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Daily Voting News For August 5-7, 2006

Daily Voting News For August 5, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Jan BenDor, a Pittsfield Township Michigan deputy clerk, is so concerned about the Diebold machines used in her township that she filed a formal complaint with the Washtenaw County Election Commission on Monday. Ten percent of machines failed in a recent test, she claimed. She also cited changes Diebold made to the machines, including installing modems, without providing written documentation of the work. "I'm a voice in the wilderness," she admitted, saying that some have accused her of paranoia. "I'm more concerned about normaloia than paranoia. That's when you think everything is OK, no matter what." / Washington Co. Arkansas has decided to put ES&S out the county's ballot programming business. They will buy their own equipment and do the job themselves. / Ohio is holding special elections in 27 counties, including Cuyahoga, on Tuesday....

  • National: National voter verification requirements mostly a partisan question, Dems charge LINK
  • Arkansas: Washington County - Commission preparing for three October elections LINK
  • Arizona: Pima County - Touch-screens for disabled voters get nod from county LINK
  • Arizona: Pima County - Touch voting machines get OK LINK
  • Connecticut: Connecticut To Use Paper Ballot Voting System LINK
  • Georgia: No-photo voter list criticized by GOP LINK
  • Kansas: Sedgwick County - Report: Poll staff needs training LINK
  • Michigan: Tuesday's election will put optical scan machines to the test LINK
  • Missouri: Voter IDs challenged in lawsuit LINK
  • Ohio: Officials worried about rule being tested in special elections LINK
  • Tennessee: Delays in voting, results may recur in November LINK
  • Tennessee: Blount County - Improved voter turnout in Blount County still not great (Hart eSlate) LINK
  • Tennessee: Greene County - Voting Delays Long Ballot, Trial Of New Machines Seen As Causes LINK
  • Tennessee: Hawkins County - Scanning machine would have shortened vote tally delay in Hawkins LINK
  • Wisconsin: Federal Department of Justice approves Wisconsin voter rule LINK


Daily Voting News For August 6-7, 2006

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of and VoteTrustUSA.Org

Voters with disabilities are being unfairly used in the recommended denial of certification of the Vote-PAD by the SoS of California. It's unfortunate that an unfair test procedure was used in testing. Why were no other systems purporting to be accessible sent through comparable testing? / Tennessee is shaking off their primary night failures while other states prepare to enter the fray tomorrow. / Primaries tomorrow in Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan, and Missouri, with a run-off in Georgia and local elections in Ohio. ...

  • National: Whistle-blower Lawsuit Alleges E-voting Fraud LINK
  • National: When Even the Illusion is Gone: "Black Box" Voting and Faith-Based Elections LINK
  • National: Federal Election Reform Bill Can't Take Away Scientific Uncertainty of Victors in Close Races LINK
  • National: Subverting, Not Preserving, Democracy. Marginalizing vote fraud 'conspiracy theories' LINK
  • National: “You don’t need papers to vote?” Non-Citizen Voting and ID Requirements in U.S. Elections LINK
  • Alabama: Judge Gives Responsibility For State Database To Governor LINK
  • California: People With Disabilities Set Up For Failure In Vote-PAD Testing In California LINK
  • California: California Election Officials Defend E-Voting Machine Sleepovers LINK
  • California: Oakland - Oakland Voters To Decide Whether to Join Other California Cities in Using Instant Runoff Voting LINK
  • California: San Diego County – Press Release - San Diego Greens Call for Removal of Electronic Voting Machines LINK
  • California: San Diego County - E-voting Security Under Fire in San Diego Lawsuit LINK
  • California: Yolo County - County one of five sued over disabled access LINK
  • Colorado: Boulder County - Primaries ready for disabled voters. New voting machines an advancement for Boulder county LINK
  • Colorado: San Miguel County - New voting machines come to county (Hart Intercivic) LINK
  • Missouri: Second Lawsuit Filed Against Voter ID Law LINK
  • Missouri: Each precinct in area to have touchscreen voting machine LINK
  • Missouri: Boone County - County offers electronic voting system, likened to ATMs (ES&S) LINK
  • Missouri: Boone County - For the blind, tomorrow’s election represents a first LINK
  • Ohio: Voters must show ID before casting ballots in election LINK
  • Ohio: New Registration Rules Stir Voter Debate in Ohio LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Protestors Gather At Board Of Elections LINK
  • Ohio: Trumbull County - Voting needs reconsidered LINK
  • New York: Opinion - New Voting Machines for New York State: Promise or Peril? LINK
  • Tennessee: Voting Machine Failures And Long Ballots Create Delays And Uncertainty LINK
  • Tennessee: Hamblen County - Some Hamblen Co. candidates demanding a re-vote after problems (MicroVote Infinity) LINK
  • Tennessee: Hendersonville - Observations from the precinct LINK
  • Tennessee: Rutherford County - Voters still venting frustrations LINK
  • Tennessee: Rutherford County - Election machines need to be faster for future balloting LINK
  • Virginia: Pasquotank County - Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County disagree on who pays election costs LINK
  • MExico - Fair elections? Don't count on it. Mexico's stolen presidential election holds a warning for voters north of the Rio Grande. LINK
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    **"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


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    Information Manager

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