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Open Letter: ABC Nightline Biased Toward Israel

ABC Nightline Biased Toward Israel

An open letter to ABC News' Nightline Programme:
By Genevieve Cora Fraser

I found your report on the Palestinian/Israeli situation, for the most part, biased toward Israel. It implicitly blamed Palestine who is the victim - not the oppressor. For example, Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu recently stated before the 35th Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, "The IDF has the firepower to wipe out an entire population if we wanted. We could wipe out all of Gaza. But we are not doing this,” he added, covering his tracks.

That is a small sample of the type of language used by Israeli officials. It is implicitly genocidal in nature and their actions prove it. On Nightline, Bibi spoke of the 600 Quassams, yet there was no discussion of the 10s of thousands of missiles attacking Gaza by land, sea and air since Hamas was elected. Since 2000, the Quassams which are along the line of science projects - not guided missiles - have killed 8 Israelis. That's 8 people in 6 years. Israel, during the same time period, has killed thousands with their guided missile technology.

Since the disengagement, Israel may not have entered Gaza as you point out, but it has bombed Gaza non-stop and bombarded them with sonic booms that have caused heart attacks, miscarriages and strokes. It has also blocked its borders so that only a trickle of food and medicine could enter. In fact, once the Gazan produce was ready for market that was to be a boon to their economy, Israel closed the borders so that millions of dollars worth of effort was rendered worthless - spoiled, rotting in the sun.

Israel's actions are unrelenting and sadistic in the extreme. Destroying the Gaza power plant that will take 6 months to rebuild may result in hundreds of deaths. It is a major Crime Against Humanity - not dissimilar to Hitler's assaults on Poland. Arresting innocent members of the Palestinian government that had nothing to do with the abduction of the soldier during the commando raid is another crime - one that should result in their being hauled before the International Court of Justice at the Hague. And of course, America is totally complicit- supplying the 36 billion dollar Israeli military with the state-of-the-art fire-power that truly could wipe Palestine off the face of the map, as Netanyahu likes to boast. What a cowardly man - boasting that one of the strongest military powers in the world can destroy a largely defenseless population.

Israel always responds to one incident as if the entire population were at fault - collective punishment is a violation of Article 33 of the 4th Geneva Convention. The United Nations has noted 100s of incidents that are crimes against humanity perpetrated by Israel - but they never pay the piper because Big Daddy America comes along and gets them off the hook. The Apartheid Wall, 800 plus checkpoints and roadblocks, sealing off the borders to create starvation and chaos, incessant military raids, shooting up cities and towns, etc. etc. are just the beginning of the list. Their assault on the children of Palestine would be enough to force sanctions and UN International Peacekeepers to end the occupation if it were any other nation.

Do you honestly believe that the Palestinians should sit there and take it? What if one of the 50 American states were chosen to be given away - their land, property and bank accounts given to others while Absentee Property Laws make stealing from the residents legal - and then they were driven off the land and made to subsist in refugee camps for the next 60 years. Do you believe that residents of that state - say, Texas - would be terrorists for daring to resist???

Children are abducted and imprisoned - others are killed for sport. Their crime? Throwing stones, as armed battalions enter the West Bank (and prior to the disengagement - Gaza) to rampage, shoot up their towns and villages - arresting and killing children, women, the elderly, unarmed men. They are all terrorists to Israel.

As well as being occupied, Palestine is under constant siege. Under international law, Palestinians have a Right to Resist. They also have a Right to Return. That is the law which America and the West is determined to cheat them out of - and Hamas is sworn to defend. Hamas is the legally elected government. They are under obligation to protect the people who elected them. That is the function of governments. Yet we in the USA are so sanctimonious as to believe that Hamas won't do - let's destroy the government. Tell me, when did the Creator die and make Israel and the USA God?

The so-called terrorist organization, Hamas made a truce with Israel which they upheld for nearly 1 1/2 years while Israel rampaged and killed over 300 people and wounded thousands. The Gaza beach massacre was the tipping point.

Israel creates a climate of terror and horror day and night for Palestinians. And what is their crime? Being the indigenous people of the region. Palestine has existed for 2,600 years - Israel for 58 years. Israel was created by terrorist gangs - by force and against international laws. The Zionist leadership was and is Ashkenazi whose ancestors, except for a few travelers, never stepped foot in the Holy Land until the late 19th or 20th centuries. Recent DNA evidence confirms this as well as historical documentation. There is nothing wrong in being Ashkenazi - in part, that is my ancestry too. But I don't run around pretending I am of Middle Eastern descent. My Ashkenazi ancestors spoke Yiddish - not Aramaic. Though some of my ancestors were, Jesus was not a blue-eyed, brown haired Polish Jew. Using today's vernacular, Jesus was an Arab, of Hebraic ethnicity, who traveled a bit. (Check out a map - look at the outline of the Arabian peninsular - at one end is Yemen and Oman - in the middle is Saudi Arabia - at the other end is the Levant which includes Palestine/Israel.)

Please cut the Palestinians some slack. I am not saying Israel shouldn't exist - but they must be brought in line with international law instead of continuing as an outlaw nation - behaving in a racist and genocidal manner toward the people they pretend to be.... direct descendants of the Hebrews... when their ancestry is largely European - converts in the 8th century to the ways of the Torah.


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