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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 11 August 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: World changing kids

“We need to nurture those who will change the world,” Waikato University School of Education Associate Professor Roger Moltzen says.

2: Christchurch Weather Advisory

Please note: A welfare centre has now been set up at Cashmere High School's McCoombes Performing Arts Centre (Barrington Rd entrance to the school and follow the Civil Defence signs). The Salvation Army is supplying meals to those unable to get to their ...

3: Massive increase in Govt bureaucracy

A 64% increase in space leased by Government departments since 1999 and a 95% rise in policy and admin staff shows how bloated the bureaucracy has become, says National Party State Services spokesman Gerry Brownlee.

4: Business Briefs

The impact of housing loans; High ranking for business research; International leadership in small business

5: Emirates Means Business

Emirates Airline has raised the stakes in the fiercely-contested premium traveller segment with the launch of its new generation lie-flat Business Class seats today.

6: Airline security

Following this morning's police action, security at all UK airports has been increased and additional security measures have been put in place for all flights. With immediate effect, the following arrangements apply to all passengers starting their journey ...

7: Video: Highlights TVNZ's IV With Slingshot Woman

Video: Thanks to for spotting this - For anyone who missed Sainsbury’s About Now , and the glorious performance of Slingshot founder and Dragon’s Den star Annette Presley, here’s a link from YouTube.

8: Improving mental health

Jim Anderton Associate Minister of Health and Progressive Leader opened the 4th International Conference, hosted by the Phobic Trust of New Zealand, promoting awareness of anxiety disorders in Auckland today.

9: Nuke Iran Idea Dropped At Insistence of Chiefs

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney abandoned a plan to include “the possible use of a nuclear device” to destroy Iran’s uranium-enrichment plant at Natanz because of Pentagon opposition, investigative reporter Seymour Hersh has ...

10: Family First offers support for topless porn girls

Family First is offering support for the topless porn girls who plan to parade down Queen St later this month.

11: Photo-Essay: Sth Beirut A War-Torn Horror Show

Scoop correspondent Benjamin Smith is in Lebanon and filed this photo-reportage series taken in South Beirut this week. "Really I dont know quite what to say, except for it probably being the most disturbing and ugly day of my life," Benjamin Smith said.

12: Iran: Unionist's release welcomed

Just days following a formal complaint to the ILO from trade unions, Mansoor Osanloo, Iran's most prominent trade union prisoner, who has been detained incommunicado for over seven months, was today released from Tehran's infamous Evin Prison at midday ...

13: New Zealand on Google Maps

Among the latest is a map of all New Zealand windfarms and a guided tour of New Zealand satellite maps on Google. I've also assembled all previous mashups I've made mention of in the past in this post.

14: Human Rights Session on Lebanon Violates Charter

UN Watch expressed grave concern over today's move by Arab and Islamic countries to urgently convene the UN's top human rights body regarding alleged "gross human rights violations by Israel in Lebanon." The sponsors dominate the large African ...

15: Can You Say Hidden Agenda?

Discovery Institute, a Seattle-based think tank which champions socially conservative causes, has become heavily invested in the "debate" between Darwinists and those who wish to introduce Intelligent Design into public school classrooms.

16: Wikinews: UK terrorist plane plot

The Metropolitan Police's anti-terrorist branch and security service in London have claimed today that a terrorist plot to detonate bombs on as many as ten planes travelling mid-air from the United Kingdom to the United States has been thwarted. The bombs ...

17: Parent star to new planet identified

The host star to a distant planet discovered in 2003 from the Mt John Observatory in Canterbury by a team of New Zealand astronomers has been identified using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Dr Ian Bond, an astrophysicist at Massey’s Auckland campus, ...

18: Video: Galloway: Hezbollah Is Not A Terrorist Org - British MP George Galloway explodes at Sky News stating: Hezbollah Is Not A Terrorist Organization! Essential viewing - One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter George Galloway has spoken out in support ...

19: 'Ideological Burp' Back to Torment Civil Service

When asked by Scoop if Treasury was one place where the public of New Zealand was being well served with policy advice National's Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee politely but firmly stated he was not going to answer the question.

20: British Petroleum's "Smart Pig"

The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of the Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown: Is the Alaska Pipeline corroded? You bet it is. Has been for more than a decade. Did British Petroleum shut the pipe yesterday to turn a quick buck on its negligence, to profit off the ...

21: Colombia's Integration Into Plan Puebla Panama

From July onwards, Colombia will form part of the one-sided geopolitical mega-project that seeks to consolidate the neoliberal model in the western Latin America with the aim of privatizing highway infrastructure, public services and natural resources.

22: Antiwar protests every Sat - Mass March Sept 2

Weekly protests to stop Israel's war on Lebanon and Palestine will continue each Saturday from 1pm in Aotea Square. This Saturday we want people to pick up leaflets and posters to advertise a MASS PROTEST, SATURDAY SEPT 2, 1PM AOTEA SQUARE sponsored ...

23: Buy Kiwi Made is not the same as buy China Made

Revelations today that the Government has pressured the Greens into including goods that are “not necessarily made in New Zealand” makes an absolute mockery of the Kiwi Made campaign said Tariana Turia today.

24: Ethiopia ratifies Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

Ethiopia has deposited its instrument of ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) with the United Nations Secretary-General on 8 August 2006, bringing the total number of ratifications to 135. The number of ratifying States in the Africa ...

25: Boobs on Bikes or Bums on Seats?

Aid organisation TEAR Fund has suggested a novel alternative to the Boobs on Bikes parade organised for Auckland City: Bums on Seats.

26: Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar: The Great Deception

Bush and Blair which have acted time and again on the flimsiest of evidence to reshape Middle East into what they desire it to be: a neo-colonial possession to supply oil while at the same time helping their rich to get richer. You may disagree with this ...

27: Gush Shalom: War Intensifies, Protest Widens

While the government gave the green light to intensifiying and prolonging the war for weeks or months, today at 6pm a Stop the War demo was called opposite the Defence Ministry in Tel-Aviv. It was initiated by selective refusers (Ometz Lesarev) as an ...

28: CTU: Bagrie Should Join Dole Queue Himself

"If Cameron Bagrie's wishes come true I hope he himself is one of the workers that he wants to put out of a job and join the unemployment queue," CTU president Ross Wilson said today.

29: University appoints first primatologist

A primatologist credited with discovering a new species of monkey has been appointed Lecturer in Biological Anthropology at The University of Auckland.

30: 11 Questions Avoided by the Media On NORAD Tapes

Eleven (11) Questions Avoided by the Media in Recent Reporting of Department of Defense Violations of Law Kyle F. Hence Executive Director 9/11 CitizensWatch Co-Founder

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