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Which Whitey Failed Obama

Which Whitey Failed Obama

By Evelyn Pringle

Barack Obama's political advisors, the majority of whom are white, apparently failed to inform their candidate that he was supposed to hide the fact that he hates white voters until after the general election and not just through the primaries.

Obama running for president has done more to divide the blacks and whites in this country than any event in recent memory. Call me naive, but this white person had no idea that the type of racism exhibited in his church and others in Chicago existed.

I now find myself reviewing the faces of every black friend I thought I had over the past 30 years and thinking “is this really what you thought of me?”

Supposedly, Obama’s pastors preach a philosophy known as “Black Liberation Theology.” I am not about to spend time educating myself on this so-called “philosophy” in order to find a way to rationalize their unacceptable hate-filled preaching.

I am also not going to mince words in expressing my opinion on this issue.

It may be that the majority of black people do not share the same kind of mentality but after watching the congregation in Obama’s church whoop and holler in unison as white people were denigrated, its difficult to believe that black people do not think this way. Its also difficult to believe, being that over 90% of the black people in this country are willing to vote for Obama based on nothing other than skin color.

I am not going to accept the blame for slavery or anything else that I had nothing to do with. No more than I am going to blame the entire black race for the fact that I was raped by a black man 25 years ago. Many of us are the victims of some form of injustice but that does not give us the right spend our lives trying to allocate blame amongst people who are in no way responsible.

The thought of the children in these churches being indoctrinated from birth with a regular Sunday service of this hate-filled ranting is what I find most appalling of all and I consider it child abuse.

My children are gown but had they come home and made similar statements about black people when they were children, they would have been duly warned that their mouths would be washed out with soap if I ever heard those kinds of comments again. And they most certainly would not have attended any church that taught them to utter such filth.

Its fine that Obama now says he’ll quit the church but who is going to erase the years of racist teachings from the minds of his children?

If the leaders of the Democratic party think white people are going to vote for Obama knowing that he supported the promotion of racism for 20 years, they have another thing coming.

Since I began reporting on my investigation of Obama’s background in late March 2008, I have received over 1,000 emails from people objecting to the fact that the Democratic party is pushing Obama down their throats without proper vetting, but the outrage expressed over this race issue has by far outweighed all others.

The majority of people who send emails are not saying they are going to vote Republican, they are saying they are not going to vote period. But either way Democrats lose.

To save time for future readers who might email me to ask why the leaders of the Democratic party have not vetted Obama or why the mainstream media is not reporting on the information included in the 5 part, “Curtain Time for Barack Obama,” series, I can assure you they all know.

People began asking my permission to forward my work on Obama to the major media organizations, as well as the leaders of the Democratic party and the superdelegates, in early April 2008 and I received copies of information that was forwarded.

The Republicans will make sure the mainstream media provides a non-stop recycling of the damaging information already disclosed in my reports the minute Obama is nominated and the leaders of the Democratic party know it. Which means they are knowingly handing the election to John McCain on a silver platter.

Evelyn Pringle

(Evelyn Pringle is a columnist for OpEd News and an investigative journalist focused on exposing corruption in government and corporate America)


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