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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 6 February 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Swimming Alert: Microscopic jellyfish

Auckland Regional Public Health Service

Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) warns the public to take care swimming at Takapuna Beach where some swimmers are reporting rashes caused by stings from microscopic jellyfish.

2: Real Deal: Where is the Money? Let’s Get it Back!
Catherine Austin Fitts

Media revelations are unfolding daily regarding losses in the U.S. mortgage market. These losses are not a new phenomenon. Rather, they represent the latest phase in an ongoing tradition of institutionalized fraud in the U.S. mortgage system and the ...

3: Tino Rangatiratanga flag Ready For Bridge "Flyby"
Te Ata Tino Toa

Members and supporters of the sovereignty group Te Ata Tino Toa gathered today to create the largest known Tino Rangatiratanga flag, in preparation for a 9AM Waitangi Day flyby over the Auckland Harbour Bridge as a response to Transit New Zealand’s ...

4: California Primary Election Integrity Assessment
Scoop Blogwatch

Scoop Blogwatch Peace Patriot - Post on Democratic Underground Election Reform Forum - - Mon Feb-04-08 (Note: Original post includes discussion thread.) CALIFORNIA ELECTION INTEGRITY ASSESSMENT 2008 Prognosis on the reliability of CA's primary election results ...

5: Britons Queue to get into New Zealand
Working In Ltd

While record numbers of Kiwis are heading across the Tasman, a New Zealand business at the sharp end of the international recruitment battle is expecting record numbers of Britons at its recruitment drives in the United Kingdom later this year.

6: Slaughter Video Forces USDA into Damage Control
Martha Rosenberg

You wouldn't think you could "spin" a video that shows slaughterhouse workers electric shocking downer cows, "water boarding" them, jabbing their eyes with herding paddles and ramming them with forklift blades while they squeal in pain.

7: Waitangi Day: Out n About - Gov-Gen's Garden Party
Selwyn Manning - Scoop Auckland

Photo Essay: Out and about at the Govenor General's garden reception at Government House in Auckland. At this reception, the Governor-General gave his annual Waitangi Day address. Scoop was there to cover the event.

8: Jim Shultz: Newsletter From Kosovo
Jim Shultz

Over the course of the next few weeks this region of the world will reclaim global headlines again, as Kosovo declares its official independence from Serbia, amidst denunciations from Serbia, Russia and others.

9: UQ Wire: Hence & Widows Open Letter To 911 Cmssrs.

Tomorrow Philip Shenon's book, "The Commission" will be released. I forward the Comment just released by September 11th Advocates (the leading 9/11 family members behind the Commission) along with a comment of my own here:

10: MFAT Mourns Death of Dep. Secretary Alan Williams
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade deputy secretary Alan Williams died on Sunday following a battle with cancer. He was 50. “We are all deeply saddened by Alan’s death and our thoughts are with his family,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Simon Murdoch ...

11: Richard Ehrlich: Backpackers Rescue Ancient Hoi An
Richard S. Ehrlich

Foreign backpackers and the United Nations have helped Vietnam's communists rescue this exquisite town, which became dilapidated after wealthy shippers and merchants abandoned it more than 100 years ago.

12: Scott Galindez: Super Tuesday Preview
Scott Galindez

Obama's lead over Clinton in California grew by two points, with 46 percent saying they would support him, compared to 40 percent for Clinton. Obama had a 4-point lead over Clinton among white voters, with 45 percent of their support to her 41 percent.

13: NZ Police Alert: Fire At Patea Freezing Works
New Zealand Police

A fire at the old Patea Freezing works overnight resulted in approximately 300 persons being evacuated from the town. Fire and Police were notified of the blaze at the works, which have been closed and derelict since 1983, shortly before 1:00 am today.

14: Statement: Maasai Elders On Violence In Kenya
Tanzanian Maasai Elders

We have become one society and one tribe in this world, and we must live together and cooperate without destroying the world and destroying ourselves. We call on all Kenyans to stop this senseless destruction and war at once.

