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Daily Voting News For February 28, 2008

Daily Voting News For February 28, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

The Florida Secretary of State has found someone to take the state's Direct Recording Electronic voting machines and "de-manufacture" them. ES&S iVotronics will be resold, if possible. The state's Sequoia machines will be scrapped for spare parts and recycle.

In a not surprising announcement today Secretary of State Coffman of Colorado announced that he is recertifying the state's optical scan machines to go with the state's DREs that he has already recertified. Essentially the state lost a court decision and had to recertify all voting systems used in the various counties. Coffman hired test labs at great expense to the tax payer to test the machines. They found problems with every system they tested. Coffman, after taking many positions, finally decided to recertify the DREs last week, even though they were decertified for good reason. Now, today, he has ignored the test labs, again, and recertified the optical scan machines. This includes the Hart Intercivic eScan that was decertified because it read stray pencil/pen marks on the ballot, even reading the mark and ignoring a correctly made vote. The tax payers in the state of Colorado need to ask, "Why did you waste our tax money to test machines and then ignore the tests and recommendations of the testers?" The state has come no where since the court found that they had not legally certified voting systems in the first place. Now they have the same machines and nothing is better now than it was in the past....

  • NAtional: Provisional Ballots May Be the Hanging Chad of '08 LINK
  • National: Prof. pushes verifiable voting system LINK
  • California: Documentary Exposing Election Fraud Slated for Four Screenings In San Francisco LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - Uncounted primary ballots to be tallied LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - L.A. County Registrar Prepares to NOT Count Thousands of 'Double Bubble' Ballots from Super Tuesday's Democratic Primary LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - LA Supervisors ask for full accounting of double bubble trouble LINK
  • Colorado: Editorial - Paper ballots still are safest LINK
  • Colorado: Concerns rising about requiring a paper-ballot election One senator promises to fight the bill, the result of problems with electronic terminals. LINK
  • Colorado: Coffman recertifies ballot-counting machines LINK
  • Colorado: Scanners Used In 47 Counties Recertified For Elections LINK
  • Florida: Fla. secretary of state to discuss switch to optical scan voting LINK
  • Florida: State to 'de-manufacture' touch-screen voting booths Reaches deal with recycling firm to sell off parts from 29,000 machines LINK
  • Florida: Touchscreen machines headed for junk heap LINK
  • Florida: Touch-screen voting machines to be recycled or resold LINK
  • Florida: Palm Beach County - 4,000 Palm Beach voting machines being sold for parts LINK
  • Mississippi: Senate passes watered-down elections bill LINK
  • New Jersey: Opinion - Don't extend ballot deadline LINK
  • New Mexico: Provisional Ballots to Decide NM Winner LINK
  • New York: Board approves voting machines despite objections LINK
  • New York: State OKs opposed voting machine LINK
  • New York: N.Y. approves new voting machines LINK
  • Ohio: Elections spending called bad deal Ohio secretary of state says voting-machine purchases poorly done LINK
  • Ohio: Brunner defends removing elections board dissenters LINK
  • Ohio: Crates not re-appointed to Board of Election by Secretary of State LINK
  • Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Will Your Vote Count? Cuyahoga County Implements A New Electronic Voting System, After Wasting Millions On A Fantasy LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Lackawanna County - Voting machine talks stumble LINK
  • Texas: Upshur County has voting hearing LINK
  • Texas: Upshur County - Republicans File Suit Over Upshur Voting Machines LINK
  • Texas: Upshur County - Judge rejects Upshur request Republicans will use paper ballots Tuesday instead of voting machines LINK
  • Utah: ACLU, League of Woman Voters oppose voter ID bill LINK
  • Utah: Bill would require ID to register for voting LINK
  • Virginia: Chesterfield County - Handwritten primary votes won't be counted 299 Chesterfield votes not on proper paper forms, says election board LINK
  • Virginia: Prince William County - ACLU Lawsuit Says Officials Unconstitutionally Prevented Man From Voting In Virginia LINK
  • Wisconsin: Editorial - A case not made Deal with making the actual voting system work better rather than impose unfair or self-defeating measures. LINK

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John Gideon
Executive Director

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