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Kamala Sarup: My Letter to America Why I Love You

My Letter to America Why I Love You

Kamala Sarup

Hello America! I have begun a short journey and I have to tell you, I love you. You are so beautiful, I am extremely emotional and were becoming very sentimental in the love of your soil. I feel this a historical day for me to be able to live here, in your great nation.

If I am to tell you the truth, nobody has given me freedom as you have. My expressed love was abundantly spilling all over me.

After a day long had work people are exhaust and they are out walking. And I am sitting on the window. The sun ran already set and the trees all around me is shaking in the air. A flower is smiling in the joy of my meeting and I am relating my little background of life in front of you. I want to tell you many things of life. Such as the value of life, the freedom of life, thus existence of life and the whole story of life. No, whatever I want to speak I cannot sully do so when you are in front of me. You are becoming very powerful and you have given me permission to live here. I love your freedom, America.

Truly I am also victims of violence. Violence groups killed my lovely uncle in 2000 in Nepal. And I started my journey to your beautiful land, beautiful country. America, it is true, there lies a long path of in equality, and many people desires suppressed by poverty so terrorism is increasing. Humanity remains somewhere in the books scattered here and there.

I support peace, honor, justice and humanity for everyone.

When you see me sad most of the time you ask me repeatedly to be cheerful and explain in detail the value of being happy.

I have a desire to tell you things of confident and security even if it were us a smaller question.

Life is a hard journey and a journey as such is limitless. Therefore, with a view to making my life bright I had run away from terror. Life is a struggle and I began a journey of continuous struggle. I am still continued running and fighting for justice, justice for my people and endless battles with the obstacles that tried to impede our advance. America, my people in Nepal do not want violence. They do not want terrorism. They want peace only peace.

I began a journey maybe in order to keep my days safe for death or perhaps for a possible honor after death, where I broke myself up and

am crying all alone. A human being has naturally a short existence and I am not an exception. Why couldn't I encompass myself in words?

Perhaps to go on being shattered constantly is to escape from life and to be unable to shape the circumstances according to the needs of the time is not to succeed in keeping life in equilibrium.

I know that the ideal I have envisaged to live a kind of life will pull me down being heavily each day with my steps. And again seeing my own life I would be sentimental as I am now.

America, from the roof of my heart I love you. Flowers dance submitting to the blowing of the wind and the path is completely covered with the leaves fallen from tree. Perhaps, it's going to rain.

There is a storm blowing inside my mind as well and there is a flash of lightning within me and the heart is shrieking with a terrible situation. What should I or shouldn't't I do? I feel like running away outside in the rain.

America, the battle I am talking about is the sacrifice, cooperation and the great declination both art of human affection for love.

Now, we must fight a war, an economic war, a real war to end injustice, to end poverty, to end terrorism to end all kinds of War, for real freedom for real peace for real justice. We must love people from all over the world. People are wonderful.

I love my motherland that is Nepal and I love you because you are the power of freedom.

Now I see you every day.


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