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Scoop Top 30 Weekend Ratings July 29-30 2006


The weekend's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Start Warming Up!

Brrrrr. In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s winter. That means it’s time for Auckland-based, nationwide radio station George FM to do the right thing, and help pull party people everywhere up out of their winter blues.

2: Improving mental health

Jim Anderton Associate Minister of Health and Progressive Leader opened the 4th International Conference, hosted by the Phobic Trust of New Zealand, promoting awareness of anxiety disorders in Auckland today.

3: Education appointment applauded

The appointment of Karen Sewell to the position of chief executive of the Ministry of Education is good news for New Zealand education, PPTA president Debbie Te Whaiti said today.

4: Good news Afoot

Formthotics foam foot insoles are significantly more cost effective than hard plastic orthotics, a landmark Australian study has found.

5: Outstanding Contribution awards

Two Cantabrians this week received outstanding contribution awards from Environment Canterbury, in recognition of their work spent managing Canterbury water resources.

6: Energy Reform Needed

The Canterbury Manufacturers’ Association welcomes comments made by Meridian Energy’s Alan Seay last week that more investment into New Zealand’s electricity system is required but his admission that the country had to draw upon all available generation ...

7: Keeping agriculture competitive: Carter

The ever-present threat to any export industry is that new, lower-cost producers will compete their way into our markets, driving down prices for all producers.

8: Media Release

Hokitika, renowned for giving New Zealanders the excuse they need to come on over the hills to enjoy some West Coast hospitality, is doing it again. From 2004 the Wet West Film Festival has shown in the grand old Regent Theatre for four days in ...

9: Hello World

Broadband's role in bringing the world closer is being celebrated in a major brand campaign launched today by TelstraClear.

10: Joint Un Team To Visit Ethiopia

The United Nations refugee agency will lead a joint inter-agency assessment mission on Sunday to remote areas of eastern Ethiopia after recent reports that Somalis have crossed the border, fleeing their strife-torn country following the Union of Islamic ...

11: Lyndon Hood: Foreign Affairs Briefs

Slighted McCain Vows to Destroy New Zealand; Nations Not Exactly Cueing Up to Join Lebanon Peacekeeping Force for Some Reason; Tsunami Sequel Disappoints Critics

12: Colombia's Integration Into Plan Puebla Panama

From July onwards, Colombia will form part of the one-sided geopolitical mega-project that seeks to consolidate the neoliberal model in the western Latin America with the aim of privatizing highway infrastructure, public services and natural resources.

13: The Inconvenient Truth about An Inconvenient Truth

Sorry Al and Laurie. The perhaps inconvenient truth is that An Inconvenient Truth is perhaps convenient and not the truth. Science suggests the movie not based on science and it does not reflect reality. It’s a trace out of focus. Here’s why:

14: Letter From Pinter, Saramago, Chomsky and Berger

This letter, signed by Harold Pinter, Jose Saramago, Noam Chomsky and John Berger, has been forwarded to major newspapers.

15: Efforts With Mexico to Address Immigration Issues

U.S. Government's Efforts With Mexico to Address Immigration Issues Elizabeth A. Whitaker, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Western Hemisphere Affairs Testimony before the House International Relations Committee, Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere ...

16: Scoop Link: Rolling Stone – Iran, The Next War

Even before the bombs fell on Baghdad, a group of senior Pentagon officials were plotting to invade another country. Their covert campaign once again relied on false intelligence and shady allies. But this time, the target was Iran.

17: NZ Says No To Funding Hugely Expensive Cancer Drug

Funding for the alleged cancer wonder drug Herceptin that was earlier this year the subject of intense media hoopla today ran into a brick wall.

18: UK Government Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

In the last few days, I learned from a credible and informed source that a former senior Labour government Minister, who continues to be well-connected to British military and security officials, confirms that Britain and the United States “… ...

19: Public Address 28/07/06 - Darwin Awards Shoo-In

Was channel surfing once and caught this great line on CSI: Corpse cutter 1 [Looking over dead guy with a gunshot wound]: Who takes a gun to a knife fight? Corpse cutter 2 [Smug old guy with beard]: The winner, obviously...

20: Gun Dealer Should be Applauded for Self Defense

"Auckland Gun Dealer Greg Carvell should be applauded for his actions in defending himself from a machete wielding aggressor in his shop yesterday," says Peter Linton, Libertarianz Firearms Spokesman. "All too often these days, ordinary citizens are ...

21: Somalia: Un Envoy Appeals For Calm

The senior United Nations envoy to Somalia appealed for calm today in the strife-torn African country after gunmen assassinated the country's Minister for Constitutional and Federal Affairs Abdallah Deerow Isaaq outside a mosque, and he announced he will ...

22: New Zealand citizenship for Sale

Address by Pansy Wong to the annual conference for the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment, 28 July, 2006. Since changes were made to the Investor's Category last year there have been three successful applicants. We are certainly ...

23: Cindy Sheehan: The Struggle Continues

Camp Casey is moving! The Camp Casey Peace Movement, and the peace movement in general, will be eternally grateful to the Mattlage family for allowing us to use their land near George's Crawford, Texas, ranch.

24: Questions And Answers - Thursday, 27 July 2006

1. Dr the Hon LOCKWOOD SMITH (National—Rodney) to the Minister of Immigration: What did the Associate Minister’s office decide at the meeting with Taito Phillip Field on 17 May 2005 with respect to the issuing of work permits for Mr Sunan Siriwan ...

25: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing July 27, 2006

ISRAEL / PALESTINIANS Payment of Salaries to Hamas Bureaucrats within Palestinian Authority / Quartet Views Release of captive Israeli soldier taken by Hamas

26: Mental health needs action, not more strategies

The public deserves better than more meaningless talk on mental health strategies from the Labour Government, says National Associate Health spokesman Dr Jonathan Coleman.

27: John Feffer: The Axis of Intervention

There is a new force in foreign policy: the “axis of intervention.” Two allies are official members: the United States and Israel. With its recent invasion of Somalia, Ethiopia has joined the grouping. A fourth nation, Japan, is petitioning for membership.

28: Toni Solo: Varieties Of Imperial Decline

If people needed reminding that North American and European foreign policy, including policy on aid and trade, is based on sadism and hypocrisy, events in Palestine and Lebanon will surely have done so.

29: Cullen - The trans-Tasman economic relationship

Hon Michael Cullen: Speech to Trans-Tasman Business Circle luncheon, Minter Ellison Rudd Watts Boardroom, Level 20, Lumley Centre, 88 Shortland St, Auckland

30: Swedish Parents Kill 258 of their children

Sweden has been hailed by Green MP Sue Bradford as an enlightened country where anti-smacking legislation has had a significant impact on reducing the number of child homicides committed by parents.


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