15: The Massive Multiplayer Political Game (MMPG)
Michael Collins

Fantasy encircles the U.S. presidential race. We have an urgent responsibility to address climate change and other environmental problems that imperil the 6.6 trillion people on the planet. Anyone hear about that from the candidates? We have a health ...

16: Foreshore agreement a disgrace - Greens
Green Party

The Green Party has received today's announcement of the Government's foreshore and seabed deal with Ngati Porou with great sadness.

17: Tanveer Jafri: Real Successor Of Benazir Bhutto?
Tanveer Jafri

Fatima Bhutto has no active participation in the present election being held in Pakistan but for the PPP, Bhutto family & the public of Pakistan there should be a leader of clear impressions. Like Fatima Bhutto for Pakistan.

18: Goff welcomes US decision to negotiate with the P4
New Zealand Government

Trade Minister Phil Goff has welcomed a United States decision to join negotiations on financial services and investment with four countries including New Zealand, and at the same time to begin a process aimed at possible participation in a comprehensive ...

19: B. Ramakant: Dalits Arrested Under Gangsters Act
Bobby Ramakant

Three dalit people were charge-sheeted after being caught 'red-handed' making illicit liquor and police recovered three drums of it as well on site of arrest. There is more than what meets the eye.

20: Burma: UN Expert Dismayed Over Continued Arrests
United Nations

Nearly five months after Myanmar's forceful crackdown on peaceful protesters, political and human rights activists continue to be arrested, detained and sentenced to prison, an independent United Nations expert said today.

21: Police finally admit shirt botch-up
New Zealand National Party

The Police have finally admitted they are having to buy new shirts for all officers because existing shirts are too hot under the new stab-resistant vests, says National’s Police spokesman, Chester Borrows.

22: "Shallow Throat" Sizes Up The Dem/GOP Candidates
Bernard Weiner

I received the coded message from "Shallow Throat" -- the high-ranking GOP mole in the Bush Administration -- and quickly arranged a Bethesda meeting at the place I was housesitting. ST didn't even wait to sit down before starting the vent.

23: Investmt treaty threat to sovereignty, environment
Green Party

The Green Party is calling on Labour to halt discussions on an investment treaty because of the threat the treaty poses to our sovereignty and our environmental standards.

24: David Swanson: Ban Military Recruiting Under 18's?
David Swanson

Localities can avoid the consequences of the No Child Left Behind law by challenging the ability of recruiters to be on school campuses, but also by prohibiting any recruiting activities that involve kids under 18.

25: Response To John Carlin's Anti-Chavez Propaganda
Toni Solo

Carlin's main allegations are that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) depend heavily on Venezuelan support and that the Venezuelan civil and military authorities facilitate FARC narcotics dealing on a large scale as a matter of policy.

26: Ngati Porou Agreement A Major Achievement
New Zealand First Party

New Zealand First Maori Affairs spokesperson Pita Paraone welcomes the signing of Ngati Porou’s Heads of Agreement, the first under the Foreshore and Seabed Act 2004, and says it is an indication of how the Act can support Maori.

27: Its time for National to get some new material
New Zealand Government

The National Party is so completely out of ideas on health it is left with having to regurgitate the same press release time and again Minister of Health David Cunliffe said.

28: Daily Voting News For February 05, 2008 (Evening)
John Gideon

Voting machine malfunctions were wide-spread as were electronic poll book failures. This evening and tomorrow will bring us many more reports of problems as counties get polls closed and begin to tabulate the votes.

29: Business lobbyists need to quality climate researc
Business Council for Sustainable Development

Business lobby groups need to produce well-researched studies on the impact of efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions here, and could look to British industry leaders for an example of how to lead on addressing climate change.

30: Human adolescence spent in South Asia
University of Auckland

Over half of the world’s population lived in Southern Asia 50,000 years ago, on their way from Africa to populate the rest of the world, new research has suggested.

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