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Daily Voting News For January 16, 2008

Daily Voting News For January 16, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

An urgent action alert has been raised in New York. As a result of the Department of Justice lawsuit regarding New York State's lever machine replacement, New York State's county level election commissioners have until February 8, 2008 to choose whether to use either a paper ballot based ballot marker and scanner system, or a direct recording electronic (DRE) voting system for each county.

After reaching a compromise with the federal court to provide ballot marking devices for disabled voters in each polling places in 2008, the New York State Board of Elections has recklessly redefined ballot marking devices to include DRE voting machines. Let's be clear - the untested DRE devices which commissioners are now empowered to purchase are not Ballot Marking Devices, they are DRE touch screen voting machines. Because this choice will commit over half of the funding available for new voting machines, if a county selects a DRE in February your county will vote on touch screen voting machines.

Concerned New Yorkers can help by notifying the county commissioners of the importance of choosing a paper ballot based system, and putting the media spotlight on the issue. It is urgent that you contact your local election commissioners in writing before the end of the month, and include newspapers and county legislators in that correspondence.

Please go HERE to learn how you can take action....

  • National: Could post-ballot audits renew faith in U.S. elections? Supporters say the time is now to mandate random counts after elections LINK
  • National: Editorial - A Quick Fix for Electronic Voting LINK
  • National: Emergency measure advocates paper ballots and election audits LINK
  • National: Ohio, Minnesota and Alabama Adopt New Online Solutions to Build 2008 Military and Overseas Absentee Voter Participation Rates
  • Arizona: Pima County - Elections data fight in new phase County opposes releasing more info to Dems LINK
  • Arizona: Pima County - County OKs paper ballots going online after voting Dems sought databases from all past elections LINK
  • Colorado: Drop-in option mulled for mail-ballot elections LINK
  • Colorado: Officials lean toward paper ballots after electronic machines tossed LINK
  • Colorado: Lawmakers favor paper for November election LINK
  • Colorado: Bill would let Coffman retest electronic voting machines LINK
  • Illinois: Hancock County - Ballots still not available for early voting; ES&S responds to criticism by Asbridge LINK
  • Indiana: Lake County - Voting to go all electronic LINK
  • New Hampshire: Democratic Ballot Recount Under Way In N.H. Kucinich Questions Accuracy Of Machine-Counted Ballots LINK
  • New Hampshire: What to expect from a NH Recount and Why LINK
  • New Jersey: NJ Governor Signs Landmark Election Protection Legislation LINK
  • New Jersey: AG rejects request for the use of emergency ballots on Feb. 5 LINK
  • New Mexico: Election Shuffle Secretary of State fills positions, but questions remain LINK
  • New York: Urgent Action Alert for New York State! LINK
  • New York: Federal judge approves NY voting machine plan LINK
  • New York: Federal Judge Rules On Voting Compliance In N.Y. N.Y. To Comply With 'Help America Vote Act' LINK
  • New York: Judge OKs NY State Voting Remedies LINK
  • New York: Suffolk County - FBI subpoenas election records in Huntington race LINK
  • New York: Sullivan County - Sullivan faces voting reform requirements LINK
  • Ohio: Brunner makes pitch to election chiefs LINK
  • Ohio: Brunner meeting with county elections officials goes smoothly Elections officials complain only a bit LINK
  • Ohio: Brunner's election plan outlined in relative calm LINK
  • Ohio: Bob & Harvey's 3-Step "Ohio Plan" for fair and reliable voting and vote counts LINK
  • Ohio: Penn State researchers help identify weaknesses in Ohio voting machines LINK
  • Ohio: Editorial - Playing politics with elections LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Companies compete for officials' votes Voting machine manufacturers make pitches. Commissioners will recommend choice to council. LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Lackawanna County - County stresses need, not speed, in vote machines LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Northampton County - County compares 6 replacement voting machines LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Northampton County officials examine new voting machines LINK
  • South Carolina: NAACP wants eye kept on primary Group cites voting machine concerns in request to U.S. Justice Department LINK
  • South Carolina: Voting machines in S.C. not big source of worry LINK
  • South Carolina: S.C. Voting Machines Banned in Other States LINK
  • Tennessee: Davidson County - Password on laptop had been changed LINK
  • Tennessee: Sevier County - Sheriff's candidates present for required testing [Note that this headline is deceptive. According to the article both candidates expressed concerns that testing was not completed in public] LINK
  • West Virginia: Kanawha County - Carper critical of touch-screen voting machines as two states try to ban them LINK

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John Gideon
Executive Director

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