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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings – 15 June 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Scoop Image: Southern Snow From Outer Space

An image of the snowbound South Island taken from NASA's Modis Satellite yesterday. Click for big version (very big 1.7 megs)

2: Weather Update

Buses are no longer running up Dyer's Pass Road or through to the Sign of the Takahe. These bus services are terminating at Thorington Shops and Princess Margaret hospital respectively.

3: Salon, Mother Jones & the Tortured Dialogue

The prevailing silence on election fraud 2004 was interrupted June 1 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his article Was the 2004 Election Stolen? He argues clearly and forcefully that the 2004 election was stolen, basing his analysis and evidence on events and ...

4: Kamala Sarup: Politics Of Education

We need to wage war for good educational system to improve a peaceful political system. Also, how can we protect a detailed social system so we can work exactly for educational reforms system?. Radical reforms on education needed because that means educational ...

5: Kelpie Wilson: Monkey Business 2008

Is this what the 2008 presidential contest is going to look like? Last week, two media stories made me wonder. On Wednesday we were treated to a jaw-dropping Bill Frist puff piece by Washington Post writer Laura Blumenfield, who followed the politician ...

6: Scoop Image: South Isl. Snow Via Satellite (2)

An image of the snowbound South Island taken from NASA's Modis Satellite Tuesday. (The snow storm started Monday Morning.) For an earlier satellite image of the same storm see… Scoop Image: Southern Snow From Outer Space

7: Questions And Answers - Wednesday, 14 June 2006

1. Resource Management Act—Changes 2. Electricity Supply—Cabinet Policy Committee 3. Childcare—Grandparents 4. Electricity Supply—Government Policies 5. Treaty of Waitangi—Negotiations Question No. 6 to Minister

8: Pacific Island countries vulnerable to HIV spread

Noumea, New Caledonia, 14 June 2006—Rising numbers of sexually transmitted infections in Pacific Island countries threaten to spark the spread of HIV in the region, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) ...

9: Security treaty with Indonesia shouldn't be signed

Senator Nettle, today, called on the Federal Government to suspend plans for a new security treaty with Indonesia in light of continuing revelations of abuses in West Papua.

10: Condoleezza Rice: Southern Baptist Convention

Well, thank you. Thank you for that terrific welcome. Thank you, Bobby, for that kind introduction and let me also recognize Dr. Morris Chapman and Dr. Richard Land. I want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to be here in Greensboro ...

11: Free-to-air digital TV to begin roll-out

Government decisions announced today pave the way for free-to-air digital television to begin transmission during 2007, says Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey.

12: Weather forecasts for the weekend a concern

Weather forecasts for the weekend are a big concern for Civil defence authorities in the South Island. With many Canterbury communities still reeling from Monday’s snow storm, concerns are that more communities will be caught unawares. Canterbury’s ...

13: Pasifika students on the path to success

Adding true Pasifika zest to savvy new business ideas helped a group of students launch their studies with scholarships at Manukau Institute of Technology. Six bright Pasifika students, who won scholarships at the Plantation Business Challenge in September ...

14: Questions And Answers Thursday, 15 June 2006

1. Hon TONY RYALL (National—Bay of Plenty) to the Minister of Health: What reports, if any, has he received on the implications of Government policy for patients needing elective surgery?

15: Questions for Oral Answer: Thursday, 15 June

1. Hon TONY RYALL to the Minister of Health: What reports, if any, has he received on the implications of Government policy for patients needing elective surgery?

16: Will Major Media Finally Cover Election Fraud?

That the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen has become an article of faith for millions of mainstream Americans. But there has been barely a whiff of coverage in the major media about any problems with the electronic voting machines ...

17: Supercomputer Weather: Hurricane Alberto?

The Atlantic Hurricane season for 2006 is expected to be one of the worst ever. Last year's season was in fact the worst ever to date, and will be hard to beat, however, so far 2006 is shaping up as expected.

18: Questions And Answers Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Dr Don Brash: Does she have confidence in the security of power supply to the Auckland region; if not, what steps will she take, and when will she take them, so that she can express such confidence?

19: A NZ Security Review - Opportunities Lost

This study is a private investigation into the value for money offered by Vote Defence. It concludes that it should be possible to operate a defence force that is better equipped and more capable of responding to all likely emergencies than the one we ...

20: Jason Leopold: Sealed vs. Sealed

Four weeks ago, during the time when we reported that White House political adviser Karl Rove was indicted for crimes related to his role in the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson, the grand jury empanelled in the case returned an indictment ...

21: Public Address 15/06/06 - Digital Day

Freeview - a free-to-air digital TV platform modelled on the one of the same name in Britain - will be officially unveiled at Parliament at midday. I can't tell you exactly what will be said, but my column in this month's Unlimited covers most of ...

22: FBI’s Operation Backfire Unconstitutional, Lawyers

New York. The National Lawyers Guild condemns the FBI’s Operation Backfire “green scare” tactics as an unconstitutional abuse of authority. The FBI has engaged in an orchestrated campaign of issuing subpoenas to environmental activists, conducting ...

23: Tomgram : David Swanson On War Porn And Iraq

David Swanson On War Porn And Iraq Tomgram compiled and edited by Tom Engelhardt From:

24: Free-to-Air Digital TV - Questions and Answers

The key announcements today are that: New Zealand is to get free-to-air digital television beginning next year, to be delivered by a group of New Zealand's free-to-air broadcasters called Freeview Digital TV will be delivered by both satellite and terrestrial transmission, ...

25: Bernard Weiner: What Rove's Skate May Mean

The 24-hour-news cycle bit me. You see, I had written an imagined "Peek into Patrick Fitzgerald's Diary" where the Special Counsel was ranting on about how he was going to tighten the legal noose around Rove's pudgy neck and maybe wind up getting Cheney ...

26: Robson-On-Politics - 10 June 2006

Robson-on-Politics got a few disbelieving emails from younger readers after my comment last week that the sale of Telecom, Air NZ, PostBank etc. in 1989-1990 occurred after Roger Douglas had surrendered the finance portfolio.

27: Ernest Partridge: Where Are Our Heroes Today?

It is impossible to fully appreciate the enormity of the crimes of the Bush Administration. Among them: That regime has initiated a war against an unthreatening nation, has caused the death tens of thousands of innocent civilians, has abrogated numerous ...

28: William Fisher: Will Gitmo Go Away?

The US Government today sought to distance itself from a statement calling the suicides of three Guantanamo Bay prisoners "a good PR move to draw attention" as human rights groups, legal experts and newspapers in the Middle East renewed calls for the prison's ...

29: GLW: Bush And Howard Plan Australian Nuclear Dump

On June 6, PM John Howard announced the appointment of former Telstra CEO Ziggy Switkowski, who is also a board member of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), to head a six-member task force to “review” Australia’s uranium mining industry ...

30: Richard Boucher: Central Asia Power Sector Forum

Thank you very much. I want to thank all the ministers and government officials from the South and Central Asia nations who are participating in this forum. But it wouldn't be a real forum though unless we had the other important players in the ...

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