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Scoop Top 30 Weekend Ratings June 17 - 19am


The weekend's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Scoop Launches Audio and Video Podcast Feed

Scoop has launched its audio/video podcast providing Scoopers with the best way to stay ahead of other media. The great thing about the podcast is it allows you to listen and view the media at a time that's convenient to you.

2: Scoop Image: Southern Snow From Outer Space

An image of the snowbound South Island taken from NASA's Modis Satellite yesterday. Click for big version (very big 1.7 megs)

3: AGENDA Transcript: Lisa Owen IVs Trevor Mallard

LISA: Well the government has just unveiled another plank to its economic transformation programme, this would encourage state owned enterprises to invest in new areas of business that are linked to what they're already doing. National Finance spokesman ...

4: Japan loses key vote at Whaling Commission

Conservation minded countries won an important victory at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Saint Kitts and Nevis today with the voting down of a proposal to resume whaling in coastal areas of Japan, Conservation Minister Chris ...

5: Kelpie Wilson: Monkey Business 2008

Is this what the 2008 presidential contest is going to look like? Last week, two media stories made me wonder. On Wednesday we were treated to a jaw-dropping Bill Frist puff piece by Washington Post writer Laura Blumenfield, who followed the politician ...

6: Should NZ Follow Singapore's Example?

“The visit of Singapore’s Prime Minister is a good opportunity for us to reassess our lax foreign ownership laws, which are driving up house prices,” Green Party Co-Leader Russel Norman says.

7: Kamala Sarup: Politics Of Education

We need to wage war for good educational system to improve a peaceful political system. Also, how can we protect a detailed social system so we can work exactly for educational reforms system?. Radical reforms on education needed because that means educational ...

8: Scoop IV Transcript: John Key TalksTax Cuts

Following the recent budget Scoop thought it would be worthwhile to go and have a chat to National's finance spokesperson John Key and see what, if any, of the plans National had before the election were still on the table. Interestingly National's ...

9: Air NZ: Times for first Shanghai flight

Air New Zealand today announced it will commence non-stop flights to Shanghai on 6 November 2006, with tickets now on sale.

10: UN: No Business as Usual at New Rights Council

(Geneva) – U.N. member states must work vigorously to make the new Human Rights Council a strong and effective protector of human rights worldwide, Human Rights Watch said today. The Human Rights Council replaces the United Nations Commission on Human Rights ...

11: Older driver tests to be abolished

Prime Minister Helen Clark announced today that new transport rules abolishing the mandatory on-road driving test for those aged 80 and over will come into effect on December 4 this year.

12: Sea Shepherd Ship Escapes from South Africa

Sea Shepherd Ship Escapes from South Africa Farley Mowat , the flagship of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, managed to escape South African detention today under the cover of night. The Canadian-registered marine wildlife conservation ship slipped out of ...

13: Will Major Media Finally Cover Election Fraud?

That the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 were stolen has become an article of faith for millions of mainstream Americans. But there has been barely a whiff of coverage in the major media about any problems with the electronic voting machines ...

14: Molesworth & Featherston (Weekend) – June 17 2006

Some of the criticism directed at Transpower after last week’s power cut in Auckland has sounded suspiciously like the Think Big argument that energy infrastructure should be shored up regardless of the cost.

15: First webcams from Microsoft make sharing a breeze

First webcams from Microsoft make sharing a breeze AUCKLAND, NZ. — June 17, 2006 — Seeing your grandchild’s first steps from the other side of the world. Hearing your friend’s laugh from across the country. Sharing your dorm room decorating skills ...

16: The woman who fought The Warehouse tells her story

The woman who fought The Warehouse and changed her name to Stephen Tindall tells her gripping story The Warehouse is New Zealand’s largest retailer, with 127 stores and sales revenue of over $2 billion a year. But the facts are disturbing. The Warehouse ...

17: NZ- Singapore film co-production agreement welcome

Prime Minister Helen Clark today welcomed the announcement of the first feature film co-production between New Zealand and Singapore companies.

18: Comic Michael O'Donoghue on the "End of the World"

As the Bush administration inches closer and closer to resembling a "cheap, sleazy" science fiction movie from the 1950s, I'm reminded of a conversation I had in New York with late Saturday Night Live comic Michael O'Donoghue about that very subject. ...

19: Air New Zealand moves to all-inclusive pricing

Air New Zealand is to introduce all-inclusive advertised pricing for all international flights from New Zealand.

20: Mallard and Labour hypocrites over asset sales

Trevor Mallard has to explain how he and Labour campaigned against state asset sales at the last election but are now advocating them, says National Party Finance spokesman John Key.

21: Concern at ‘blunt’ imposition of health charges

Hutt Valley District Health Board’s decision to impose extra patient charges on patients with health insurance has drawn criticism from the health industry.

22: Prisoner alerted guards to breakout

It is a sad indictment on the prisons system when it has to rely on a prisoner to alert it to a security breach right under its own nose, says National’s Law &Order spokesman, Simon Power.

23: InternetNZ welcomes Telecom plan

"Today's letter to industry from Telecom, and the supportive media release from the Telecommunications Commissioner, can and should be positive for the Internet in New Zealand," said InternetNZ Executive Director Keith Davidson today.

24: Michael Carmichael: Taunted & Jeered Bolton Bolted

Facing an increasingly hostile group of law students in an Oxford seminar that had somehow gone dreadfully wrong, beads of sweat began to pop out on John Bolton’s furrowed brow. Amidst a rising chorus of taunts, jeers, hisses and outright denunciations, ...

25: Road to ruin for GP workforce

Kiwis could end up waiting for several days just to see a GP if the Government doesn't do more to recruit and retain family doctors, says National's Health spokesman, Tony Ryall.

26: Robson-on-politics, 17 June 2006

Labour principles; Policy Conference Sponsored by the Progressives; Self-challenging is progressive; Evidenced-based policy to protect young people; The Nancy Wake story continues

27: EU promises are hollow: Pacific society groups

The Pacific is being short changed. The European Union has promised to support development in the Pacific, but so far these promises have not been fulfilled. Civil Society groups from 12 Pacific countries meeting in Nadi, question what's in it for the Pacific ...

28: Exam delaysdue to Labour’s mismanagement

The Northern Region Young Nationals are outraged that the University of Auckland has had to reschedule exams as a result of Auckland’s power cut last Monday.

29: Hit On Lab Test Costs For Private Patients

Private patients are going to be hit twice by the move by Capital & Coast and Hutt Valley DHBs to charge them for laboratory tests, says Southern Cross Healthcare Group Chief Executive, Dr Ian McPherson.

30: Trial of former Liberian President in Netherlands

Citing reasons of security and expediency, the Security Council today paved the way for the transfer of former Liberian President Charles Taylor to The Hague, Netherlands from Sierra Leone, where he is now awaiting trial under a United Nations-backed tribunal ...

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