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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings - 13 July 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Diving into Aquaculture

Graduates in Diving and Aquaculture, including the new National Certificate in Aquaculture (Diving) Level 4, will be celebrated at the inaugural New Zealand King Salmon Aquaculture Diving Graduation Ceremony in Picton this Wednesday.

2: Bruce E. Levine: STAR*D Wars

On March 23, 2006, STAR*D results were major news, front page in the Washington Post. STAR*D, the official acronym for Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression, was a two-step antidepressant treatment study funded by the National Institute of ...

3: Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar: Cold War II

Francis Bacon once said that ?he that gives good advice, builds with one hand; he that gives good counsel and example, builds with both; but he that gives good admonition and bad example, builds with one hand and pulls down with the other?.

4: Strange New World

Wellington-based artist Martin Basher has created a strange new world: a post-apocalyptic environment where a lone man joyrides his way through a deserted landscape of pine trees, shantytowns and coloured lights; wasteland of billowing smoke. Basher?s ?Blackwater?, ...

5: John Dean Book: Conservatives Without Conscience

John Dean’s last New York Times bestseller, Worse Than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush, offered the former White House insider’s unique and telling perspective on George W. Bush’s presidency.

6: Collective Punishment And State Terrorism In Gaza

my freind hoda , lives next to the ministry of interior building , in Gaza, that was hit last night with 2 rockets ,the attack occured 2am yesterday,please forgive me about the accuracy , l am starting to lose track of days and nights , and how ...

7: Somalia: U. S. Government Policy and Challenges

Jendayi E. Frazer, Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Remarks before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Subcommittee on African Affairs Washington, DC July 11, 2006

8: Martin LeFevre: Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

Last week North Korea, defying even its only ally in the world, China, launched a series of missiles into the Sea of Japan, including a failed multi-stage rocket that burned for less than a minute. Beyond the games that governments play, how serious ...

9: Giordano: Mexico's Election Fraud Is Coming Undone

Things are looking worse and worse in Mexico for the Felipe Calderón, his National Action Party, and the Federal Elections Institute that prematurely announced his victory. New evidence of fraud and crimes on the part of the electoral authorities ...

10: NEWSFLASH: 7 Blasts Rock Mumbai Commuter Trains

Seven bombs have exploded at various local railway stations in the city of Mumbai, India between 6:24 pm and 6:35 pm IST (GMT+5:30). The first blast ripped through the first-class compartment of a local train from Churchgate to Borivali, near the ...

11: An insight into Isaan Province, Thailand

Known for its idyllic islands in the south and the hilltribes of the north, Thailand has long been one of south east Asia’s premier travel destinations. There is however, more to Thailand than Bangkok, Ko Samui and Chiang Mai as Intrepid reveals on its ...

12: Nicaragua: The Death of a Good Man

Nicaraguan presidential candidate Herty Lewites died of a heart attack on Sunday, July 2, in a Managua hospital. His death was disclosed by his close political ally, Dora Maria Tellez. The former mayor of Managua, Lewites was the presidential hopeful ...

13: Charles Chauvel: His Attempts to Crush Free Speech

Wellington lawyer Charles Chauvel will shortly enter Parliament as a new Labourt Party List MP. He will replace soon-to-retire veteran MP Jim Sutton. The PM announced on Monday 10 July that Sutton, a list MP, will take up new appointments outside parliament ...

14: Public Address 13/07/06 - Things I Never Knew

We have such educated readers. Gabor Toth got in touch to point out some things about our soon-to-be obsolete silver coins that I didn't know. July 31 will be really the end of an era...

15: A first for organics

The country’s leading research provider on pests and diseases of arable and vegetable crops has produced the first science-based reference book for the organics industry. The research is in response to concerns that the sector is struggling to reach its ...

16: Man Arrested In Operation Red Rocks Homicide

Man Arrested In Operation Red Rocks Homicide New Zealand Police National News Release 9:17pm 12 July 2006

17: Mexican Election Far from Over As Plot Thickens

• More than a week after Mexico’s presidential election, there is still no clear winner • Although ruling PAN party candidate Felipe Calderón ostensibly won by the slimmest of margins in last week’s re-tabulation of votes, a long and what ...

18: Robson-On-Politics 12 July 2006

The news item on TV3 on Monday, in which MPs spill the beans on the reason why Mr Brash hasn't been rolled yet, is seriously bad news for National for two reasons. First, the MPs' comments indicate there is no consensus on the next leader and, secondly, ...

19: Wgtn. Groups Protest Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

The Wellington Palestine Group and Peace Action Wellington say the New Zealand government is so influenced by the Israeli lobby that it can't get its facts right.

20: Mark Rais: Oil Rules The World

Five of the top ten highest revenue earning companies on earth are oil companies, according to the just released Fortune Magazine summary . Perhaps more importantly, of the top ten companies, nine of them are either oil companies or automobile companies. ...

21: Follow Tony Blair's Example And Send Zaoui Home

"With Tony Blair's government now in the process of sealing an agreement which would allow Britain to deport Algerians back to Algeria who have links to extremist organisations, New Zealand should now follow suit and send Ahmed Zaoui home under the same conditions,” ...

22: Bush’s Mental Illness Screening Squad On the Move

The tax dollar funded mental health screening programs popping up in every corner of the nation represent an enormous gift to Big Pharma from the Bush administration. After all, drug companies can't push drugs without a lucrative customer base, so ...

23: Bolivia: The Wished-For Technical Draw

The recent elections for the Constituent Assembly mark the end of the political transition in Bolivia. The developing scenario, despite the solid victory of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS) of President Evo Morales, looks much more like a stand off than ...

24: 90 Day Bill Will be a “Life Shock”

The 90 Day Bill would increase ‘life shocks’ for workers and beneficiaries starting new jobs and needs to be defeated, says the National Distribution Union.

25: UQ Wire: The Homeland Security Rackets

On April 10th an American-registered DC9 was caught carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine destined for the U.S., the Mexican military announced, at an airport in Ciudad del Carmen. In the more than two months since, the incident has slipped into a black ...

26: A. Sampson: HIV/AIDS And Stigmatisation In Nigeria

NKECHI and Preye, allegedly contracted the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) sometime in 1998, in one of the oil communities of the Niger Delta, Nigeria's main oil and gas basin. But while Preye is still alive and enjoying life, Nkechi has since been ...

27: Algeria Report: Zaoui at high risk of torture

Algeria Report: Persistent torture by the Military Security in secret locations Ahmed Zaoui at high risk of torture if sent back to Algeria

28: Welfare State Killed Kahui Twins, Says Watchdog

A prominent justice watchdog is blaming the welfare state for the horrific level of child abuse in New Zealand and believes the recent deaths of the Kahui twins and others like them are predictable and preventable.

29: Biggest ever survey of New Zealanders' teeth

The government's major investment in oral health will be matched by the biggest survey of the state of our teeth in New Zealand's history, Health Minister Pete Hodgson announced today.

30: Nats congratulate Barker on temporary Bridge

National MPs Chester Borrows and John Carter have thanked and congratulated Civil Defence Minister Rock Barker for giving the go-ahead for a temporary replacement for the Ngaturi Bridge.


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