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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 15 May 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Curtain Time For Barack Obama - Part I

Evelyn Pringle

Republicans have enough damaging information against Barack Obama to knock him off the ballot before the November election. Those at the top of the Democratic Party know this by now and voters need to recognize that if they nominate him they are ...

2: Does Burma Need The Humanitarian Intervention?
Naing Ko Ko

Naing Ko Ko writes: States are now understood to be instruments at the service of their peoples, and not vice versa. Individual sovereignty is enshrined in the charter of the UN. But it is totally lacked in my native Burma.

3: Curtain Time for Barack Obama - Part II
Evelyn Pringle

US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald does not make a habit of destroying pubic officials by listing them in indictments for no reason and the only two political candidates identified as receiving campaign money from Operation Board Games kickback schemes ...

4: Auckland Museum Has Failed To Justify Redundancies
Public Service Association

The PSA is alarmed that the Auckland War Memorial Museum has told almost half its permanent staff that their jobs have been disestablished and they will have to apply for and gain new jobs if they want to remain working at the museum.

5: Questions For Oral Answer - Thursday, 15 May 2008
Office of the Clerk

1. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Minister of Finance: What is the Government's best estimate of the full and final cost, inclusive of any subsidies, discounts or loans, of its purchase of Toll New Zealand's rail and ferry business?

6: Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) must proceed
Parliamentary Commissioner For The Environment

The Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) must proceed, as it is an essential system for New Zealand to adjust to a carbon-constrained future and live up to our clean green image, says Dr Jan Wright, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

7: Polite Fascism Contracts The Right To Vote
Michael Collins

They wear their robes but leave the hoods off, the polite justices of the Supreme Court. They write decisions then issue them in a formal setting, behind the columns of a capitol monument, with a history that confers a dignity not deserved. The Court ...

8: Cullen Speech: Pre-budget address to the CMA
New Zealand Government

It is a pleasure to be back here in Christchurch giving my annual pre-Budget speech to the Canterbury Manufacturers Association.

9: Questions And Answers - Wednesday, May 14 2008
Office of the Clerk

1. SUE MORONEY (Labour) to the Minister for Economic Development: What action has the Government taken to support innovation and regional economic development?

10: Sean (A Bear) Gets Some Dental Work
Kevin List

Sean the Wellington Zoo sun bear was too lazy to walk to the dentist so the staff of the Wellington Zoo had to carry the lazy fellow in the style of an Egyptian despot of Pharaoenic times.

11: Horta’s vision for East Timor
Nina Hall

President José Ramos Horta has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the past few months after an attempt on his life that left him close to death. He has recently surfaced from a coma and from the problems his country faces. I spoke with ...

12: Outrageous attack on officials
New Zealand Government

An attack on public servants by the so-called Flexible Land Use Alliance is being condemned by Agriculture and Forestry Minister Jim Anderton.

13: We're better off without Rio Tinto anyway
No Right Turn

Yesterday saw Rio Tinto stick their hand out for corporate welfare, threatening to shut down their Tiwai Point aluminium smelter unless shielded from the effects of the emissions trading scheme. It is, of course, motivated purely by self-interest ...

14: Come in Goblin Market, your time is up...
Toni Solo

We go to news media for all kinds of information - weather reports, sports results, financial information, law reports, travel information - as well as general news. We tend to believe what the media tell us because if they were to misreport routine ...

15: Immigration probe had focus on policy
New Zealand National Party

National Party Immigration spokesman Lockwood Smith says Labour's claim that the inquiry into unlawful decisions at the Immigration Service was just an employment matter has been shot to bits.

16: Edwards Just Put Obama Over the Top
David Swanson

John Edwards just endorsed Barack Obama. If Edwards' 19 delegates take his advice and vote for Obama, then Obama now has 1,620 pledged delegates to Clinton's 1,441. There are 189 delegates left to be pledged in remaining states. Clinton needs to ...

17: Children Suffer Hugely In China's Earthquake
Save The Children

The number of fatalities from China's earthquake is reported at 11,921 with almost 7000 hospitalised and 60,000 unable to be reached. The numbers are likely to climb once communications are restored.

18: Kaa wrong on smacking
The Family Party

Family Party leader Richard Lewis has expressed disagreement with Dr Hone Kaa’s call for Maori to maintain opposition to smacking. Mr Lewis says Dr Kaa’s description of all smacking as ‘violence against children’ is misleading and unhelpful towards ...

19: Lyndon Hood's Pics of the Weeks: April 2008
Lyndon Hood

Scoop editorial images by Lyndon Hood, for stories from April 2008.

20: Investment in rail infrastructure

Investment in rail infrastructure would improve rail's contribution to freight movement

21: New Ford Focus – Looks As Good As It Drives
Ford New Zealand

The Ford Focus is known for its driving dynamics, safety and affordability so when the development of the new Focus began, the focal point was to make it look as good as it drives.

22: Final Press Council Decision: Investigate Magazine
Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand today welcomed the New Zealand Press Council’s reconfirmation of its decision upholding the airline’s complaint against Investigate magazine over inaccuracies in its September 2007 cover story on charter flights.

23: EFA Shows Distrust Of Ordinary People
Maxim Institute

Today the Courts are hearing arguments related to the Electoral Finance Act and its impact on free speech. “It is hardly surprising that people are worried that the Electoral Finance Act contravenes our Bill of Rights. The law clearly communicates ...

24: Chamber Welcomes First Step towards FTA with Japan
Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the news that New Zealand and Japan have agreed to do a study on the benefits of a free-trade deal.

25: Auckland Museum Staff Feeling Threatened
Public Service Association

Staff at Auckland Museum want their management to stop arguing about figures and full time equivalents and focus on the fact that they're feeling confused and threatened as a result of the museum's restructuring.

26: 95bFM: Mikey & John Key's Political Roundup
Scoop Audio

95bFM Audio : Mikey Havoc talks to National Party leader John Key about arts and culture funding, Nat's plans to crackdown on New Zealand's 'P Problem', petrol, the upcoming budget and an election date.

27: Landcorp and Govt should help struggling farmers
Green Party

Green Party MP Nandor Tanczos calls on Landcorp to support New Zealand sheep farmers by trialling organic sheep farming methods rather than leading the shift to dairy conversion.

28: EFA poses security risk for campaign truck
The Family Party

Family Party leader Richard Lewis says putting a private address on his campaign truck poses a security issue for his authorising agent and is reluctant to take the risk.

29: Global demand for energy saving electric motors
Foundation For Research Science And Technology

New Zealand electronic motor company Wellington Drive is growing its manufacturing capabilities to meet global demand for its energy saving technology.

30: The Big Bang Is Not Creation
Martin LeFevre - Meditations

Though the sky is clear overhead and sunshine bathes the land, clouds have banked up against the foothills, with the look of an impending thunderstorm. Alongside the creek at the upper end of the parkland, the wind suddenly roars in, whipping the ...

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