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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 26 April 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Martin LeFevre: The Enlightenment of Hillary

Martin LeFevre - Meditations

The most interesting thing said so far during the torturous Democratic campaign came, improbably, from that sage, Hillary Clinton. Intoning in Pennsylvania on Obama’s remarks in San Francisco about people “clinging to guns and religion,” she said, ...

2: Right Puts Obama in Media Crosshairs
Bill Berkowitz

OAKLAND, California, Apr 25 (IPS) - The unveiling this week of a new campaign advertisement by the North Carolina Republican Party -- using video of controversial remarks made by Senator Barack Obama's former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and attacking ...

3: Part II: Why the Bush admin wants to negotiate now
Franklin P Lamb

“These fools do not learn from their past mistakes. When they withdrew from Lebanon, they continued to occupy the Shebaa Farms and kept our brothers in custody. Had they released them when they left Lebanon, there would not now be a ‘prisoner issue’ ...

4: Part I: Historical context and current posturing
Franklin P Lamb

“The Bush administration parking a flotilla from its US 6th fleet off the coast of Lebanon was made necessary, it claims, to demonstrate Washington’s ‘commitment to stability in the region’. This provocation, aimed at Hezbollah and also Syria, ...

5: Part III: the CIA and the Pentagon weigh in
Franklin P Lamb

“Those bastards [the Israeli military] know the rules and what the US Arms Export Control Act requires! The CBU 58’s are decades out of date! We [the US] have not even had them in our weapons inventory since we last used them in 1991 during Desert ...

6: Part IV: Bait, Hook and Switch
Franklin P Lamb

“Absolutely not! Without a credible deterrent force, there is no real Lebanese sovereignty. Israel came very close to getting nearly all it wanted with the 1983 May 17th agreement. Had Hezbollah not prevented this, Lebanon today would be colonized ...

7: Front Cover Review: Absolute Power
Lyndon Hood

Ian Wishart, writing under his pen-name "Ian Wishart #1 bestselling author", has produced a new book cover. Clearly of the same oevre as earlier books such at 'The Divinity Code' and 'Eve's Bite' it explores the same realms of arbitrary typographical ...

8: Willie Apiata’s Remarkable ANZAC Day Gift
The Maori Party

The Maori Party has tonight praised the incredible generosity of Corporal Willie Apiata in gifting the prestigious Victoria Cross Medal to the nation.

9: Part V: Hezbollah’s part of the bargain
Franklin P Lamb

“Nobody can impose terms on us, or commit us to anything we do not believe in. Let me be clear: Israel won’t get through politics what it didn’t get through war, even if the UN resolution gave this to Israel. What they couldn’t do through ...

10: Images: Karim Sahai: ANZAC Day New Zealand 2008
Karim Sahai

Photo-Essay: Karim Sahai has captured the dawn service at the Wellington Cenotaph, ANZAC Day, April 25, 2008.

11: Victoria Cross Recipient Gifts Medal To NZ
New Zealand Defence Force

Corporal Willie Apiata, V.C, will gift the Victoria Cross he received for valour in Afghanistan to a New Zealand trust, giving more New Zealanders the opportunity to appreciate the honour.

12: Photo-Essay: ANZAC Day 2008 Dawns in New Zealand
Scoop Photo-Essay

Thousands of people have gathered around NZ before dawn to commemorate those who gave their personal sacrifice, in times of war. All stood in silence as the sombre notes of The Last Post was observed. And all said: "We will remember them."

13: Major Event to Recycle Water Bottles

At this weekend’s sell-out Vodafone Homegrown music festival in Wellington, punters would probably be surprised to know that the bottles of water they are drinking would soon be destined to end up as underground cable covers.

14: Why Palestinian Unity is Not an Option
Ramzy Baroud

Just days after the Hamas-Fatah clash last June in Gaza, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas looked firm and composed as he shook hands with members of his new emergency government. He made sure his move appeared as legitimate as possible, issuing ...

15: Willie Apiata gifts VC to New Zealand
New Zealand Government

Defence Minister Phil Goff today accepted on behalf of New Zealand the Victoria Cross medal awarded last year to Corporal Willie Apiata of the SAS.

16: Images: Peters Visits Int. Ceremonies At Gallipoli
New Zealand Government

Photos of Foreign Minister Winston Peters at the International, French, and British commemorative ceremonies at Gallipoli on April 24, 2008.

17: Undernews For April 23, 2008

Barack Obama has one overwhelming advantage in the race for the Democratic nomination: he's not Hillary Clinton. Which means that in some ways - most uncertain - things will be different than they have been under two decades of the Bush-Clinton duopoly.

18: Te Papa Scientists Prepare For Squid Examination
Te Papa

Technicians preparing for the defrosting of the largest ever colossal squid specimen have successfully practised with a test block of ice today.

19: New Taupo track benefits cyclists and walkers
New Zealand Government

Conservation Minister Steve Chadwick today opened a new mountain bike track near Taupo which will run from Whakaipo Bay to Kinloch. Known as the ‘W2K’, the track was funded and developed by a local community group, Bike Taupo.

20: Democrats May Push $172 Billion for War
Maya Schenwar

Bogged down by election concerns, will Democrats in Congress opt to give Bush more war funding than he asked for?

21: War Funding, Impeachment, and Health Care
David Swanson

When I started giving speeches about Iraq and impeachment three years ago, I liked to list the major impeachable offenses for Bush and for Cheney, but as the list grew it became rather cumbersome. It got to the point where adding another crime to the ...

22: Scoop: A Journey Back Through ANZAC Day Coverage
Scoop Looking Back

Reports + Features + Photo Essays + ANZAC Links: ANZAC Day provides an opportunity to take a look back at Scoop's coverage, marking a day when Australia and New Zealanders stood side by side, forging a partnership that still exists today.

23: Counterfeit Cialis warning
Ministry of Health

The Director-General of Health, Stephen McKernan, is warning the New Zealand public about four products that have been illegally promoted in Singapore for the treatment of erectile dysfunction but have been found to contain dangerous levels of a prescription ...

24: The Bush Team's Geneva Hypocrisy
Jason Leopold

Newly released U.S. government documents, detailing how Bush administration officials punched legalistic holes in the Geneva Convention’s protections of war captives, stand in stark contrast to the outrage some of the same officials expressed in the ...

25: Daily Voting News For April 24, 2008
John Gideon

What happened in Pennsylvania and what can be done about it? All indications, outside of the main stream media, are that there were problems all over the state with voting systems. There were many anecdotal reports of vote flipping and other machines failures ...

26: Letters To Editor: Samoa Cancels ANZAC Day
Scoop Feedback

An age old tradition and observance has been finally put to rest. Anzac Day has been cancelled in the small island nation of W. Samoa. Having been observed and commemorated since the events of 1915, Anzac Day has always been observed in Samoa probably since ...

27: Trouble Andrews Joins the MTV Mile High Gig
mtv network

The MTV Australia Awards 2008 will air exclusively on MTV Monday April 28 from 7pm.

28: Harp Travels NZ In Style
Chamber Music New Zealand

Harp roadies Kurt Gibson (left) and Ross Hardie prepare to load the harp under the watchful eye of owner Carolyn Mills. Carolyn's harp is one of two being used by American harpist Yolanda Kondonassis on a tour of New Zealand with flutist Alexa Still and ...

29: DVDs Mark Three Pieces Of NZ History

In response to immense public demand, TVNZ is proud to announce DVD releases marking three pieces of New Zealand history.

30: Work begins to improve user safety on Avon River
Christchurch City Council

Work begins next week on the Avon River to provide a safer environment for non-powered water craft users.

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