill 100s Of 1000s

Between the Lines Q&A A weekly column featuring progressive viewpoints on national and international issues under-reported in mainstream media for release May 7, 2006

14: The Aftermath of Bolivia’s Gas Golpe

• The furor over Bolivia's dramatic nationalization of the country’s natural gas begins subside, but difficulties remain • At an emergency summit, Pink Tide leaders demonstrate their determination to contain the anger and disappointment: Morales ...

15: The FBI Busts Goss, Wilkes & GOP Spy Industry

In his column yesterday, Josh Marshall just hints at this, but a lot more is going to come out about the relationship of private intelligence and defense contractors and how the GOP has used them to carry out covert domestic political spying and all ...

16: Public Address 08/05/06 - "Not Being Straight-Up"

Another journalist provided me with a copy of this short, startling clip of Theresa Gattung explaining the incumbent telco business model: using "confusion" as a "marketing tool" to maintain prices and margins...

17: Rumsfeld's Bad Day In Atlanta

It just wasn't a good day for Rummy. He usually speaks only to "safe" audiences of carefully selected military personnel. But on May 4, he made the mistake of speaking to a public audience at the Southern Center of International Studies in Atlanta. ...

18: UQ Wire: 911 Table Scraps and Lies

With all due respect to Ms. Breitweiser, I believe we all know that there will be no information regarding 9/11 “flowing freely” to the American people. Not now anyway nor in the near future. Everyone needs to just focus on the fact that the “20th hijacker” ...

19: Larry Johnson: Why Did Goss Resign?

Yesterday's surprise announcement by Porter Goss comes on the heels of press stories that members of Congress received sexual favors from prostitutes allegedly procured by Brent Wilkes, an entrepreneur implicated in the bribery of Congressman Randy "Duke" ...

20: Assembly Vote Reflects Lack Of Consensus

In a divisive vote separating developed from developing countries, the United Nations General Assembly today passed a resolution that could effectively slow a series of bold reform proposals put forward by Secretary-General Kofi Annan to overhaul and ...

21: Cruel hen cages move closer to phase-out

Hens have now been given a better chance to live out their egg-laying lives within more humane conditions, Green Party MP Sue Kedgley said.

22: Public Address 09/05/06 - Everything Broadband

Well, the Theresa clip certainly caused some excitement yesterday: NZPA called, and Peter Nowak has a story on the front of the Herald's Business section. I now also know its provenance - it's from an analyst briefing in March which is archived on ...

23: PM Talks About Allegedly Boorish Behaviour

Initially the press gallery were intent on devouring the potential scandal of the leaked cabinet paper regarding the unbundling of the local loop. Halfway through the weekly verbal interaction between the Prime Minister and the gallery another ...

25: A Week of It: Climate Coalition and Other Stunts

This week saw the birth of an entirely new lobby group aimed at easing the public's fears about a climate change apocalypse. The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition is a group of scientists who have nobly taken it upon themselves to make certain ...

26: Police Taken to Court Over Protest Pepper Spraying

A court proceeding will be filed against the Police today at 3pm at the Auckland District Court over another pepper spray incident in response to the lack of a general inquiry into its misuse.

27: Lyndon Hood: Self-Publicising with the Politicians

With Rodney Hide's first appearance on Dancing with the Stars and Heather Roy joining the Territorials, we may see a wave of politicians finding tangential and questionable effective ways to promote themselves. Scoop brings you a few of the most likely possibilities:

28: Broadcast-quality science videos now on Web

The Hot Science video-website ( was launched today, providing New Zealanders with access to high-quality popular science television programming from all over the world at no cost and on a delivery schedule that suits them.

29: Undernews Goes Behind The Goss Gloss

Undernews: Behind The Goss Gloss - An extract from the daily Undernews newsletter compiled by Editor Sam Smith

30: "Vege" Car Impresses Mayor

He thought he might hear it coming. He didn't. He didn't smell it either, though he thought he might. What Rodney's mayor, John Law, was waiting for, and was pleasantly surprised by, was the arrival in Orewa last week of a 1993 Toyota Corona Salon powered ...


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