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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 10 July 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar: Cold War II

Francis Bacon once said that "he that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other".

2: Bruce E. Levine: STAR*D Wars

On March 23, 2006, STAR*D results were major news, front page in the Washington Post. STAR*D, the official acronym for Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression, was a two-step antidepressant treatment study funded by the National Institute of ...

3: Strange New World

Wellington-based artist Martin Basher has created a strange new world: a post-apocalyptic environment where a lone man joyrides his way through a deserted landscape of pine trees, shantytowns and coloured lights; wasteland of billowing smoke. Basher?s ?Blackwater?, ...

4: Bush’s Mental Illness Screening Squad On the Move

The tax dollar funded mental health screening programs popping up in every corner of the nation represent an enormous gift to Big Pharma from the Bush administration. After all, drug companies can't push drugs without a lucrative customer base, so ...

5: "Bully Bob" Hecht And The Euphronios Questions

"Bully Bob" Hecht is best known for escorting Italy's priceless Sarpedon Euphronios vase to the US in 1972 and selling it for personal profit to a private museum that gets public funding -- the Metropolitan Museum of Art; his price was $1million. Hecht ...

6: Diving into Aquaculture

Graduates in Diving and Aquaculture, including the new National Certificate in Aquaculture (Diving) Level 4, will be celebrated at the inaugural New Zealand King Salmon Aquaculture Diving Graduation Ceremony in Picton this Wednesday.

7: Hon Jim Sutton retires

Prime Minister Helen Clark today announced the retirement from politics of long-serving Labour Minister and MP Jim Sutton. On his retirement, Mr Sutton will take up the formal position of a Trade Ambassador for New Zealand and of Chair of Landcorp. These ...

8: Condolences for Death of Prince Tu'ipelehake

Pacific Island Affairs Minister Phil Goff, joined with Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today in expressing his condolences and those of the Government for the tragic loss of Prince Tu'ipelehake and Princess Kaimana.

9: Ransacking Chile: Fabulous Profits For The MNs

The rise in copper prices has produced euphoria in the government and ruling elites, despite relative complications for certain exporters. The price rise seems not to be a momentary phenomenon.

10: GLW On Climate change: Nuclear Is No Solution!

Despite being seen as a climate change ?renegade?, Prime Minister John Howard is currently attempting to gain ?greenie? points by pushing for acceptance of ?cleaner and greener? nuclear power as the solution to global warming. However, environmentalists, ...

11: Young And Old Celebrate 90 Years Of Peoples Party

Last evening in the Banquet Hall of the Beehive Labour's 90th birthday celebrations kicked off. All over New Zealand this weekend further celebrations are being held to commemorate New Zealand's longest running political party.

12: Pepper-spray of 5-year-old underlines Taser danger

Campaign Against The is deeply concerned at today’s Herald on Sunday report of a 5-year-old being caught up in a pepper-spraying incident when police attended a domestic dispute in West Auckland early on Saturday morning.

13: Former President Clinton Raises Cain - Almost

Former President Clinton spoke to the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies on June 17, 2006. He gave the keynote address which covered a number of topics. He even provided his answer to “the fundamental nature of the 21st century” – “interdependence.”

14: Public Address 10/07/06 - The Usual B*Stardry

I planned to lead with something else today, but this finds me quite exercised. As No Right Turn explains, Craig Murray, the former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, who was forced out for being "over-focused on human rights", has written a book on ...

15: Murder Victim Bashed And Mutilated

Detectives investigating the murder of an as yet unidentified man found at Owhiro Bay on Wellington's south coast today say he was subjected to a severe beating about the head, had his neck partially severed and his hands cut off.

16: India: Vision 2020 & Kalam's Reelection

India, being the biggest secular & democratic country in the world, is showing an example of its gifted & capable leadership in the field of secularism.

17: End of Tomorrow’s Schools

End of Tomorrow’s Schools Education Minister Steve Maharey’s comments about his review of school funding to the New Zealand School Trustees Association conference signal Labour’s intention to end self-managing schools, says National’s Education ...

18: Has Israel's Absolute Power Corrupted Absolutely?

The 19th century historian, Lord Acton and his famous quote came to mind this week as Israel’s response to Palestine reached unprecedented levels of aggression. Operation Summer Rains led off with the abduction of Hamas legislators and mayors in an attempt ...

19: Palestine Group Says NZ Government Wrong

The Auckland Palestine Human Rights Campaign says New Zealand’s call for calm in Gaza is both factually wrong and fails to identify the root cause of the conflict.

20: Kamala Sarup: Stop Further Genocide

I argue, genocide is getting worse, and that not enough is being done to action the causal links between world body and the peace groups, not enough is being done to prevent further genocide, and I think that mankind will be destroyed if genocide ...

21: John Chuckman: Afghanistan Is No One’s War

A summary of events leading to the invasion of Afghanistan is helpful. Following 9/11, the Taleban government said it would extradite Osama bin Laden if the U.S. could produce evidence against him. This is the approach taken by the courts of every ...

22: DOC, Zoo congratulated for Jin's recapture

Conservation Minister Chris Carter today congratulated the Department of Conservation and Auckland Zoo staff involved in the recapturing of Jin the otter. "The best place for Jin is maximum security," Mr Carter said.

23: Bad taste SPCA Ads Spring Up In South Auckland

Springing up around South Auckland this controversy-courting SPCA ad from Lowe advertising in Auckland.

24: Infant Formula Ad Breaches Code

Nutricia admits they breached the Code on the Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. An advertisement placed in the Australian Women’s Weekly advertising infant formula was spotted by Louise James our Breastfeeding Advocate.

25: Syed Atiq ul Hassan: Sth Asian Stability & Kashmir

Since the hi-tech innovations transformed the world into a global village, the earth has also been threatened by the inventions of deadly nuclear and thermonuclear warheads. The weapons of mass destruction (WMD), which were introduced and warehoused by the ...

26: Zultys Releases New Family of VoIP Phones

Zultys Technologies today announced the release of four new VoIP phones to complement its existing range of nine wired phones and two wireless phones. The new models vary in price and features, have a completely new design, and offer greater choices for ...

27: SPCA campaign trivialises child sex abuse

An SPCA campaign claiming that “a sexual offender has moved into [your] neighbourhood” and “has violated females as young as 5 months old” has come under fire by Stop Demand Foundation, an organisation that calls for action to stop sexual violence ...

28: Nicaragua: The Death of a Good Man

Nicaraguan presidential candidate Herty Lewites died of a heart attack on Sunday, July 2, in a Managua hospital. His death was disclosed by his close political ally, Dora Maria Tellez. The former mayor of Managua, Lewites was the presidential hopeful ...

29: Police Ponder How To Identify Murdered Man

"Somewhere in this city is a murder scene that will be filled with blood," was the hypothesis Detective Inspector Harry Quinn, Wellington Crime Services Manager put to media at a press conference today in relation to what Inspector Quinn called a ...

30: Newberry: Black Gods - Big Coal Cons America

America worships a black god - namely, the energy we extract from carbons and hydrocarbon sources. What is ending might be called "the era of cheap carbon energy." This is roughly equivalent to the point where trees could no longer supply the carbon energy ...


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