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Daily Voting News For February 07, 2008

Daily Voting News For February 07, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Besides the growing number of voting machine problems, none of which would have been helped by adding a vvpat printer to a DRE but most of which would have been helped by banning the DREs outright, we’ve also got the leaking of the GAO report on the Florida CD-13 race from 2006. It seems that the GAO found that the machines were not the cause just the voters. Of course they overlook the fact that the same voting machines in other Florida counties also had a high percentage of undervotes but in different races.

It appears that the good folks who inhabit the Mesa County Commission seats are about to defy the Secretary of State and, possibly, the courts. They have voted to use their uncertified ES&S voting machines no matter what the state tells them.

This afternoon the New Mexico Democratic Party announced that they were going to go back and recount every vote cast on Tuesday....

  • NAtional: Millions Without a Voice LINK
  • National: Opinion - After all those revisions, are elections working better? LINK
  • Arkansas: Benton County - Chairman Blames Delay In Election Results On Bad Luck LINK
  • Arizona: Napolitano: Let Independents Vote in Primary LINK
  • Arizona: Cochise County - Computer glitch causes hiccup in Cochise County tally LINK
  • Arizona: Pima County - Election problems linked to turnout High numbers at the polls left officials ill-prepared LINK
  • Arizona: Pima County - County: Get used to slow election results Effort to protect vote totals from hackers cited LINK
  • Arizona: Pima County – Opinion - Casting ballot shouldn't be a bad experience Our view: Some issues could be solved by improving quality of election workers LINK
  • California: Primary rules trip up some Inland decline-to-state voters LINK
  • California: Alameda County - Heavy turnout cited for ballot shortage Alameda County officials say that some voters were given sample voting sheets and later converted to real ballots LINK
  • California: Alameda County - Despite mishaps, county survived primary LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - LA County supervisors to investigate 'double-bubble' problem LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County – Opinion - Bubble trouble on the ballot A complicated system and confusing ballot may have spoiled the vote for many independents. LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - L.A. County registrar to examine independents' ballots; mix-up leaves many presidential votes uncounted LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - Filling in the Ovals on LA County's Super Tuesday 'Double Bubble' Debacle LINK
  • California: Monterey County - County still counting absentee ballots Tally of 28,373 late absentee votes could take two weeks LINK
  • California: Nevada County - A vote of confidence for our county Elections Office LINK
  • California: Riverside County - Glitches in system slowed vote count LINK
  • California: San Diego County – Editorial - Paper or electronic? Our view: Paper ballots work and attract less controversy than their electronic cousins LINK
  • California: San Francisco - Poll Worker Slaps Voting Machine to Bring It to Life LINK
  • California: San Joaquin County - Flood of provisional ballots means final vote tally may be weeks away LINK
  • California: Santa Clara County - Ballot shortages afflict Palo Alto polling places Voters forced to improvise with sample ballots, touch screens -- or simply turned away LINK
  • California: Santa Cruz County - Equipment bugs delay local vote count LINK
  • Colorado: Chaos, delays feared at polls Big caucus turnout adds to Election Day angst LINK
  • Colorado: Mesa County - Voting machines may stay in play Commissioners might not wait for Coffman's OK LINK
  • Connecticut: Primary comes off with few hitches LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - GAO Sarasota D-13: Blood on the floor, bullet in the head, where did that smoking gun go? LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - GAO: Fla. Undervote Not Due to Machines LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - No evidence found of voting machine failure LINK
  • Florida: Sarasota County - Machines cleared in 2006 vote flap GAO says touch-screens didn't cause undervote LINK
  • Florida: Report on Disputed 2006 House Election Finds No Machine Malfunctions LINK
  • Georgia: Muscogee County - Turnout higher than Small problems occurred during Tuesday's primary LINK
  • Illinois: Cook County - Vote miscount in city precinct a result of rare technical glitch LINK
  • Illinois: Kane County - Little trouble this election in Kane County Some problems here and there, but nothing like in the past LINK
  • Illinois: Lake County - Consultant to investigate Lake County malfunction LINK
  • Indiana: State's voter ID law is called an effort to defraud Hoosiers LINK
  • New Jersey: Two electronic ballot machines replaced in Montclair during vote LINK
  • New Jersey: Hudson County - An error at Hudson polls delays official tally of primary ballots LINK
  • New Jersey: Warren County - Voting machines stopped working Hundreds of warren county voters made their choices on emergency ballots. LINK
  • New Mexico: Provisional Ballots to Decide NM Winner LINK
  • New Mexico: Uncounted Rio Arriba County ballots raise eyebrows LINK
  • New Mexico: Editorial - If party can't count votes, voters can't count on NM LINK
  • New Mexico: Say What? - Party Official Kept Uncounted Ballox Boxes at Home Overnight as 200 Vote Margin Currently Seen in New Mexico's Democratic Caucus LINK
  • New Mexico: Provisional ballots still out in San Juan County LINK
  • New Mexico: Provisional ballots designed to be counted late LINK
  • New Mexico: New Mexico to Recount All Democratic Votes LINK
  • New York: Election officials focus on voting machines LINK
  • New York: County officials have four machines to choose from for disabled voters LINK
  • New York: Ulster County - Concerns remain about electronic voting LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Allegheny County - Team 4: Is Your Vote Safe With County Voting Machines? LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Bucks County - Paper ballots beat touch screens, Bucks is told Activists say scanned hard copy is better for verifiable vote count. LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Bucks County - Voters make plea for new machines LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Fayette County - Commissioners approve purchase of voting machines LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Fayette County - Fayette officials buy paper-ballot machines LINK
  • Washington: King County delays all-mail voting until 2009 LINK
  • Washington: King County - Countywide vote by mail delayed until 2009 Goal: maintain security and integrity of ballot counting machines for voters LINK
  • West Virginia: Video: Secretary of State Betty Ireland on WV Voting Machines LINK

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John Gideon
Executive Director

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