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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 5 September 2006


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Steve Irwin

Australian Government

I was saddened and shocked to learn today of the death of Steve Irwin. Steve was a great Australian and a great Australian tourism icon who contributed enormously to our nation.

2: Steve Irwin's death a loss to environment movement

Green Party

Green Party Conservation Spokesperson Metiria Turei expressed her shock and dismay at the accidental death yesterday of Australian wildlife champion Steve Irwin.

3: Oil Seen As Reason For U.S. Middle East Invasions

Sherwood Ross

If you think President Bush’s invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are not about oil, read bestseller “The Sorrows of Empire” by Chalmers Johnson(Owl Books).

4: Iraqis Who Sweated Hussein Are Leaving Under Bush

Sherwood Ross

It’s not easy to create a situation where life is better under a dictatorship than in a democracy, but George Bush has succeeded in achieving the impossible by invading Iraq.

5: Mea Alofa can be declined

TV One

The Samoan custom of mea alofa or "lafo" may support the giving of money to chiefs but this can still be turned down without causing offence, according to a Pacific community spokesman.

6: Steve Irwin

Australia Zoo

At 11am today, 4 September 2006, Steve Irwin was fatally wounded by a stingray barb to his heart while filming a sequence on Batt Reef off Port Douglas for a new TV series.

7: Jason Leopold: Plame Leak(s)

Jason Leopold

Richard Armitage, the former deputy Secretary of State, may be syndicated columnist Robert Novak's primary source who told him on July 8, 2003, that Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame, worked for the CIA. But that doesn't change the fact ...

8: Anti-bus campaign remarkably shortsighted - Greens

Green Party

News that residents of two upmarket Christchurch suburbs are campaigning against a proposed bus service through the area has disgusted Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons.

9: Bush vs. Ahmadinejad: A TV Debate We'll Never See

Norman Solomon

When Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, invited President Bush to engage in a "direct television debate" a few days ago, the White House predictably responded by calling the offer "a diversion." But even though this debate will never happen, ...

10: Scoop Link: Israel Plans For War With Iran & Syria

Scoop Link

Threatened by a potentially nuclear-armed Tehran, Israel is preparing for a possible war with both Iran and Syria, according to Israeli political and military sources.

11: Stateside: Disappearing Croc Doc Google Mystery

Rosalea Barker

It’s Labor Day holiday here today, and it happens that in the early hours of this morning I was answering email and chanced to look over at Google News, where I learned that Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, had died. The Age news story at the top of ...

12: Protest At Funds Block In Sri Lanka

Humanitarian Appeal

The humanitarian organization TRO protested the freezing of its accounts in Sri Lanka Sunday, saying the Colombo government had made no communication with the NGO, which has been registered as a charity there since 1985. Warning that “the current humanitarian ...

13: Learning from Australia


The Australia and Asia Pacific head of global beverages group Foster’s has identified five areas of global opportunity for New Zealand wine producers, arguing that the industry should not be put off by the global wine glut.

14: Possible New Nuclear Reactor is Threat to Georgia

Atlanta Progressive News

(APN) ATLANTA – A possible new nuclear reactor at the plant in Vogtle, Georgia, being plotted by big business and the Republican-controlled State Senate, is posing serious dangerous threats to the people, animals, and environment of Georgia and ...

15: Brash lies continue

New Zealand Labour Party

16: Bush & Rumsfeld: They’ve Lost the 'War of Ideas'

Martin LeFevre - Meditations

President Bush made an extraordinary statement at his unexpected news conference on August 21st. He said: “the consequence of leaving Iraq before the job is done…[is that] we will have lost our soul as a nation.” The Nazis used that kind of rhetorical ...

17: US Officials Guilty Of Violating Anti-Torture Laws

Sherwood Ross

At least a score of high Bush Administration officials authorized, and hundreds of U.S. military and other government employees committed, crimes involving the torture of prisoners captured in the Middle East, published reports and legal documents indicate.

18: Psychologist who talks with the angels

Doreen Virtue

She’s a glamorous blonde American psychologist whose dramatic career change came as the result of a violent car-jacking incident in 1996.

19: Response to Meningococcal Gold Rush III Claims

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health responds to claims made by Ron Law and Barbara Sumner Burstyn in Meningococcal Gold Rush III:post-MeNZB Vaccine Update

20: Robert Parry: How Obtuse Is the US Press?

Robert Parry

In the movie "Shawshank Redemption," the wrongly convicted Andy Dufrense (Tim Robbins) gets frustrated when the corrupt prison warden blocks Dufrense's chance to prove his innocence. "How can you be so obtuse?" Dufrense asks.

21: Jason Miller: It’s the American Way or the Highway

Jason Miller

Persistently ticking off the precious seconds in humanity’s “Countdown to Extinction”, the Doomsday Clock of the Bulletin for Atomic Scientists has advanced to seven minutes of midnight. Yet despite nuclear terror unleashed on Japan, an arms race of monumental ...

22: Nepal: Secretariat of His Majesty the King

The attention of this Secretariat has been drawn to various reports in sections of the media that arms were purchased during the official visit of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev to the Republic of Austria last March

23: China Expat Chimes In Re: Icebreaker & Kiwi Made

Guest Opinion

Dear Jeremy and Barbara, You are both out of your tree, to quote our late David Lange. Anyone who wants to find “dirt” and badmouth China can easily do this, and anyone who wants to depict China as a modern clean efficient “shiny” nation can do that ...

24: Public Address 04/09/06 - The Clearing Of Throats

HARD NEWS from Russell Brown

I'm not sure I get Bill Ralston's moment of shame, as breathlessly reported by two Sunday newspapers. During the week, a Herald on Sunday reporter was pursuing a "news" story on an itinerant Auckland man, whose only conventional news value appears to ...

25: Personal security is top priority

Unisys Security

Auckland, New Zealand - 5 September 2006 - More New Zealanders are concerned about identity theft such as the misuse of personal information and credit card fraud than they are over terrorism, war and epidemics according to a benchmark Unisys Security ...

26: PM's Presser - A Feast Of Election Spending

Kevin List

This year consists of two stories – the goings on of former cabinet minister and now potentially gardening 'garden leave taking 'MP for Mangere Taito Philip Field and election spending. As last week's post cabinet press conference was devoted to ...

27: ‘Telecommuting’ is changing the way we live


Given the stresses of today’s ‘commuter reality’ in our larger cities; chronic traffic congestion, the rapidly rising cost of fuel, parking hassles, more of our own precious time wasted just getting to our places of work - is it any wonder more ...

28: Australian PM John Howard - Steve Irwin

Australian Government

I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the sudden death of Steve Irwin today. Steve Irwin captured the imagination of Australia and the world through his television appearances as The Crocodile Hunter.

29: Auditor General asked to investigate National

New Zealand Labour Party

Labour strategist Pete Hodgson has today referred to the Auditor General a National Party pledge pamphlet from the 2002 election which was paid for from Parliamentary Services funding.

30: Nominations Now Open For 2006 Roger Award


The Roger Award is for The Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2006 Nominations are now open for the annual Roger Award, which is organised by the Christchurch-based groups Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) ...


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