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Stateside: I’ve got mail

Stateside With Rosalea Barker

I’ve got mail

::Impeachment: Wake Up and Weep::
Thank you for the article, Impeachment: Wake Up and Weep, in Scoop.

Scoop doesn't seem to have a facility to allow readers to append short comments of their own or I would have done that.

As much as I know you very likely are right that impeachment isn't going to happen, I still hope something, perhaps one revelation too many, will catalyze impeachment. No, I can't believe it will, but ...

As to Wexler, he does still have the web page,, out there accumulating names of people who have discovered it exists and have happily signed on. 238,000, however, just isn't nearly enough to get the attention of the House.

On the Diane Rehm show here in the U.S. I heard Bruce Fein say that after Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre more than three million people inundated the White House and Congress with letters, telegrams and phone calls. Fein used that as an example that people do have power. I think, based on that comment, that Wexler's site would have to have in the millions, perhaps 3 or more million names before Congress would start to feel uneasy. Achieving that goal is theoretically possible.

I did a crude calculation based on the number of people who vote sometimes, the percentage of people who are online, and the percentage of eligible voters who are for Cheney impeachment according to the poll last year by the American Research Group. The result was that about 30 million eligible voters believe Cheney should be booted out - and that is before any hearings begin.

So the problem is how to let those people know Wexler Wants Hearings exists. They sure aren't going to learn about the poll results or the impeachment movement or Wexler's web page on the evening news. They really don't know there are so many people who feel the same as they do. About the only place they can learn is on the internet. Spreading the word out on the internet more than it has been so far still may be possible - though I am not sure how it can be done.

Therefore, I have hope. Maybe the word will get out about the web page. Maybe there will be one revelation too many.

Thanks again,

Harry, June 2, 2008

::No Subject::
In your article 'Impeachment: Wake up and weep' you suggest that when this legislative session is over, impeachment of Cheney and Bush will not be possible. News media seems to keep saying that there isn't enough time to impeach, but the is not true, and impeachment alone is not the issue.

The news media keeps getting the issues wrong.

Impeachment hearings are the crucial issue at this juncture. The findings of fact and having those facts on record are the most important issue at this time. Also, impeachment hearings are not impeachment. Bush and Cheney may or may not be impeached as a result of impeachment hearings.

Impeachment by the House does not mean a finding of guilt by the Senate, and even if the Senate found Bush and Cheney guilty of crimes, that does not necessarily mean criminal prosecution would result.

It is my understanding, after considerable constitutional research, that an official does not have to be in office to be impeached or found guilty of crimes or misdemeanors.

There is plenty of time for the House to hold impeachment hearings and impeachment vote, and there is plenty of time for the Senate to try articles of impeachment.

I wish folks in the media would quit saying there isn't enough time left in the Bush/Cheney administration to impeach.

Chuck, June 2, 2008

Interesting timing on your column about the censored word. I sent an email to a New York Times reporter who did a story on one of the California Congressional elections. They have avoided Shirley Golub's run against Pelosi, even though it is far more newsworthy. She brought a table to Pelosi's office once a week, signifying Golub's main campaign theme: impeachment is on the table. The Democrats were voted in so that impeachment proceedings would begin.

We need to get representation in Congress that reflects the demographics of our country. All of these wealthy people should be replaced with lower income and poor people. This Congress is made up of millionaires. How can they relate to the 95% of us who are not that wealthy? They are clueless.

Are you aware of the fact that Bush bought a large ranch in South America. Speculation is that he will flee the country to avoid prosecution for war crimes. When the facts about the (DU) radiation poisoning come out, this whole crew and Lockheed Martin will be indicted by the world court for genocide.

Anthony, June 3. 2008

::Impeach Bush & Cheney::

Click for big version

I loved your article this week. I am working feverishly with folks in the SF Bay area to get impeachment on the table...have been for a few years now, actually.

Wanted to send you some art I created for the SF Boston Tea Party last Dec. 07. It was designed as a 4' x 6' banner but we made a few thousand postcards as well to send to our congressmen and news response.

The artwork depicts Pelosi in the guise of Marie Antoinette, sitting on a big peach (Mademoiselle Peach, "M. Peach") uttering the words, "Let them eat Peach" while gazing into her vanity mirror which has the WTC towers on fire reflected in it. The time piece is almost out of sand etc.

Thanks for your seems I have to go all the way to New Zealand to get the real news.



Sandra, June 10, 2008

::Re: Nancy Pelosi::

Nancy Pelosi is using her office once again to achieve her personal objective of keeping Bush in office at all cost. It seems that she is taking orders from others not to do her job. Does she realize that this refusal is treason if it involves a matter as serious as a legitimate Congressional Investigation of the 35 Articles of the George Bush Impeachment? The now well-known facts have already proven Bush to be guilty. All that is missing is matching them up with Dennis Kucinich's charges. After the Congressional Committee formalizes the findings Bush must leave. Nancy Pelosi knows this to be so. By delaying the investigation she is keeping Bush in power long enough to inflict much, much more damage and pain to this country than he has been able to do this far. It may also be our last chance to remove him from power.

I don't know where to start to try to help our country. But maybe if enough of us get alarmed at the state of our nation we can join hands and stop this charade coming at us from the White House and the Halls of Congress. Pretty soon we'll be afraid to do so because we have given our power away in exchange for security (in prison if Bush and Chertoff have their way with us).

All my best,
Mieke, June 13, 2008



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